The Kind Center in Hollywood: The Last of their Kind

The People

The Kind Center in Hollywood has built ist foundation around the idea of family. Upholding this connection, one that patients in Los Angeles have become less and less familiar with, is what sets them apart as new dispensaries continue to pop up all over the city. With a warm “mom and pop” mentality, The Kind Center prides itself on curating an unparalleled experience for everyone that comes through their doors. Thanks to their rigorously trained and highly skilled budtenders, patients quickly become loyal to this shop’s caregiving approach.

The Kind Center StaffThe Place

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Millionaire Owner of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Supplies the Stars

This is juicy, so what better resource than a British tabloid to fill us in on who is providing what to whom in the glitzy world of Hollywood cannabis consumption?

The Mirror, also known as the “Intelligent Tabloid,” recently told us about the exciting life of Cheryl Shuman, owner of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and the special service she provides to the rich and famous.

Such service reportedly have included a 3 a.m. weed call, requesting “all of the sex oils and herbs” she had in order to spice things up for an “A-list actor in the throes of a marathon sex session with five young women.”

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MADMEN: Inside the Collective of the Future

The Place

Placed conveniently in the heart of West Hollywood, MedMen’s second dispensary carries the elevated and highly approachable aura that the company has championed in developing over the years. One of the coolest parts about this shop is that anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to come into the shop and look around (purchasing requires proper medical validation). This open-door mentality coupled with the shop’s convenient layout and calming décor delivers an unparalleled dispensary experience. The progressive and modern technology compliment the warmth of the walnut tables that line the shop’s floors, displaying the wide range of products they carry.

Madmen StorefrontThe People

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HollyWeed – Interview with Zachary Cole Fernandez

Strolling just after midnight under the famous Hollywood sign as rain trickled across his face, Zachary Fernandez had no idea the attention he was about to garner. This was not the first time the famous sign had been altered, but this was no prank, this was intentional artistic outreach with a message.

On the morning of January 1, 2017, the city of Los Angeles awoke to what immediately topped national New Year’s airwaves. The “HOLLYWOOD” sign now read “HOLLYWeeD” just after California voted to legalize cannabis recreationally. Seemingly most people got caught up in the wrong part of the conversation, but he didn’t miss the mark, his intention was to inspire discussion. After a year or so fraught with divisions and a lack of intelligent conversations, Fernandez wanted to push people back into a space where intelligent conversations and relevant discussions were the norm. He wanted to bring people together.

As a SoCal native himself, cannabis is nothing new to Fernandez. In fact, Zach has had his hand in almost every corner of the cannabis market, from legal medical production to a medicinal delivery service, but his drive as a father and as an artist is to open minds and inspire ideas. Though he’s being prosecuted for trespassing, something he openly accepts, his efforts to preserve the landmark were admirable. Funny enough, the first thing Zach mentions about the venture under the sign wasn’t the impending sense of getting caught or excitement to create such a large demonstration, it was a feeling of sadness upon recognizing the insane amount of garbage that had been carelessly piled under a national landmark. “I wanted to make sure I didn’t contribute” to this destruction says Fernandez, “I’m a true preservationist,” that’s why he only used clamps and banners.

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