BETTER AXE SOMEBODY: Mixed Multimedia Rig Dazzles

This outstanding, functional glass art was made by artist Jason Walker in 2016, one of a four-piece series. Jason’s inspiration for this glass came through his desire—and maybe a need—to create a piece that was more form than function; something that could sit on display and be viewed as art first, and a rig second. The use of multimedia, with wood and leather incorporated on the glass, creates a natural, pleasing aesthetic. This piece is also CFL reactive, which mean that it changes color under different light spectrums. The log is about 18 inches long, and the axe is around the same, so it will artfully stand out in any home.

Jason first started blowing glass in 2013. He was an avid snowboarder, but after losing a leg, he was looking for a creative outlet. He tried blowing glass and fell in love instantly. He owned a cannabis club at the time, which he sold to focus on his glass work. He has been happily on the torch ever since, saying, “I want to explore art. I’m more concerned with making art then selling glass.”

This glass is currently available by contacting Jason directly through his Instagram: @jasonwalkerglassart

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THE ABILITY TO SUSTAIN: A New ‘Kind’ of Farm to Table

Jeremy, or “That Guy,” as he’s known, started his carpentry business more than twenty years ago. He created beautiful cabinets, furniture and other pieces sourced from verified, sustainable resource manufacturers around the world. In 2012, Jeremey went from entrepreneur to ganja-preneur as a personal side project to replace his nonfunctional “dugout,” quickly expanded into the successful Kindtray brand. Following the practices of his carpentry business, Kindtray manufactures uniquely crafted wooden trays, sourced from sustainable distributors and designed specifically for any type of cannabis consumer, with functionality always in mind.

Sustainable Practices 

Decades of working with wood has given Jeremy a unique perspective on how materials have evolved over the years, and how he can best utilize the materials at his disposal, while continuing to create sustainable products. All of the wood used to create Jeremy’s Kindtrays are Forest Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), responsible for the management of forest-based products that meet strict environmental standards. This ensures a green and sustainable product that leaves little to no waste and creates the lowest energy emissions possible. From competing with other local businesses in both the carpentry and cannabis industry to competing with Chinese imports and international trade tariffs, Jeremy is not only holding his own—he’s setting the bar for business ethics in sustainable communities around the world.

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Sculpting Killer Craniums

Annealed Innovations makes a mark with glass skulls.

In the always exciting glass scene of the Pacific Northwest — home to some of the finest glass artists anywhere in the world — it can be a struggle to stand out. But even in a shop full of killers, Nic Asturino of Annealed Innovations is making his mark.

Asturino decided to jump on the the torch after seeing his friends do production pieces in the early ’00s. When he first got to work, he dialed in his craftsmanship on spoons and sherlocks.

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Stoned Science: How to Take the Smoothest Hit

The laws of physics govern the universe, and everything in it—including weed.

Though the properties of physics often evade the thoughts of many cannabis users,  the people who design and create the paraphernalia that we all use must keep physical laws and properties in mind.

Let us discuss the ways that physics penetrate our everyday lives as stoners.

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Gregory Paul Scheyer

Frosty Trees On My Mind

Gregory Paul Scheyer

This beautiful northwestern inspired piece was created by talented glass artist and Oregon native Gregory Paul Scheyer in 2016. Inspired by the landscape and beauty that is Oregon, Gregory made this piece with winter on his mind. Scheyer spent a lot of time with his folks as a child camping and participating in outdoor activities; he has continued that outdoor lifestyle as an adult and puts this energy into his glass art. Showing us a little of who he is as a person when we view his work, it’s a treat to experience.

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Mesonja Glass

Awaken to the One – A Consciously Crafted Work of Art

Jameson “Mesonja” Siudut

The artistry of Oregon based glass blower Jameson “Mesonja” Siudut, is some of the most unique and distinguishable work in the glass blowing community. Any follower of his, myself included, can spot a Mesonja piece from a mile away. In addition to his highly sought after rigs, he is very well known for his pendants and amulets, particularly his series of Random Rab collaborations.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day Three

In its final day, CHAMPS Vegas threw around cash, announced a new program to keep shelves looking fresh and crowned the big winners of the 2017 Glass Games Masters Invitational — Cannabis Now was there.

The popular questions on Thursday were “where can I get a fake Pukinbeagle?” and “who won the Glass Games?” Both important in their own right, the latter far more interesting — mainly because I already spent the first two days looking for a knock-off Thermal P.

In an action-packed closing ceremony, CHAMPS President Jeff Hirschfeld announced the big winners of the Grand Prize. Over the week, 15 shops from around the country won packs valued around $2,500 retail, but the grand prize went to Mojo’s Smokeshop in the booming cannabis state of… Utah.While we doubt too many Mormons are shopping for Motherships, the $5000 retail pack is sure to bring some smiles to the faces of the Mojo team.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day Two

Wednesday at CHAMPS saw the must-have brands continue to boom, the hype continue to build around the Glass Games Masters Invitational entries now taking shape and a glassblowing legend make a surprise appearance on the torch.

As day two rolled on in Las Vegas, the big dogs didn’t need to do much barking (and the pups fought for their piece of the pie) but one of the most unique stories in the room had to be that of Blazer, the long time torch producer that didn’t even realize it was a leader in the space.

For the last 32 years, Blazer has produced its best-selling, high quality Big Shot torches in Japan. While they’ve been a long-time hit with plumbers, electricians and others in need of a sturdy flame, Blazer didn’t realize until a few years ago that they were at the top of the ultra-competitive cannabis extract torch market — without even trying.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day One

Cannabis Now is on the scene in Las Vegas, Nevada to cover one of the cannabis business expos that started it all.

While automatic trimming machines and paying for weed with a credit card are dope, this week the original ancillary arm of the cannabis industry — the headshop — hits Las Vegas for the eighteenth annual incarnation of CHAMPS, and the festivities to go with it.

As the cannabis market explodes by a few more billion each year, that growth is mirrored by sales of the means to smoke it. In no place in the world this week are there more people that want to help you puff for a reasonable price. Is the term reasonable loose in some cases? Yes, but they’re mostly well intentioned.

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Scientific Inhalations

Scientific Inhalations

A Better Way to Smoke

Even the harshest bud hits smoothly with one of Scientific Inhalations creations. Using a combination of carbon, water and cotton, Scientific Inhalations brings its customers a high-quality and healthy smoking experience with its Triple Filtered Bubblers.

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