Larry OG: The Gold Medalist of Live Nectar

Test Results: 85.98% THCa  |  Tested By: TEQ Analytical Labs

As an adamant indica fan, this Larry OG Live Nectar from Harmony Extracts absolutely blew my mind. Everything from the packaging to the smell, flavor and consistency is spot on. I didn’t realize that Larry OG had such heady genetic parents; after trying these terps and doing some research, I think I just found one of my new favorite strains. Larry OG is crossed with OG Kush and SFV OG, and hits you in the dome almost instantly. It smells like fresh-squeezed lemons and tastes like sweet pine. For a weekend warrior such as myself, I recommend picking up a gram of this goodness for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Larry OG Live NectarProduced and Provided by: Harmony Extracts

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Spores in Space: These Mushroom Trips Last Light-Years

Before Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin wrote Tuf Voyaging, the darkly comic tale of a solo space traveler zipping from planet to planet with his own unique brand of problem solving. His magic weapon? Mushrooms. As far-fetched as it sounds, fungi are the perfect long-distance travel companion. In the right environment, spores keep indefinitely and are small enough that you could pack an entire farm on a postage stamp. Looking toward to the future and our inevitable trek to the outer reaches of space, mushrooms might just be the ticket we need to get off the planet.

In fact, we’ve already given zero-gravity mushroom growing a shot. In 1993, cultures of Flammulina velutipes were sent into orbit on the joint Space Shuttle Columbia/Spacelab D-2 mission. As observed by amateur mycologists, mushrooms tend to grow as a veiled cap atop a long, spindly stem. Remove gravity from the equation, however, and the mushrooms grow in every direction. Gills flipped inside-out like windblown umbrellas, and mushrooms fruited in every orientation imaginable. The results were promising. The mushrooms grew unexpectedly, yet still produced fruit under off-world conditions. Though the experiment lasted just long enough to make these observations, we’ll need to push our fungal gardening experiments further if we aim to observe how zero gravity affects mushroom growth.

Fungi tech here on Earth has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple decades. Mycoprotein is a vegetarian meat substitute, originally developed to combat food shortages, made from Mycelium—not the fruit, but the tiny white strands that act as a sort of root for mushrooms. Nutritious protein as a blank canvas. For now, you can find it amongst the faux meats in your grocer’s freezers, formed and flavored into shapes like bacon, burgers and chicken-less nuggets.

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ROYAL CHEESE SHATTER: Can I Get Some Extra Cheese?!

Royal Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the UK. Originally bred from Skunk #1 and crossed with a feminized phenotype of itself, this silken extract stays true to its royal bloodline. The sweet smells of a corner bakery fill my nose as I peel back the wax paper to reveal a golden, glistening slice of pure heaven. I portion off a healthy helping of amber Swiss as my rig hits its low-setting and I take an easy pull.

Exhaling, I am carried away to a tropical paradise. A plethora of flavor cascades over my palate like an exquisite waterfall; distinct notes of juicy mango and frosted lychee berry swim alongside exotic grapes dripping with creamy honey. The taste finishes on a pungently earthy note, complementing the initial sweetness.

Moments later I feel a powerful euphoria grip my muscles, the sensation building like lapping waves over cerebral shores. The feeling sinks deep into my body, soaking my mind in relief, banishing all stress and anxiety. Despite inspiring a strong appetite, this noble strain had me feeling regal, even hours later. Recommended for any concentrate connoisseur seeking the royal treatment.

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ANNIE’S INFUSED CHOCOLATE BARS: Smooth High from a Dark Chocolate

Testing Info: 2.5mg THC per square

The taste of real dark chocolate lingers on my tongue. The raw cocoa kick of these Annie’s infused chocolates by Willie’s Reserve stays with me for nearly twenty minutes after I’ve finished my first assortment of the 2.5mg THC squares, which are ideal for micro-dosing.

A peaceful high takes hold of me over the next two hours, the effects coming on so gradually I hardly notice. The tension in my back dissolves and I find myself suddenly inspired to take advantage of the summer weather beginning to grace western Washington. I take a couple chocolates along with me, these ones sprinkled with extra goodies such as espresso beans and rich, chocolate-enrobed almonds.

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DOPE ON THE ROAD: Cannabis in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The clock was encroaching on 10pm, but the sun still shone bright across the frigid waters of the gulf. A small group of 40 or so revelers gathered in the tiny airmen’s lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska, eager for the feast being prepared in the adjacent kitchen. Michele Larissa, local canna chef, was busy prepping her troops as we arrived.

“The Bombshells,” an all-women, ‘50s-themed cooking group led up by Miss Larissa, buzzed around the small kitchen in full regalia, plating and preparing a six-course infused feast for the participants of the third annual Northwest Cannabis Classic. This delicious event was set to begin the following morning.

Christopher Chicoine was on hand representing his Fairbanks-based company, Yeti Extracts, excited to see full legalization in his home state of Alaska. “We’re Alaskans,” he explained as we took dabs together, “and when we come together to make regulations, we think about what’s best for the people.”

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SOCIAL MEDIA’S WAR ON CANNABIS: The silent attack of deleting accounts

Imagine what it means to be deleted online: All of your friends and followers, gone…the images you shared, gone…the stories you told, all gone. My company’s Instagram account, Kiva Confections, has been shut down eight times. We’ve lost over 60,000 followers and countless hours of community building, original content and user feedback.

What type of content would get an account shut down eight times? Graphic nudity? Direct-sales to followers? Minors abusing drugs?

Here are a few examples of the content Kiva Confections shares on social media:

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Los Angeles Ponders the Prohibition of Concentrate Production

Photo by Chewberto420.

As Los Angeles unfurls its long list of rules and regulations, as part of its effort to establish order in the state’s legal weed industry, input has been effusive and pencil pushing endless.

Home to four million people, L.A, is set to be a blockbuster market, but city voters want their say in how the operation is going to be set up.

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Blazing Arizona: 710 in the Grand Canyon State

A new day, 710 has become the terp and cannabinoid-packed counterpart to 420, making it the second biggest celebration on the cannabis calendar. In Phoenix, Arizona, the 710 Degree Cup saw over 1,000 extract enthusiasts pack a banquet hall for a globbed-out gala.

I recently relocated from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona. The general response I get when I tell people this is: “Why would you move here?” But that’s another story.

In 2010 Arizona passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, making it the 14th state to adopt medical cannabis. Today, there are almost 126,000 patients throughout the state — I recently became one of them.

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9 Incredible Dab Videos You Need to See Today

Photo by Justin Cannabis. 

Everyone knows that when you want to get fucked up, you go for the dabs.

Wax is very potent when it comes to THC, and for the uninitiated, it can be quite a shock when it hits. For experienced smokers, it’s all about seeing how many you can take before your throat gives out.

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