Report: Marijuana Employs More Workers than These Major Industries

Marijuana workers of the United States! If you were to unite, there would be more of you than there are massage therapists, bakers or other classic paths to the middle class.

Legalization advocates have long touted cannabis’s value as a potent job generator—a very meaningful promise in areas that have never fully recovered from the Great Recession and the steady transformation of good, single-earner careers into “gig work,” temp work and other sad excuses for meaningful work provided by late-capitalism. (Show us an Uber driver, and we’ll show you someone who used to have health insurance and a retirement plan, and is now ferrying your cheap ass around for less than the cost of the service in order to satisfy venture capital.)

According to a review of federal employment figures from Marijuana Business Daily, there are as many as 235,000 people employed in the American marijuana industry—which means there are more budtenders, cultivation-house workers, delivery drivers and other cannabis industry professionals than there are dental hygienists.

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Marijuana Legalization Is Good for Commercial Real Estate—Contractors Too!

The legalization of marijuana is driving up the cost of commercial real estate in major cities all across the nation.

According to a report from Bloomberg News, marijuana startups hoping to secure retail space in highly populated areas in states that are working to launch recreational marijuana sales—like California and Massachusetts—can expect to shell out significantly more per square foot than what would have been required before legalization.

The report, which is based on the latest data provided by CoStar Group Inc, shows this inflation in rents is nothing that the cannabis industry hasn’t experienced before.

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