COULD RELIGION SAVE OUR REEFER?: Marijuana’s Religious History and the Recent Conservative Support

Recently there has been a rise in conservative support for the legalization of cannabis. Currently the approval rate sits at 42 percent, not too shabby considering the right’s recent pick for attorney general is quoted saying, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s almost as though this change of heart may have come from a higher being, for a higher purpose, at least that is what they are claiming to believe. Many of our God-fearing conservatives are now turning a new leaf.

Politicians turn a new leaf

Republican Rep. Jonathon Hill of South Carolina is one such man. Bill Davis who is a Christian Author and a friend of Hill’s told him how crucial cannabis was to his life. Davis was bedridden due to his idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease with no cure. He was taking an experimental drug that had terrible side effects that would eventually lead to his death. The side effects of his prescription medication turned Davis to vaping. “A plant that God made,” as Davis put it has changed all of that, including Hill’s stance on cannabis. After hearing Davis’ story, (a man whom he is close friends with and who leads bible study), Hill is now a strong proponent for legalization.

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Young Man Taken off Kidney Transplant List for Medical Marijuana Use

Garry Godfrey can’t function without medical marijuana, and now the hospital where he awaits a kidney transplant has taken him off the list.

Godfrey has Alport Syndrome, a hereditary disease that causes renal failure at a young age, as well as hearing loss and eye abnormalities.

It also causes debilitating pain, nausea and anxiety, and that’s why Garry uses medical weed. But this could potentially cost him his life.

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What Is Phytochrome In Cannabis?

If you’re asking, “What is phytochrome?,” chances are high that you cultivate cannabis.  Understanding phytochrome and how this biological receptor truly functions, allows the grower to delve into the technical world of plant science and also to discover how to use this knowledge to their advantage in the grow room.

Understanding The Basics

Phytochrome is a pigment that is found within the leaves of all plants, as well as cannabis. The role of this pigment is to detect light to then allow the plant to grow accordingly based on the season or time to induce flower production. When light hits the surface of a leaf, there will be two types of light sensors at work: one which has the job of detecting blue light and one for detecting red light.

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The Future of Marijuana Under a Trump Presidency

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Medical marijuana has been known to treat a variety of conditions and life-threatening illnesses. It can help prevent Alzheimers, control epileptic episodes, reduce levels of depression, combat morning sickness and even stave off cancer. As a result of these therapeutic benefits, there are currently 28 states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Some states have gone well beyond merely allowing marijuana use for medical purposes. A handful of states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Possession of marijuana for personal use and recreational use of marijuana is allowed in eight states.

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Kid Friendly Cannabis Dispensary Holds Epilepsy Awareness Support Group

Last Sunday was Purple Day.

On March 26th annually, people in countries around the world are invited to wear purple and host events in support of Epilepsy Awareness Day, a day to remember the three million people in the U.S. who live with the chronic disorder, many of whom are children.

This year for Epilepsy Awareness Day, a special event was held in Modesto, California.

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Marijuana Unlikely to Figure in Trump’s Grand Plan to Solve Opiate Crisis

Fresh from another weekend spent on the golf course, the sting of his total failure to repeal and replace Obamacare forgotten, Donald Trump came in hot on Monday. The nation awoke to news of an assemblage of technocrats led by presidential son-in-law and residential Israel/technology/business expert Jared Kushner, to be deployed to apply business solutions to government problems.

As the Washington Post reported, deputized in Kushner’s “SWAT team” is a familiar face: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie, the early Trump supporter who was likely expecting the plum post of attorney general as his reward, will instead chair an official commission tasked with tackling the country’s opiate epidemic.

According to Mother Jones, the “President’s Commission on Combating Opioid Abuse, Addiction, and Overdose” is supposed to investigate the ongoing crisis, which claims tens of thousands of lives annually, and present a report—with recommended solutions—by October.

