Stewards of the Land

The land that now hosts a Mendocino County cannabis farm has a past, which should be recognized and preserved.

Without the land, we are nothing. The land, the very soil, is the heart of any farming operation and it is to be respected. While we are blessed with the privilege to grow cannabis under the full sun, it is our responsibility to do that in a way that complements that which has been here forever. We are just the current residents.

Our ranch, located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle in northern Mendocino County, probably first saw white men in 1875 when it was homesteaded by a young man who had survived the Civil War and been granted a piece of land “Out West.” It fascinates me to imagine him riding the hills and following the streams in this area until he found the perfect spot, not too far from a water source, with enough flat land to grow crops and trees to cut and build a home.

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The Mendocino Mating Call

After a decade and a half of herb grinding, we still can’t recommend grinders enough for newbies.

We don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. More and more cannabis aficionados are grinding their weed before they smoke it, and with vaporization, the trend is getting even hotter. Herb grinders are usually small, palm-sized, puck-like discs that split apart to reveal little grinding teeth. Load in the herb, close up the grinder and twist a few turns to transform the stickiest, densest bud into fluffy, green-white grinds perfect for joints, pipe bowls and vaporizers that take flower.

According to High Times icon Danny Danko, grinders got their global launch in 2001 with the company Sweetleaf.

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