FLOWER POWER: Spreading Peace, Love, and Flowers


Your Neighborhood Market

Located just two blocks from the Montgomery BART Station in downtown San Francisco, Flower Power has staked its claim as the neighborhood go-to spot in the Financial District. You’re welcomed into a tall, open main room, flanked with a wall of mirrors and an array of brightly lit, easily navigable displays. Their early hours cater to the commuter crowd—before the workday, during lunch and the after-work rush. If you don’t need a consultation you can always place an online order for pick up in-store via their POS system, powered by Meadow SF.

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When we look back at that paths that our lives have taken, rarely have we ended up exactly where we had envisioned. For better or worse, life is full of uncertainties that have a way of creating new chapters so vastly different than the last that we can look back and not recognize the person we once were. Jessica VerSteeg’s move into the cannabis industry is one such story.

Jessica grew up in a small town, eventually became Miss Iowa, and finally met the man she thought she could be with forever, New York Giants safety, Tyler Sash. Then everything changed. “I ended up in the hospital. I asked myself “How did this happen?” “How did the person I love, I was Miss Iowa, he was a super bowl champ. How did we end up in this position and why am I here?” VerSteeg explains, with a shaking voice that reveals the sorrow that is still palpable. Sash’s violent and aggressive outbursts (that after his death were attributed to the extraordinarily high level of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) lead to VerSteeg’s hospital stay and the end of their relationship. In a bit of a depression VerSteeg removed herself from the situation stating that, “I kind of ran away to San Francisco.”

During VerSteeg’s stay at the hospital she researched ways in which she could help Sash get off of the painkillers that she attributed his outbursts to and marijuana came up as a medicinal replacement option. It wasn’t until her move to San Francisco that things really began to come to fruition. VerSteeg though to herself, “Wow, these women are so responsible. One girl is a lawyer and she’s working every day and she’s able to medicate this way,” VerSteeg says explaining her excitement at how conventional cannabis use was not only normalized and accepted but something that she could relate to.

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SF NIMBY Culture: An Old Problem Facing a New Industry

San Francisco may have a hyper-liberal reputation nationally, but the city’s residents can be ferociously conservative when it comes to development in their own neighborhood — the latest political showdown over a new dispensary is just one more example.

Dialogue between the two crowds that squared off in front of a public library on San Francisco’s west side was never going to happen: Even if months of very bad blood wasn’t tensing the air, even if there wasn’t a near-impassable language barrier and even if the teenager standing silently in front of the mob on one side (the lone instance of the two sides mixing) wasn’t wearing a unicorn mask over his head — an exchange of ideas was not on the agenda.

The discourse right now is quite good pic.twitter.com/jfTQcgaU8r

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BASA COLLECTIVE: Heart of the City

The Place

BASA prides itself on being a workingman or workingwoman’s dispensary. Nowadays, John Lennon might say “a workingman’s dispensary is something to be.” Indeed, it is an oasis in the heart of San Francisco. BASA staff recommends Kushy Punch gummies to their patients because they are easy to divide into friendly dosages, and cost efficient. The shop is located off of hip Divisadero Street which boasts neighboring eclectic restaurants and exciting music venues. BASA is home to a unique herb product hot on the marketplace: Prophet.

The History

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Have you ever been to a secret session? They’re exclusive get-togethers held at different locations in the Bay Area where like-minded people come together with amazing companies to sample and purchase quality cannabis products. I hadn’t ever been to one, but I quickly learned these exclusive cannabis events are a must-attend for any cannasseur. Here’s a little taste of one I attended, my first one, my first love.

Put on by the lovely proprietor of Golden Goddess Botanicals, Gina Golden, the event was absolutely luxurious. There was catering, canna-cocktails, a bar (two complimentary drink tickets were given at the door), a raffle with a ton of awesome products, and of course booths with dabs, products for sale and great cannabis companies.       

Directly by the door were all of Golden Goddess Botanical’s yummy and effective products. Honey, hot sauce and even a special terpene perfume Golden allowed me to test, awesome! Dirt Ninja, Empress Extracts and Jetty Extracts were all there giving dabs and offering great deals on their products.

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On most days, the Exploratorium is a place where children can learn about science through the many exhibitions that span the spectrum of science. On the evening of April 6th, however, this all changed for the evening. An astounding head count of over 4,000 adults filled the museum, ready to learn about cannabis. The Exploratorium After Dark was launched with a cannabis theme brought to us by Dark Heart/Alchemy. It was a wonderful marriage of the science behind the plant, which we defend everywhere, and the science behind the plant brought to us by one of the premier cultivators in Northern California.

