Lighting Up With Emerald Mountain

Oregon photographer takes vivid cannabis photographs by paying close attention to his environment.

Cannabis photography is basically a zero sum game: you either get a vivid encapsulation of the natural magic and majesty of the world’s most controversial plant or an unremarkable snapshot of some dried up flowers.

And for a masterful expression of the professional end of the spectrum, you can’t do much better than the work of Martin Henderson — the man behind the curtain at Emerald Mountain Media, which produces some truly exquisite pot pictures.

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Capturing Cannabis

A book featuring beautiful cannabis gardens in Northern California.

Adventurous Netherlands photographer Steef Fleur ventured into the heart of Northern California with a camera and an ambitious plan to capture the experience of cultivating hidden cannabis farms for the book “Humboldt – Green Gold USA.” Within the thick of the woods, she uncovered clandestine cabins, towering plants with dense, bulging colas and an entire culture centered on peacefully growing a federally illegal plant as a source of medicine.

The seemingly secluded forest of soaring redwood trees houses a community that depends on the farmers to religiously produce world-class buds every harvest without fail. Journalist Martin van de Velde explores this rural lifestyle to tell a story of dedicated, independent cultivators who continue to shape the infamous narrative of a region responsible for supplying cannabis throughout and beyond the Golden State to the East Coast – decades before the Green Rush hit the rest America. As the political landscape rapidly shifts throughout the state, it’s exciting to see a cultural staple still thriving with the pounds and pounds of perfectly-trimmed buds to prove it.

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