AMERICANNA GUMMIES: Ethical, Colorado-Grown Sweet and Sour Edibles

Test Results: 10mg THC per Gummy  |  Testing: CMT Laboratories

In an industry under constant scrutiny, the Americanna team decided to create the most socially responsible cannabis gummy in the Colorado marketplace. Since their inception, full transparency has been a top priority for Americanna; labelling is clear and consistent, in the hopes of reducing accidental consumption. Not only are Americanna’s social standards on point, the quality of their products are unparalleled as well. They grow all of their own herb using organic methods and utilize a full plant extraction process, in which every bud is utilized to make their oil. This results in a pure, high quality product exceeding your average gummy standards.

Initially subtle, yet potent and effective high

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Bolder Business Strategies

How two young entrepreneurs navigated stringent state regulations and built their brand.

Consider the multi-phase evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry: the illicit marketplace gave way to a relatively unregulated medical marketplace, which developed into a regulated medical industry, which opened the door for adult-use legalization.

Now, constantly shifting regulation in both the state’s medical and recreational industries creates a minefield of obstacles and hazards for aspiring cannabis companies.

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Former Colorado Cop and Pot Entrepreneur Indicted in Huge Trafficking Ring

Photo by Justin Cannabis.

A former marijuana enforcement officer and a Denver-based cannabis entrepreneur were indicted by a grand jury in connection with a massive trafficking ring that allegedly shipped marijuana out of state, while also fleecing numerous investors in a license-peddling scheme.

According to the indictment, first reported by the Cannabist on Tuesday, former marijuana enforcement officer, Renee Rayton; weed entrepreneur Scott Pack and his businesses Harmony Green LLC and HGCO LLC were charged as part of a broader interstate marijuana smuggling operation.

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Here we have a new strain bred by the all organic, no till- living soil style gardener, @coloradomeds.  A dank cross of the infamous GG#4 and Platinum Huckleberry Cookies.  These photos are a a few weeks out from harvest so you can enjoy the clear and milky trichomes!

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Mcdonald’s Disagrees With Visionary Franchisee on 420 Burrito Billboard

McDonald’s billboard referencing cannabis causes a stir with corporate.

Despite McDonald’s corporate office’s opinion, great pot puns are here to stay in mainstream advertising and the continued destigmatization of marketing to cannabis consumers is a no-brainer, but how did we get here?

This week’s case starts with Lee Phelan. The Raton, New Mexico McDonald’s franchise owner just dropped $3 million to upgrade his facility and he had a bright idea. Phelan’s location is the first and last Mcdonald’s anyone crossing the New Mexico/Colorado border will see and you know who drives across that border? People who enjoy going somewhere they won’t be arrested for using marijuana responsibly.

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PURE KUSH: Lift Your Spirits

25% THC | 0.02% CBD | CMT Labs

This Pure Kush from Denver Recreational is one of the tastiest, stinkiest indicas I’ve come across in a long time. For those of you who love that classic OG Kush aroma and effect, you absolutely have to try this strain—it will leave you feeling completely relaxed, unable to wipe the smile off your face. While it is a highly potent indica, you still experience an initial energy boost before sinking into a warm and euphoric headspace. Pure Kush is the ideal strain to enjoy after getting home from a long day of work, while making dinner with a group of friends or watching the sunset.


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Radical Rant: Denver, Just Treat Pot (Consumers) Like Alcohol (Consumers)—As We Voted

Throughout the campaigns to legalize marijuana in eight states so far, a familiar refrain has been, “Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol.”

Yet, in all eight states, we’re not even close to treating marijuana like alcohol.

Where, in any state, may adults only purchase a limited amount of alcohol, only from stores with opaque windows with little to no signage; where onsite consumption may not occur; where only alcohol may be sold in opaque childproof packages, limited to only 20 proof, free from any colors, flavors, shapes or designs that appeal to children; to be consumed only in private at a home one owns or a rental with the owner’s explicit permission to do so?

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With seven cannabis dispensaries spread throughout Colorado, Rocky Mountain High has quite the team of growers behind them, producing some seriously beautiful bud. Theirs is one of the largest flower rooms I’ve ever wandered through. I immediately noticed the overall cleanliness and uniformed structure throughout. From the garden’s immaculate walls and floors to the movable grow tables, and even the structure of the plants, this team has organization and attention to detail entwined within their work ethic. Climbing a ladder that hoisted me many feet above their sea of green canopies, I was able to clearly see the different stages of growth, from bright, pistil-covered ladies to massive colas towering throughout the room—a pretty epic view!

“Colors of all kinds can be found within these rooms, ranging from vibrant greens to the deepest, darkest of purples.”

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