A Truly Extreme OG: (Extremely Sleepy, That Is)

Test Results: THC 30.6%  |  Tested by: Peak Analytics

Extreme Cream is a dynamite indica, blending Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream into a truly surprising strain. It looks like a killer, with heavy streaks of purple and thick kief coating making it shine. Upon opening, a sweet OG funk immediately filled the room and left a slightly spicy note clinging to my sinuses. Despite the smell, the smoke has a rich, earthy taste I couldn’t get enough of. The heavy, cerebral high rolled in like a thunderstorm, leaving me in a sleepy daze for hours. Perfect for finding an elusive full night’s rest, or quieting the mind at night.

Extreme CreamAvailable at: Diamond Green 4002 S 12th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 | Cannabis City 2733 4th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134

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Dogtown Pioneers: It’s All About the People!

When you stumble across companies that elevate the industry, you follow them. Dogtown Pioneers first caught my attention with their Ray’s Lemonade brand, and when I found out they were the subject of my garden review, my heart leapt out of my chest, spun around and danced—metaphorically speaking, of course!

Dogtown Pioneers owner and managerWith an operation running out of Clayton, Washington, Ray Kinney and his team have dialed in nine greenhouses, each holding 3000 square feet of growing canopy. The remaining square footage is designated as a mix of both indoor and outdoor grows, allowing this massive facility multiple avenues of growing techniques and product lines to fully utilize the processing side of their joint producer/processor license. With a newly launched RSO Gold product, a full extract cannabis oil, the Dogtown team hopes to get more products on the market that hold multiple benefits for consumers.

Dogtown Pioneers cannabis budWhile best known for their Ray’s Lemonade product line, which comes in several options of potency and flavor—and even a mix of CBD and THC—Dogtown also offers a coconut-based capsule for internal consumption. I’m a huge fan of the original Ray’s Lemonade, yet their Huckleberry flavor has stolen my attention (and taste buds). When making a quality cannabis-infused beverage, you have to start with the raw material, aka flower, which they also offer in a retail setting. Their flower strains and other high-quality products are a surefire win for the Washington recreational marketplace.

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ANNIE’S INFUSED CHOCOLATE BARS: Smooth High from a Dark Chocolate

Testing Info: 2.5mg THC per square

The taste of real dark chocolate lingers on my tongue. The raw cocoa kick of these Annie’s infused chocolates by Willie’s Reserve stays with me for nearly twenty minutes after I’ve finished my first assortment of the 2.5mg THC squares, which are ideal for micro-dosing.

A peaceful high takes hold of me over the next two hours, the effects coming on so gradually I hardly notice. The tension in my back dissolves and I find myself suddenly inspired to take advantage of the summer weather beginning to grace western Washington. I take a couple chocolates along with me, these ones sprinkled with extra goodies such as espresso beans and rich, chocolate-enrobed almonds.

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JUICY, JUICY LUCY: Bulldog Weed’s High Hybrid Perfection

TEST RESULTS: THC 27.08%  |  TESTED BY: Anatek Labs, Inc.

Very rarely do I get a chance to smoke a hybrid flower that makes me hyper focused, and Bulldog Weed’s Juicy Lucy is one of those rare hybrids that works like a potent sativa. I rolled up the flower in some Raw Organic papers, lit up and immediately got a huge taste of lemon and orange on the back of my pallet.

Juicy LucyOnce the doobie was too toasted to continue, I switched over to some double perk bong snappers and was sent into a whirlwind of energized euphoria. I grabbed my skateboard and went off to cruise the streets of Spokane. With each exhale, the smoke was milky white, and no unpleasant coughing bouts—no matter the size of the hit. This hybrid was one of the cleanest trimmed and perfectly cured flowers I’ve come across in a while. Such an amazing flower from a fantastic new company.

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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: Cultivar Syndicate Has a Plan For Every Bud

If variety is the spice of life, the folks over at Cultivar Syndicate have got you covered. Earlier this year they produced clones from over 300 different mother plants, offering a rainbow of genetics, including rare strains like Seattle Soda and the ultra colorful D12. The effort that goes into sourcing such a high number of mother plants is astounding. Even more impressive, “the genetics are all vetted,” director Mike tells me. “Most of this stock came directly from the breeder themselves.” Seeing these plants grown in an efficient soil-hydro hybrid medium, reeking up the place and displaying a dazzling array of colors, it’s clear why House of Cultivar flowers have earned a cult status.

