Dripping Cool: Chaka Glass

Glass artisan Chaka explains why Pyrex is the ideal medium.

Functional glass has risen as a modern art form, fetching prices comparable to work hung on a wall. But for Boston’s Cristian Gazmuri, otherwise known as Chaka, the glass is much more important than the money.

“For me as a craftsman, I really love glass,” says Chaka, who was first introduced to glass over a decade ago working at jewelry and marble making.

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Killer Mike Says Run The Jewels Smokes Six Pounds Per Album

Hip Hop duo Run The Jewels, comprised of emcees Killer Mike and El-P, has never been shy about celebrating their love for cannabis. According to Killer Mike, the group uses a remarkable amount of cannabis during the creative process — roughly six pounds per album.

Over the past few years, Run The Jewels, the duo of long standing MCs Killer Mike and El-P, has released, rapid-fire, a series of political albums that never hesitate to throw a giant middle finger at the status quo and the powers that be.

Along the way, Mike and El-P have made a point of celebrating weed both on and off the mic. Yet unlike other artists that rap about pot in goofy or loose terms, these guys approach it through the lens of activism with acute observation that reflect their staunch progressive and libertarian political positions. Their most recent album, RTJ3, released last December, offers some of their most explicit, hilarious and political allusions to weed yet.

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Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/18/2017

Welcome to this week’s edition of the marijuana legislative roundup!

So here is a first: their is a Federal Cannabis Caucus!

In case you missed it, Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Jared Polis(D-CO), and Don Young (R-AK) have formed the Congressional Cannabis Caucus to promote sensible cannabis policy reform and to ease the tension between federal and state cannabis laws on Thursday, 2/16.

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Willie Nelson: An Outlaw Country Cannabis Icon

Legendary singer discusses his relationship with marijuana and the origins of songs like ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die’

Outlaw Country legend Willie Nelson is an all-American cannabis icon known and loved by generations of bud smokers. He’s as famous for his friendly, no-frills approach to living the high life as he is for his one-of-a-kind country sound. Cannabis Now contributor, Ricardo Baca, sat down with “Shotgun Willie” on his famously stoney tour bus to talk about his life, music and the future of the marijuana movement. — Cannabis Now

Willie Nelson has heard almost all of the anti-cannabis malarkey out there, including the ridiculous (and now politically topical) refrain that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” When faced with a prohibitionist’s nonsense, he reacts as you’d expect him to: with a gentle but forceful argument that’s as laconic as it is logical.

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HIGH TIMES Crashes Donald Trump Smoke Sesh

As reported by media outlets worldwide, the grassroots marijuana legalization organization DCMJ handed out over 8,000 joints during the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Much to his new attorney general Jeff Sessions’ dismay, the group of activists successfully pulled off what many knew would be an incident-free, jam packed and smoke filled jubilee attended by stoners from across the globe.

HIGH TIMES traveled to DC to crash President Agent Orange’s inauguration and show our support for DCMJ’s Trump 420 protest. I rolled with our good buddy—DJ Native Sun (@NATIVESUN84)—and captured our experience.

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Arizona to Give Marijuana Legalization Another Try

Marijuana legalization came within 70,000 votes in Arizona of having a perfect record on Election Day. Of the five states with adult-use cannabis legalization measures on the ballot, Arizona’s Prop. 205 was the only one to fail in November, thanks largely to the best-funded opposition effort in the country—and at 51.32 percent opposed to 48.68 percent in favor, the lone setback was a narrow loss.

Barring unprecedented intervention from Donald Trump’s Justice Department, marijuana legalization’s record great success seems to all but guarantee that Arizona voters will consider the question again in 2018.

One citizen-led effort is already afoot—and if Safer Arizona has its way, the state will have some of the most permissive marijuana laws in the country.

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Congressional Cannabis Caucus Kicks Off

In the face of legal uncertainty surrounding the future of federal enforcement of drug laws in decriminalized states, four legislators in the House of Representatives have formed a bipartisan cannabis caucus to lobby against federal interference in state-legal cannabusiness.

A majority of Americans have access to some form of marijuana, supplied by a booming nationwide industry worth billions of dollars that supports more than a hundred thousand jobs. Now that industry has the representation in U.S. Congress to match, after four lawmakers from key marijuana-supporting states announced the launch of the “Cannabis Caucus” on Thursday, Feb. 16.

Founding member Rep. Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat who represents the Boulder area, told the Denver Post, “we’re really at the tipping point on marijuana reform,”

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California Woman Denied Essential Heart Transplant Because She Uses MMJ

This is a sad story that will infuriate you.

Summer Waltman, 23, was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and has suffered heart complications for most of her life.

She is in severe need of a heart transplant and is generally a good candidate. However, she has been denied.

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