Left Behind by Clemency

What’s beef? Beef is when a rap video means the difference between a four-year sentence and 20 to life as a “cannabis kingpin.”

Jane Scarmazzo isn’t positive when her younger son started smoking pot, but she knows for sure how she found out about it.

Luke was in his early 20s, a few years out of high school and working with his father Nick Scarmazzo — a union carpenter — on bridges and overpasses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Cultivators Knocked Out of Medical Ring Rise for Recreational Rematch

TKO enters adult-use cannabis marketplace.

In 2012, the team at TurnKey Organics (TKO) began with the mission of providing organic cannabis of the highest grade to medical cannabis patients in the Pacific Northwest. Over the following four years, the family-owned business continued to grow on a solid backbone of compassion, cultivation experience and good genetics.

This past fall marks their first harvest for the Oregon recreational cannabis market, which will now see TKO contributing some of the most legendary strains of the decade.

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