MIXING IT UP WITH FRIDA: Fruit Smoothies, CBD and a Relaxing Evening

Raven Grass’ infused coconut oil is one of the most versatile cannabis edibles I’ve come across. I’m partial to smoothies, and mixed in the recommended serving of one tablespoon of oil to my drink. This batch was made with their unique, high-CBD Frida strain, which has 30mg of CBD and 10mg of THC per serving.

The oil was almost undetectable, besides the added creamy flavor it brought to the smoothie. After about an hour, relaxation hit, like resting in a giant pillow. Sound sleep quickly followed. I woke up the next morning feeling ready for what the day had in store.

Raven Grass combined the highly renowned ACDC with DJ Short’s Whitaker Blues, an indica-dominant hybrid, to make their Frida strain.

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Test Results: 15mg THC – 30mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

Humboldt Harvest’s Maple and Vietnamese Cinnamon Coconut Chips are three things: crunchy, satisfying and above all, delicious. These mildly medicated chips are just the right touch of sweet, with a hint of cinnamon spice. There is no yucky, bitter cannabis oil taste. The low dose is handy, 30 mg CBD/15 mg THC per box, recommended to be split into three separate sessions.

Onset effects were quick for me, around thirty minutes after ingestion. The cerebral high is very mild, and the physical feeling was one of relief and calm. I wasn’t zoned out or weighed down, making these excellent for patients who require frequent and public dosing. I recommend pouring almond milk over a dose to get a lift in the morning (it’ll remind you of a certain childhood cereal), or munching a handful while on a hiking trail.

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GOLDEN PAIN RELIEF: Sensi’s Sweet 1:1

Test Results: 50mg THC – 50mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

From the heart of Silicon Valley, Sensi (I assume short for sinsemilla, or “without seed”) Products promote Being Well with whole-plant extracts and organic ingredients. Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, Sensi Chews taste of chewy, chocolatey goodness. It’s obvious that Sensi cares about good health, and their passion for developing superior products is evident in every Chew. They are consistent in taste and quality, and the balanced high lasts for an extended period.   

Sensi Chews are available in 11 different formulas, ranging from Aphrodisiac to Strength. These individually-dosed candies contain ingredients such as caffeine and melatonin to enhance the existing benefits of the high-grade medical cannabis oil. Sensi makes cannabis-infused products using professional standards, processes and procedures. Definitely no seeds here!

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Recipe: Seared Sour Diesel Spinach Masa Cakes

This hearty breakfast recipe will keep you going all day.

Everybody has one of those days where they need a big breakfast for a big day. Maybe you plan on going for an eight hour hike or you will be running all over the city. Days like these you need quite a bit of energy and a big well-balanced breakfast will be what gets you through it. Cooking up these delectable masa cakes as part of a dish will be your one-way ticket to energy. And because they are lightly medicated with Sour Diesel, you don’t have to worry about over indulgence.

Another bonus to this recipe is that Sour Diesel is an sativa strain which will add to your energy levels. The Sour Diesel also adds a great flavor profile to the masa cakes, which is a totally unique experience in itself. Cook these guys up to serve with eggs, chorizo, a side of fresh fruit and your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy your day and the energy that good food gives you.

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10mg THC per package

Taking advice from the charming package, I snap the freshly unwrapped milk chocolate bar in two. Sensitive to edibles, I use discernment and eat half. Ten minutes’ lapse, my cheeks flush and waves of my approaching high flicker across my face. I snap up my winter coat, lace my boots and head out with my roommate for a grocery outing.

The crisp air nips pleasantly at my warm cheeks and once inside the store, I have a harder-than-usual time making decisions. Gala or Granny Smith? Back inside the comfort of our kitchen, my altered state has me whipping up adventurous dishes and laughing at myself. An active high for cozy nights in with friends.

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WANA BRANDS: Consider Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied

Tested by: Agricor Labs

If you live and medicate in Colorado, it’s probably safe to say you’ve heard of Wana Brand’s Sour Gummie Edibles. As the state’s most popular gummies, they stand out above the rest when it comes to flavor and consistency. I really love the “low dose” factor, because it enables you to enjoy more without getting overly stoned. Trust me, you’re going to Wana eat more than one (see what I did there). Whether you’re in the mood for a sativa, indica or hybrid option, they’ve got what you’re looking for. My personal favorite flavor is the sweet and juicy Watermelon. The chefs at Wana have been perfecting their recipes since 2010, which is why you can only taste your favorite fruity flavors, and not the spicy or earthy taste of the cannabis oil.

Wana Brands is one of Colorado’s original cannabis-infused product manufacturers.

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MIND TRICK’S TOFFEE: My Mind is Playin’ Tricks on Me!

100mg THC |  Tested by: PharmLabs

Mind Tricks toffee is a new creation combining the decadence of handmade confections with the potency of C02 extracted cannabis oil. A collaboration between Jetty Extracts and Sweetbricks, this delectable edible is the perfect hit of both naughty and nice.

This is some serious indulgence. The sugary, crunchy texture of the toffee is cut by the creamy chocolate and finished with the toasted flavor of the graham cracker. In between it all there’s little bites of marshmallows and bonfire smoke infused sea salt. Not only delicious, it’s potent. I ate just two of the five 20mg pieces that come in a pack and after about an hour I was feeling relaxed and creative. The effects came on slowly and with ease, no mind-bending trip here, just an intense calm, coupled with a happy and uplifted feeling. This lovely toffee certainly stole my heart.

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BAKER BOI’S HOT POCKETS: Savory Vegetarian Organic Comfort Food

Test results: 50mg THC per serving

The Baker Bois, Drew Smith and Zechari Schuller, began in 2012 as an underground edible movement in Texas, providing wholesome, canna-infused sweets to medical marijuana patients. Now baking their magic from Portland, they are expanding into the savory world by introducing a cannabis infused Hot Pocket! Phyllo dough surrounds a mixture of cinnamon roasted potatoes, garlic onion strings, kale and fire roasted peppers, all coated in a green chili Gouda bechamel cheese sauce. Listing the ingredients has my mouth water for another one. This cannabis comfort food is something you can feel good about indulging in.

Trust me! The only thing the Baker Bois Hot Pockets have in common with the hot pockets of Jim Gaffigan’s infamous standup is the name. I promise!

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