The Mendocino Mating Call

After a decade and a half of herb grinding, we still can’t recommend grinders enough for newbies.

We don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. More and more cannabis aficionados are grinding their weed before they smoke it, and with vaporization, the trend is getting even hotter. Herb grinders are usually small, palm-sized, puck-like discs that split apart to reveal little grinding teeth. Load in the herb, close up the grinder and twist a few turns to transform the stickiest, densest bud into fluffy, green-white grinds perfect for joints, pipe bowls and vaporizers that take flower.

According to High Times icon Danny Danko, grinders got their global launch in 2001 with the company Sweetleaf.

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VAPEXHALE: Good, Clean, Vaporizing Fun

Stuntman Behind the Curtain

Former stunt man Seibo Shen, inspired by his time as a medical marijuana patient, wanted to create a more thrilling vape experience. Combustion options were frankly more fun than vaping, and drew more people to group sessions. For health conscious folks with an active lifestyle like Seibo, who dabs before each Jujitsu tournament, vaping is the best option. Now founder and CEO of VapeXhale, he crowdsourced ideas from users on a famous vaporizer forum to brainstorm the best rig possible. The result, the VapeXhale EVO (“EVO” for evolution) has the unique edge Seibo intended.

For use with both concentrates and flowers, this is a complete vaping device.

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Cannabis Now Gets Certified DankĀ 

Impressions from an Elite Tasting Session.

Gathered in the front garden on the mild spring afternoon are some of the most important minds in marijuana. The table has been set with glass pipes only slightly used after enjoying the first nip of our strain tasting sections and we’re on to the next round. I take a deep, satisfying pull of a joint filled with Aficionado Seed’s In the Pines and pass it to Ed Rosenthal directly on my left. As the joint swirls the intimate outdoor gathering it quickly makes it to the hands of the people who’ve planted its seed and coaxed it to flower. This particular joint, which expresses an acidic pineapple flavor, took careful and deliberate steps in order to be enjoyed by today’s group. Cultivated by Swami Select in Mendocino, California the strain’s effects are both functional and social. The tasting party picks up momentum, which is excellent as we’ve got a tall stack of joints yet to be smoked. For Cannabis Now’s iteration of a Flower Girls gathering we’ve gone beyond farm to table — we’re puffin’ tough with the farmers who grew our ganja.

Friends lining the table include Rosenthal, his wife and publishing partner Jane Klein, Swami Select, made up of Swami Chaitanya and Nikki Lastreto, and the team of writers behind the Certified Dank strain reviews, Caitlin Podiak and Erica Edwards. When we reach the second round of joints, a Black Lime Reserve, also from Aficionado and cultivated from seed by Swami Select, I’m in just the right state of mood to properly soak up the collective knowledge of our assembled terpene troupe.

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