Legal Pot to Boost California Economy by $5 Billion

California is preparing to launch a fully legal cannabis trade that stands to boost the state’s economy to the tune of $5 billion, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

The piece, which is based on a new study from the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, says that, while the state’s newest version of a cannabis industry will undoubtedly generate impressive revenues, it will likely take some time before the entire scope of the cannabis community gets onboard with a fully legal system.

The study shows that around 30 percent of the state’s pot buyers will still frequent the black market in order to avoid paying taxes and other aspects of the legal trade.

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Pot Prices: June 2017 THMQ

Market Analysis: All indices finished June above their previous month’s average. After three-straight months of dropping prices, the Western Index stabilized in June, finishing $3 above its May average. All indices finished within $6 of their previous month’s average and all, with the exception of the Western Index, finished within $8 of their year-to-date average.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $335 (Last Month: $329, Year-to-Date: $329)

CURRENT EASTERN INDEX: $357 ($355, $351)

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Pot Prices: May 2017 THMQ

Market Analysis: All indices, with the exception of the Southern Index, finished May below their previous month’s average. The Western Index dropped for the third straight month, falling to just $253 an ounce. The Southern Index jumped $10 from its April average, raising its year- to-date average to a whopping $359 an ounce.

CURRENT US PRICE INDEX: $329 (Last Month: $332, Year-to-Date: $328)

CURRENT EASTERN INDEX: $355 ($360, $352)

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The 4/20 Bump: Just How Big Is Pot’s Holiday?

Thursday, the twentieth day of April, it’s Christmas season for marijuana-related #content—and it’s make-or-make-even-better season for the nation’s retail cannabis outlets, legal and otherwise.

By now, the origin and meaning of 4/20 have been explained, demystified, and otherwise occasioned to death.

We know there were 420 Pilgrims on the Mayflower, and that 4/20 is a fraction George Washington couldn’t simplify.

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Alcohol Industry Wants to Restrict Pot Advertising

When it comes to advertising in the alcohol industry, Canadian law imposes some pretty tight restrictions. Companies that sling booze for profit are not allowed to suggest in their marketing campaigns that people may be on a mission to get drunk, nor are they permitted to show sports figures or other celebrities grinding away at a bottle of liquor.

It is for this reason that the business of beer, wine and spirits is calling for the Canadian government to impose similar rules on the nation’s cannabis trade, reports the Globe & Mail.

“As an industry, we’ve talked to various officials, provincially and federally, about the rationale for certain rules regarding beverage alcohol and how they’re probably applicable to marijuana, whether around labeling or celebrity endorsements,” said Andrew Oland, president and CEO of Moosehead Breweries Limited.

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4 Key Developments in the Ever-Changing Cannabis Landscape

In March 2016, New Frontier cited the top 10 cannabis trends to watch in its annual “State of Legal Marijuana Markets” report. The 10 trends were selected in collaboration with leading industry operators, investors and legalization advocates.

Let’s revisit those trends to see what has changed since the report’s publication. Given the wide range of important developments occurring over the past year, herewith are the four trends with the most impactful changes. 

Congressional/Federal Action on Cannabis Laws

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