Radical Rant: Answering 6 Important Questions About Your Pot Summer Vacation

Eight U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have now legalized the adult possession and use of cannabis. As an adult over 21 preparing for your summer vacation, maybe you’re considering a visit to one of them. But what are the exact rules and regulations you need to know for your legal marijuana vacation?

How much marijuana can I have?

The general rule of thumb in the legal states is that you can keep on your person one ounce (28 grams) of usable marijuana. The exceptions are Washington, D.C., where you may have two ounces (56 grams) and Maine, where you may have two-and-a-half ounces (70 grams).

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Homing Pigeon Flies Ecstasy into Kuwait

One of those quirky stories on Fox News informed us this week that authorities in Kuwait intercepted a homing pigeon that had been outfitted with a little backpack containing 178 ecstasy pills.

Kuwaiti authorities had apparently “tracked” the bird as it flew in from Iraq. A BBC News report suggests the airborne trafficker’s error was to fly too close to a border post, where customs agents were already aware that smugglers were thusly exploiting our feathered friends. (The BBC also says the payload was actually ketamine.)

Both reports say that pigeons have been used before to fly small quantities of cannabis and cocaine into prisons in Latin America—noting one such interception in Costa Rica in 2015 and another in Colombia in 2011. Presumably, in all such instances, the pigeon that was caught represented several that made it through.

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EVENT RECAP: B.A.D. Northern California 2017

The very first annual Northern California Budtender Appreciation Day was held this past weekend in beautiful San Francisco. The B.A.D. Party has been part of the DOPE Magazine tradition for years and it was finally the NorCal community’s time to shine! DOPE paired up with Presenting Sponsor Northern Emeralds to give back to both budtenders and cannabis professionals who work day in and day out to defend our plant spreading relief and joy in all who they meet.

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Jeff Sessions’ Phony Marijuana War

On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, America’s cheerful white-hooded Smeagol, was in Memphis selling his vision of the country as a violent wasteland beset by ruthless criminals and mindless gang members preying on helpless innocents.

Speaking to an appreciative audience of about 100 law-enforcement officers—the likes of whom have been “under siege” in the United States in recent years, according to Congressman David Kustoff, a former local federal prosecutor—Sessions reiterated his tough-on-crime, more-is-less solution.

The only hope for civilization in our time is more mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes, locking more people up for longer periods of time.

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THE ABILITY TO SUSTAIN: A New ‘Kind’ of Farm to Table

Jeremy, or “That Guy,” as he’s known, started his carpentry business more than twenty years ago. He created beautiful cabinets, furniture and other pieces sourced from verified, sustainable resource manufacturers around the world. In 2012, Jeremey went from entrepreneur to ganja-preneur as a personal side project to replace his nonfunctional “dugout,” quickly expanded into the successful Kindtray brand. Following the practices of his carpentry business, Kindtray manufactures uniquely crafted wooden trays, sourced from sustainable distributors and designed specifically for any type of cannabis consumer, with functionality always in mind.

Sustainable Practices 

Decades of working with wood has given Jeremy a unique perspective on how materials have evolved over the years, and how he can best utilize the materials at his disposal, while continuing to create sustainable products. All of the wood used to create Jeremy’s Kindtrays are Forest Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), responsible for the management of forest-based products that meet strict environmental standards. This ensures a green and sustainable product that leaves little to no waste and creates the lowest energy emissions possible. From competing with other local businesses in both the carpentry and cannabis industry to competing with Chinese imports and international trade tariffs, Jeremy is not only holding his own—he’s setting the bar for business ethics in sustainable communities around the world.

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Since the passage of I-502, the cannabis scene in Washington has changed significantly. Legalization at a state level has created an environment where much needed information about cannabis can come to light. We are constantly learning about new aspects of the plant, such as terpenes and its various medicinal properties. We have been able to start researching and substantiating claims about the plant’s healing abilities that before were purely anecdotal. Negative aspects of the plant are also beginning to surface.

Cases of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) are becoming more prevalent, giving rise to our need to understand the condition. I spoke with a CHS sufferer a few years ago, and became further interested in the syndrome when a good friend, Mark Collins, told me he had been diagnosed. Mark, owner of Wicked Weed in Spokane, started using cannabis to successfully treat his PTSD over nine years ago, inspiring him to move to Washington and start his grow. The last few times I had seen Mark, he had lost weight and wasn’t looking like his normal, spry self. I asked him what was going on, and he told me he had recently been diagnosed with CHS.

A Case of CHS

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THE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT: Southbay’s Only Pre-ICO Canna-Boutique

The Place

The Green Light District is a bold, two-story dispensary on the corner of a busy intersection. The words GLD blaze proudly on the store exterior, and they offer abundant parking in the adjacent lot. Patients are greeted by armed security, who ask patrons to show ID before entering. As a pre-ICO collective looking to license in 2018, GLD keeps the verification process very tight.

“Adorned with crystal chandeliers, an entire wall of artwork and a hot pink spiral staircase, the ambiance is sexy, almost club-like.”

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The House Cuts: SourBand from TWC

We explore how a strain becomes a dispensary’s house selection.

When dispensaries pick their house genetics, they’re putting their name and reputation on the line. We went to Tahoe Well Cooperative in South Lake Tahoe to check out their top shelf SourBand and see what it takes for a strain to become the house cuts.

Be it self-cultivated or an exceptional relationship with a vendor, when a dispensary chooses something as their house cut under their brand it tends to be some of the best cannabis in town and a solid representation of the strain.

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Why LPs Can Be Responsible for Failed Pesticide Tests (Even If They're Not Their Fault)


This article originally appeared in the May 2017 print edition of Cannabis Business Times. To subscribe, click here.

In the final days of 2016, Canadian licensed medical marijuana producer (LP) Organigram was rocked with a pesticide scandal: Batches of product made in 2016 tested positive for banned chemicals, including myclobutanil (a systemic pesticide that turns into hydrogen cyanide, a compound the Centers for Disease Control classifies as a chemical warfare agent, when burned).

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LUPUS AWARENESS MONTH: Purple Pride – Cannabis Provides Relief

May is Lupus Awareness Month and people all around the country are rallying, canvassing, and encouraging conversation. An autoimmune disorder, lupus can attack the kidneys, brain, nervous system, and even cause coronary artery disease. Cases range from mid to life-threatening, and there is no way to predict who will get it. Some who get it even develop terminal illness such as cancer. Ninety percent of lupus patients are women, and of those women the majority are women of color. When one has lupus, this can come along with several prescription medications that also compromise quality of health. Unfortunately, there is no cure currently for lupus, although it can be treated, and one of the best treatments is cannabis.

Amber and SunshinePain and inflammation are commonplace for lupus patients. Day in and day out they may have trouble with joints, muscles, even organs. So for many, the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis provide much needed relief. A New Jersey based mother said that she had been in “too much pain to put on her pants” when describing her state of health while facing lupus.

DOPE Magazine spoke with Amber Senter, a lupus patient and educator, cannabis as medicine advocate, and business owner. Senter works with the Lupus Foundation spreading awareness, fundraising and educating the public about lupus and by extension its treatment options through cannabis.

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