Plant holder workshop close upOf special note was the Alchemy terpene table exhibiting the ever-growing science of terpenes and gave many spectators of this event a deeper look into how terps work within cannabis as well as how they function in general in the plant world. In addition, the tissue culture exhibit showed the world how we can preserve rare strains of plants by essentially slow growing the tissues and storing them until needed. Think of it like a backup hard drive for a dispensary that fits in a small toolbox. The future is truly now.

Exploratorium attendees play with bubblesVarious cannabis exhibits and speeches were both engaging and highly informative, the true star of the show was the Exploratorium itself. The cornucopia of exhibits mainly geared toward children were truly appreciated by all of us—children at heart. All of the Exploratorium’s exhibits—light, sound, electricity and life science, to name a few were appreciated by the crowd that gathered. It’s the same wow factor one sees as a magician makes something or someone disappear. Inquisitive baffling wonderment came across the faces of the collective grown children in attendance. Attendees had the opportunity to see a Flower Dissection with Gaily Ezer and a slideshow of outstanding images from Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot Images. CW Labs were there to do a demonstration and answer questions about cannabis potency.

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In San Francisco, If You Can’t Beat 420, Regulate 420

Golden Gate Park’s underground pot party goes legit, gets permits and food trucks.

There’s no denying people like pot. There’s no doubt pot attracts tourists and taxes. There’s no way politicians ignore money.

That calculus — coupled with the legalization of cannabis under Proposition 64 —  recently reversed years of official opposition to San Francisco’s popular 420 pot celebration, resulting last month in the city’s Recreation and Park Department issuing permits for much-needed amenities like more porta-potties, EMTs and ambulance and trash clean-up.

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Library Staff Will Be Trained to Save Drug Overdose Victims

As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage the United States with a vicious tenacity that can only be described as the gnashing teeth of a junkie apocalypse, there is more demand for everyday people to be trained in administering life-saving medications to prevent accidental overdoses.

It might sound a bit strange for a library to make injecting overdose antidotes part of the staff’s job description, but that is exactly that kind of program the San Francisco Public Library is presently developing. The goal of the initiative, as crazy as it might sound, is to prevent any more drug addicts from being discovered dead on the property.

In February, staff members found a deceased overdose victim in the library’s bathroom—the first fatal incident in the past decade, according to a report from Hoodline.

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Anti-Gay ‘Hate Group’ Blocking Marijuana Store—In San Francisco

Forget the San Francisco you know, the one Bill O’Reilly occasionally visits to demonstrate how bad the far-left is at running “the most liberal place in the country.”

Here be reactionaries, too: San Francisco has an active Ku Klux Klansman and last summer, the Klan thought enough of the city to actively recruit for new members—in the world-famous Haight-Ashbury, birthplace of the Summer of Love and (briefly) the home of Jimi Hendrix.

And just as San Francisco is the historic home of gay liberation, with one of the nation’s first gay elected officials—who was a friend and confidante of one of the very first medical marijuana activists, in turn responsible for making San Francisco the single city most responsible for pushing California and then the rest of the United States towards legal marijuana—San Francisco also has, apparently, adherents of a homophobic hate group, who are (thus far) successfully blocking the opening of a medical cannabis dispensary.

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SF Cannabis Event set to Showcase Women Leaders

New event focuses on wellness and science.

With a glut of cannabis networking events out there, it’s easy to grow increasingly skeptical of the new kids on the block. IntersectionSF is a networking opportunity set for later this week in San Francisco, California and, while the organizers might not be familiar names yet, the nearly all-exclusive female panel and accessible price point is an encouraging approach to setting this affair apart from others within the increasingly crowded space of cannabis business happenings.

Organizer Bianca Wakeford, chief operating officer of event host RightSciences, said the March 23 event is geared towards interested businesses, consumers and investors, “mostly outside of the cannabis space.” With panelists including Alison Ettel, CEO and co-founder of Treatwell, Mara Gordon, founder of Aunt Zelda’s, Calla Spring Wellness and Zelda Therapeutics, and Pamela Hatfield, co-founder of HelloMD, event-organizers demonstrate an emphasis on both the business and scientific sides of the plant.

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