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Marijuana Treated Like Alcohol? Legislation Filed In Senate and House

Senator Ron Wyden and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Jared Polis have introduced legislation in the House and Senate — The Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act — to permit states to establish their own marijuana regulatory policies free from federal interference. In addition to removing marijuana from the United States Controlled Substances Act, this legislation also removes enforcement power from the US Drug Enforcement Administration in matter concerning marijuana possession, production, and sales — thus permitting state governments to regulate these activities as they see fit.

Email your members of Congress now and urge them to support this effort.

“The first time introduction of this particular piece of legislation in the US Senate is another sign that the growing public support for ending our failed war on cannabis consumers nationwide is continuing to translate into political support amongst federal officials,” said NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri, “With marijuana legalization being supported by 60% of all Americans while Congress’ approval rating is in the low teens, ending our country’s disastrous prohibition against marijuana would not just be good policy, but good politics.”

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Argentine Senate Approves Medical Use of Cannabis Oil

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina’s Senate has given final legislative approval to a bill legalizing the use of cannabis oil and other marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes, and setting up a regulatory framework for the state to prescribe and distribute them to patients.

The legislation approved by senators Wednesday also creates a medical marijuana research program at the Health Ministry, which must “guarantee free access” to cannabis oil and other derivatives to patients who join the program. The legislation was passed by the Chamber of Deputies earlier.

“In history, the big things always come in small steps,” said Valeria Salech, president of a private pro-medical marijuana group called Mama Cultiva Argentina, which has argued that cannabis can radically change the quality of life for children suffering everything from HIV to epilepsy.

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The HIGH TIMES Interview: Bryan Krumm

Bryan Krumm, a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was one of the petitioners whose call to reschedule cannabis was officially rejected by the Drug Enforcement Administration in August 2016. But Krumm is fighting on. A US Army veteran, he’s become the nation’s foremost voice for the use of cannabis in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. With the United States now at war in Afghanistan for 15 years, and in Iraq for 13, PTSD-related suicides among veterans have become a national health crisis.

Krumm filed his petition seven years ago. A second petition was later submitted by Lincoln Chafee and Christine Gregoire, the then-governors of Rhode Island and Washington State. Both were turned down by the DEA in its August decision.

Krumm spoke with High Times about how his petition differed from the one submitted by the governors, his current strategy to change the status of medical cannabis, and why this remains such an urgent question for the United States.

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DRAINING THE SWAMP: Can We Recapture the Protest Spirit of the ‘60s?

Blood is red. It represents the fire and passion for life. Blood was being spent and wasted in Vietnam and Cambodia. Nixon’s illegal war, and now Kent State. Later, Jackson State. Blood for our beliefs. Now it was the time to right the wrongs—to try and make life light again. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose…Turn! Turn! Turn! Written by Pete Seeger in the late fifties, from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Yes, we would turn to the new way. The times they are a-changin’.

When I look back on those times, I like to think we made a difference—and in some ways, we did. Others, not so much. Marijuana came into prominence back then. It became the symbol of our fight against authority. It was illegal, so we embraced it. By smoking, we were giving the bird to all those crusty old white men who made laws to only benefit themselves. Today, a handful of states have legalized the plant, and more are in line to follow. But there’s a storm on the horizon. A two-bit thieving dictator and his sewer rat cronies have taken over the swamp in a Russian-style coup, installing a white man’s Kleptocracy. Nothing is certain. Beware.

I believe Nixon’s war would have lasted a whole lot longer, had we not protested. We built a powerful movement, born out of the chaos of Vietnam and Civil Rights, starting in the sixties and snowballing into the seventies, before slowly petering out. People marched and demonstrated and changed history. Unfortunately, as always, more wars followed, and more after that—the cyclical nature of time. Wasteful, illegal wars. During the Regan era, the armed forces rehabilitated itself. Now it was stylish to join up. Be in the new, all-volunteer army—where everything was coming up roses, and the whole world loved you and your adventurous spirit. You could even get your college education for free after you got out—if you got out alive. High-gloss adverts of men and women in the army and loving it, played on TV, over and over, until you drooled.

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