Can Jeff Sessions Use the Cole Memo to Undermine Legal Marijuana States?

Although we have written often about the Obama-era Cole Memo which, in another lifetime, Attorney General Jeff Sessions called “valuable” and “valid,” the situation is very different now as he attempts to use the memo to go after legal weed.

As such, it is important to look closely at the Cole Memo and how to protect it from the chaotic and vindictive White House, where daily outrages and civil rights violations are the norm.

The Cole Memo, written by Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole in 2013, basically contends that weed businesses need not worry about federal prosecution as long as they comply with state law, making it a critical document in the legal marijuana industry.

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DEA and Justice Department at Odds on Medical Pot Research

Photo by Justin Cannabis.

A year ago, the DEA began accepting applications to grow more marijuana for research. They now have 25 proposals to consider, but they need the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sign-off in order to move forward.

So, of course, Jeff Sessions is ignoring them. Actually, he’s blocking them.

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Jeff Sessions and the Great Cannabis Shakedown

The good folks of Alabama have a problem…

The Yellowhammer State has the highest level of prescription opioid use in the country.

Given the opioid epidemic currently facing our nation, this should be cause for concern—especially for those in Washington who wish to use government muscle to solve all of our problems. 

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Jeff Sessions’ Letters to Legal Weed States Were Full of Mistaken Facts

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on a letter-writing spree to legal marijuana state governors, accusing them of things that, well, never happened and are simply not true.

In a missive obtained by the Cannabist, Sessions scolds Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for not keeping a promise to prevent marijuana from spilling out of the state’s borders and for not keeping it out of the hands of children.

Neither accusation is based in fact, but then the White House apparently thinks nothing of spewing lies and disseminating its very own alternative facts.

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Justice Department to Dispatch Opioid Fraud and Abuse Units to 12 States

Only days after the president’s opioid commission issued its preliminary report, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that a dozen federal prosecutors will be deployed to cities ravaged by the opioid epidemic to investigate health care fraud and opioid scams that are fueling the epidemic.

This begs the question: Is Sessions also sending a dozen investigators to Purdue Pharma, which started the opiate epidemic when it produced, fraudulently labeled, allowed to be sold on the black market and flooded the country with OxyContin, essentially hooking millions on legal heroin?

Sessions, speaking at the Columbus Police Academy in Ohio, per Cleveland.Com, said: “In recent years, some of the government officials in our country I think have mistakenly sent mixed message about the harmfulness of drugs.”

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Drug Prosecutions at Historic Low under AG Jeff Sessions’ Avowed Crackdown

Despite continuous threats and conniving political moves to crack down on legal weed, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been stymied by the chaos and ineptitude of the Trump administration, not to mention rational human beings who view his crackdown as a terrible idea.

This combination has resulted in the lowest recorded levels of federal drug prosecutions than any previous administration at this point in their tenure.

According to new data released by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University (TRAC), the feds prosecuted nine percent fewer drug crimes from February to June of this year compared to the same period last year and more than 20 percent fewer than that period five years ago.

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Bill to Protect State Enforcement of Pot Laws Introduced in Congress

Photo by Justin Cannabis. 

While confusion and chaos reign in just about every corner of the White House and the nervous cannabis community is forced to hang on to every word of pot-hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a woman’s voice rises above the noise—a Congresswoman that is.

Representative Suzan DelBene from Washington State has reintroduced a bill aimed at protecting states rights to regulate marijuana.

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AG Sessions’ Plan for Legal Marijuana Is Still a Mystery

While the cannabis community has been waiting on bended knee for the past several months to learn the results of a federal marijuana review ordered by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the latest reports seem to indicate that it could still be awhile before we know exactly how the Trump administration intends to proceed with legal marijuana.

Last week, Sessions took to the DOJ website to provide an update on the work of the Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, which was assembled in April to investigate a number of federal policies, including those pertaining to marijuana legalization. The findings of the review were due to land on Sessions’ desk by July 27.

Although the Justice Department’s inquiry has centered mostly on what it could mean for the continued existence of legal weed in the United States, Sessions’ update does not give any indication that the cannabis industry is going to suffer a federal crackdown.

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Senators Defy Sessions, Vote to Extend Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Protections

Photo by Jesse Faatz. 

The powerful Senate Appropriations Committee delivered a disappointing blow to already beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The Committee voted on Thursday to extend protections of state medical marijuana and industrial hemp laws against federal interference.

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Why Jeff Sessions’ Successor Could Be Worse for Drug Reform

Someday—perhaps someday very soon, judging by how often his boss is harassing him into obstructing justice, online—Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will no longer be attorney general of the United States.

When Sessions goes, the U.S. will be different: An authoritarian embodiment of the Republicans’ Southern Strategy, who has no compunction against lying under oath about meetings with foreign agents trying to influence the democratic process, will no longer run the U.S. Justice Department.

That will be good!

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