Cultivar Syndicate cannabis plantCultivar Syndicate green cannabis plant 

The 14,000 sq. ft. building sat unused for 25 years before Cultivar Syndicate came in and rebuilt it from the ground up. Barriers were put in place for strict pest management, including installing cleanroom windows to pass clones from one room to the next. Passive airflow filtered and pulled from underground cools the rooms, so there’s no need for air conditioners blasting 24/7, and lights step up in intensity as the plants approach harvest time. Every corner reveals another meticulously planned piece of their vertical operation, which is entirely shaped around the lifecycle of the plants.

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One thing that became very clear as soon as I walked in Grim’s for CHBP’s panels was the closeness of the music community. Everyone seemed to know one another and were eager to catch up. Grim’s was buzzing with artists, writers, local bookers, and radio personalities, excited to either be a part of the panels or to learn from one another. With cupcakes, coffee and a handful with drinks from the bar, moderator Kelly Fleek summoned everyone to their seats for the first panel. Kelly, of Lo Flux Media and the alluring vocals of Spider Ferns, is very involved and extremely talented in her own right and knows each of the panelists personally helping the flow of the panel stay very conversational and informative.

PANEL 1: Band Survival and Strategy In a Post Big Industry World

Panelists: Jodi Eckland of MoWave and Pink Parts, Marco Collins of 107.7 The End, The Glamour and the Squalor, KEXP and VH1, Matt Ashworth of WE Communications, NadaMucho.com and Cap Hill Block Party, Leigh Bezezekoff of Tractor Tavern, Macefield Music Festival and Troy Nelson of KEXP, Killroom Records and The Young Evils

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PURE, CLEAN, POTENT: Pono Gold Distillate

TEST RESULTS: THC = 73.0% – CBD = 3.3%  |  TESTED BY: Green Grower Labs

The distillate utopia is upon us! Taking all qualities of cannabis and extracting all the good stuff (and leaving the bad junk behind), distillate now makes up the majority of the oil I consume. Pono Righteous Extracts has created a dabable, tipped syringe, filled with gold distillate, in an easy-to-open package that every oil head will be stoked on.

Replacing the terpenes after extraction, the Gold has a smooth lemon and pine flavor that rests easy on the palette. My head high lasted a bit over an hour, then subsided with a body buzz that made me feel relaxed and sedated.

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New State Law Might Make It Tougher to Spot Pot Shops

A new Washington State law that went into effect on Sunday will make it a bit more difficult to spot Seattle’s numerous pot shops and a lot more boring for those who have enjoyed the city’s creative cannabis ads and billboards.

There will be no more cuddly mascots or meowing kitties.

“No sandwich boards, no flags, no sign spinners—the things people are putting value judgments on that they find unappealing or gross,” said Oscar Velasco-Schmitz, co-owner of Dockside Cannabis.

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DAB THE DUTCH: Classic Cannabis for the Chronoisseur

Test Results: 66.71% THC – 10.25% Terpenes  |  Tested by: Integrity Labs

A sharp, cedar-like odor immediately set my mouth watering for this delicious CO2 oil from Seattle Pure Extracts. It gleams like a pool of maple syrup—and has a viscosity to match—so the wax definitely benefits from some time in the fridge, for ease of use.

The still-unknown genetics of Dutch Treat give it a uniquely refreshing flavor, almost like eucalyptus, that can be tasted deep in the sinuses. The fun and hazy high that follows makes for a perfect Saturday afternoon; the potent anti-anxiety powers of this strain can help anyone relax and enjoy the day

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Colorado: Tax Revenue From The Legal Cannabis Industry Surpasses Half-Billion Dollars

Revenues from Colorado’s legal cannabis industry have surpassed over a half-billion dollars since retail sales began on January 1, 2014.

According to an analysis by VS Strategies, cannabis-related taxes and fees have yielded $506,143,635 in new state revenue over the past three and one-half years. (Local tax revenue was excluded from the analysis.) Much of the revenue raised has gone to fund school construction projects, school-drop out and substance abuse prevention programs, and grant funding.

The half-billion dollar total far exceeds initial projections. Tax revenue from legal cannabis sales in Oregon and Washington have also exceeded regulators’ initial expectations. In Nevada, where retail sales to adult became legal on July 1, retailers reported over 40,000 transactions in just the first weekend.

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