FREE OUR PEOPLE: Disability Advocates Make Their Voices Heard

Dawn Russell doesn’t initially strike you as the type of person you would expect to have been arrested over 25 times with charges ranging from trespassing to disturbing the peace. She is an organizer with ADAPT. ADAPT will say they use civil disobedience and direct action to advocate for people with disabilities, but these feel like too big of words for me.

Basically, they are badasses literally willing to throw themselves under a bus for their voices to be heard. And what are they shouting about? The first ADAPT actions happened around issues of wheelchair access on public transit in Denver in the late ‘70s. People with disabilities were stranded in nursing homes, an issue that persists to this day, and people were further isolated because the bus that swung by their place wasn’t wheelchair accessible. The activists, who became known as the “Gang of 19,” laid themselves in the path of an R.T.D. bus and an organization was born.

ADAPT launches two national actions a year. Their modus operandi is to flood a room, a meeting or an office of government with people in wheelchairs. Their intent is to remain until their demands are met. “It’s the real fucking deal,” says Dawn. This often leads to arrests. “I didn’t think my sweet David [her recently passed husband] was paying attention to how many arrests I had. When I got out of jail after an action in Chicago, and we were in real jail there, and I remember getting out and he’s standing there with flowers and balloons and a big sign that read Happy 25th.”

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JUNGLE JUICE “SAUCE”: A Sweet & Tangy Experience

THCa: 78.5% | THC: 1.89% | Gobi Analytical 

The first time I laid eyes on concentrates from Olio Labs, I knew there was something special about their products. I took a picture of their packaging to ensure I wouldn’t forget their name. After a bit of research, I proved my hunch to be correct. Olio is the brainchild of Wade Sanders, co-founder of the award winning and highly acclaimed 710Labs. The two company owners recently split ways, and thus Olio710 was born. Focusing on an innovative line of live resin wax they refer to as “sauce,” it is similar in texture to sugar wax but with a juicy layer of liquid on top that gives a nice sparkly and soupy appearance. This particular batch “Jungle Juice,” is exploding with terpenes, smells like freshly picked tangerines and produces an incredibly clean and focused “zen-like” high.

Olio’s focus is “quality over quantity”

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Canada: Trudeau Administration Seeking Marijuana Legalization By July 2018

The Trudeau administration is anticipated to introduce legislation in early April to regulate the use, production, and sale of marijuana. In 2015, the Liberal Party pledged to “legalize and regulate” marijuana if Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister.

The forthcoming legislation will likely be modeled after recommendations issued by a federal task force in 2016. Members of the task force called on Parliament to permit those over 18 to possess and grow personal use quantities of marijuana, and further recommended lawmakers regulate and tax the commercial cannabis market.

The pending legalization legislation is expected to be introduced the week of April 10, CBC News has reported. Proponents of the measure are seeking to achieve its implementation by July 1, 2018.

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Chris Christie Gets Wish: White House Appointment to Chair Drug Commission

After an unsuccessful run for president followed by an epic and humiliating ass-kissing of Donald Trump, Chris Christie is finally getting his White House job, sort of.

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump is tapping the New Jersey governor to chair a commission devoted to combatting opioid abuse in America.

The position will be a part-time, volunteer job and will not require Christie to step down as New Jersey’s governor. Sorry, New Jersey.

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Maryland Admits Medical Marijuana Scene Isn’t Black Enough

Thirty percent of Maryland residents are black people. Exactly zero black people, from Maryland or from anywhere else, were selected last year to receive one of the state’s 15 licenses to grow medical marijuana, despite a law on the books requiring “racial diversity” to be weighed.

And neither are any of the 102 businesses pre-approved to sell marijuana—out of 811 applicants—run by black people.

Sensitive to this—and to marijuana’s pervasive equality problem, in which very few of the businesses and entrepreneurs taking advantage of the billion-dollar freedom frenzy are the people who suffered the most during the drug war—Maryland elected officials are issuing more licenses, in the hope that the state’s cannabis industry can be a little less homogeneous, as the Baltimore Sun reports.

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Medical Marijuana Bill in South Carolina Bolstered by Conservatives



COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Rep. Eric Bedingfield once shunned all marijuana use, but when his eldest son’s six-year struggle with opioid addiction ended with his overdose a year ago, the conservative Republican co-sponsored medical cannabis legislation.

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Oxford University Green Lights MMJ Study

The prestigious University of Oxford recently announced a new partnership with a biomedical research company to study the effects of medical marijuana on several health conditions. The university’s Cannabis Research Plan will investigate the use of cannabinoids to treat pain, cancer, inflammatory diseases and neurological disorders.

In a public statement announcing the plan, Dr. Ahmed Ahmed, professor of gynecological oncology at Oxford, said: “Cannabinoid research has started to produce exciting biological discoveries, and this research program is a timely opportunity to increase our understanding of the role of cannabinoids in health and disease. This field holds great promise for developing novel therapeutic opportunities for cancer patients.”

The Cannabis Research Plan will pair the university with Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCT), a bio-med startup funded by venture capital firm Kingsley Capital Partners. Neil Mahapatra, a managing partner at Kingsley, explained the strategy behind the company’s initial investment of £10 million ($12.5 million).

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Gateway Legalization: Group Wants All Drugs Legalized in Arizona

Aside from the perfidious fart balloon and the merry band of nativists elected by a minority of voters to lead America (and inspire violent rallies at which neo-Nazis are welcomed but journalists are assaulted), Arizona was the lone dark spot for marijuana on Election Day.

Of all the states where voters were asked to ponder cannabis legalization or medical marijuana questions, only in Arizona did marijuana lose.

Thanks to big money donations from Republican casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, as well as six figures from pharmaceutical companies (including fentanyl-maker Insys Therapeutics, which is currently working on a “synthetic marijuana drug”), Arizona’s Prop. 205—which would have legalized cannabis for adults 21 and over in a way similar to successful initiatives in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada—went down, 48 percent of voters in favor to 52 percent against.

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SATORI IN BELLINGHAM: State’s Favorite of the East Moves West

The Place

Satori, winner of the DOPE Industry Washington 2016 “Cannabis Store of the Year” award, recently opened a new store in Bellingham. As the city’s only downtown dispensary—one block from the Farmers’ Market and several pubs, and a half-mile from Western Washington University, they have arguably the best location in town.

Inside, historical photos and wooden tools honor the building’s industrial past, contrasting nicely with displays of flower and extracts, and a vast selection of glass accessories. Off to the side there is a separate patient’s room for private medical consulting, and another room that houses their non-profit, “Center for Mindful Use,” a community space for cannabis-based discussion and events like meditation workshops and learning how to roll the perfect joint.

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