Pot Matters: Growing Support for Legalization in Washington State

There is no buyer’s remorse in the state of Washington over their legalization of marijuana in November 2012.

Since retail stores opened in July 2014, support for legalization has continued to grow, according to a new study published in the June 2017 issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Until now, only one study had looked at public support for legalization.

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SMOKIN J’S: Committed to Culture

With all the excitement surrounding the legalization of cannabis, it isn’t often that we stop and examine the post-legalization effects on local businesses. I know what you’re thinking…and no, I’m not talking about your ex-weed dealer, for whom business has been slow.

In a time when legal cannabis retailers can sell the same merchandise found in head shops, these businesses must take a unique approach to remain competitive. In speaking with Jay Fratt, owner and founder of Smokin Js, DOPE Magazine wanted to know the secret to his company’s continued success. How has he managed to not only stay in business, but thrive in a competitive industry?

Jay has been in the business for quite some time—specifically, Smokin Js is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the company has come a long way since its inception in 1997. Originally, Smokin Js was called Northwest Hemp Bizarre, and only sold apparel and other hemp-themed fabrics. However, he realized that his business model needed to change when customers came in looking for pipes, glassware or papers, only to leave his store empty-handed. While Jay’s true passion is the culture, independent thought and freedom associated with cannabis, he knew he had to listen to his customers. Smokin Js was born.

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ALL ABOARD THE A-TRAIN: Earthy, Hard-Hitting Wax

TEST RESULTS: THC 73.18% – CBD 0.49%  |  TESTED BY: Analytical 360

Altus Labs’ A-Train crumble is a hybrid of rock star proportions! A solid earthy pine smell hits my nose when I twist the jar lid off. Using my small dabber tool, the crumble easily pulls apart—a perfect texture. I cook up my quartz nail and grab a small wax boulder of the A-Train.

With a deep breath, followed by that smooth exhale, I immediately feel my day turn around for the better. A strong, behind-the-eyes kind of high followed, and I stayed in a state of creative bliss for over an hour. A larger-than-life hybrid, Altus’ A-Train crumble is a true contender in the recreational marketplace.

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STAY GOLD WITH GANJA GODDESS: Taking Cannabis to a New High

The History

When Ganja Goddess (GG) first opened its doors in November of 2014, the cannabis industry was drastically different than it is today. Since then, GG has established itself as one of the leaders in the recreational market, in terms of products sales and customer service, boasting several accolades from across the industry. “Ganja Goddess was brought into the world to be a welcoming place for all people to purchase cannabis, especially women,” says Ananda, store manager since the store’s conception. As one of the first recreational stores to open in Seattle, GG has spent the last few years proving their dedication and commitment.

The People

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Test Results: 87.9% THC, < 1% CBD  |  Tested By: Peak Analytics

Blue dream, the marriage of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, has remained one of the most popular strains—and this version from Doctor & Crook Co. lives up to the hype. With a euphoric haze that left me spacey and happy, this strain is ideal for fully enjoying a day off. The relaxing body high complements the mellow, cerebral joy, resulting in a surprisingly chill, sativa-dominant experience.

As a CO2 wax, there wasn’t much flavor or smell beyond the slight metallic taste from the extraction process, and it looks like a polished piece of translucent amber—Jurassic Park, anyone?—with a tacky consistency that, for a wax, is fairly easy to work with. Dream on!

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In an interesting turn of events your reefer now has more regulations than your revolver. Since the beginning of cannabis legalization the opposing views have often centered around children. One of the biggest concerns have been kids having easier access to cannabis and small children mistakenly consuming cannabis. A new law in Washington allows dispensaries to give away lockboxes in hopes of creating a safer space in the homes of those with children and pets.

Due to the fact that Washington State has strict guidelines about what a dispensary can sell there needed to be a law passed for this to happen. Dispensaries are not required to give away lockboxes, so this will not come out of their budget and Mason County health officials claim to have a “large quantity” of small safes they’re planning to supply to the county’s marijuana shops, but how long their “large quantity” will last is unknown.

The law is clear that the free lockboxes cannot be used as a sales gimmick to retain more customers or make sales. It is simply an attempt at making homes safer from accidental consumption. Although the Washington Poison Center has received more calls from people concerned about exposure to marijuana, statistically it isn’t all from the kids getting into their parents stash, often times it is “older adults” who didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

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The marijuana growing business in Washington’s Chelan County – especially the area’s outdoor growth – is being reduced significantly, if not entirely. And, if you ask some of the producers in the area, it’s also being done violently.

Over the past year, officials in the country, responding to residents’ claims that the smell of weed (especially during its harvest) is offensive and even potentially dangerous, have been working to pass measures that would make outdoor marijuana growth illegal in the county. And while those measures haven’t been made law yet, some producers, like Scott Edson of Outlaw Cannabis, say their farms have already been attacked.

Edson, who co-founded Outlaw in 2015, says much of his company’s outdoor growth is produced on the rooftop of a large warehouse. Outlaw, since its founding, has produced “thousands of pounds” of marijuana, but lately his property’s landlord has been receiving pressure from Chelan County officials to cease Outlaw’s outdoor production all together.

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Rainer Acres is a Tier II located in Airway heights, just west of Spokane. They started growing in August of 2015, and recently acquired the new facility on January 1st. Their new grow was formerly a project that James Hart, owner of Rainer Acres, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating. Their 2,600 square feet flower room is just about to have its first harvest.

“…growing a premium product at a price point people can afford.” – James Hart, owner

Their plants are grown in soil using organic nutrients mixed on-site. Their grow is pesticide-free, and verified by Trace Analytics. Water is run through reverse osmosis and applied, by hand, to each plant. Curing and drying are both done on an individual basis: drying between 4-7 days, and curing between 10-14 days, on average. James currently has 7 consistently-grown strains, but just brought in 100 new genetics to begin experimenting with. The fan favorite is Primus, but all the strains in their rotation are hits.

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25mg THC per bottle | Green Grower Labs

As far as I can tell, Ray’s Blood Orange Lemonade has elevated the cannabis-infused beverage arena to a new and unexpected stratum. The packaging is reminiscent of a wine cooler—discrete enough to drink at a party, without raising too much attention. And the flavor is fantastic. Orange and lemon combine to create a citrusy tour-de-force on the palate. The effects, like most edibles, are slow on the pick-up, but long lasting. With 25mg of THC per bottle, this drink is likely to please moderate users, as well as lightweights.

Discrete, professional packaging

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Legalization in Trump’s America: Skating on Thin Ice

With an aggressive executive branch openly defying constitutional checks on its authority and installing noted prohibitionists in key positions, will the Trump administration make America raid again?

The cannabis industry’s general policy seems to be avoidance of “bad vibes” at all costs —  even when that means ignoring the pounding vibrations of an oncoming freight train.

The first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have revealed an unprecedented disregard for the constitutional checks and balances on the executive branch. That doesn’t bode well for an industry already precariously balanced on a tenuous high-wire of precedents, amendments and memos.

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