Can Cannabis Inhibit Cervical Cancer?

The disease that persistently plagues us today is cancer.

Cancer is an umbrella term that essentially results in gross proliferation of certain cell types throughout the body and can form (metastasize) in many different ways. The result is always the same, hyper-growth of a certain group of cells, depriving our bodies’ natural cells from properly functioning and surviving.

One particular variety of cancer that is having a detrimental impact on sub-Saharan Africa is cervical cancer.

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Cannabis for Cancer

Marijuana has long been known to ease certain cancer symptoms and alleviate the painful side effects of pharmaceutical cancer treatments. With the growing availability of concentrated and refined cannabinoids, treatment options are expanding and improving for patients seeking relief from a disease that touches the lives of billions.

Cancer is the great equalizer: it does not discriminate by gender, age, race or socioeconomic background — it touches everyone, whether you have endured it yourself or supported a friend or family member’s journey.

Along with HIV, cancer was one of the first illnesses identified as benefiting from the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Early on the plant was found to be particularly effective for alleviating side effects caused by harsh pharmaceutical treatments like chemotherapy.

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Australia Conducting “World First” Medical Marijuana Trial

It could be the world’s most important marijuana scientific trial, and it’s starting now. By 2021, Australian researchers will have new answers to lingering questions surrounding medical marijuana’s efficacy for cancer patients.

There’s a legal international trade in high-grade marijuana going on right now. In order to participate, you need to be a researcher. And in order to get any of this coveted cannabis, you must be a very, very sick person.

Very sick, and also very lucky.

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Safe Harbor for Cancer Patients: Jetty Extracts

Safe Harbor for Cancer Patients: Jetty Extracts

A Jetty is a pier built with the intention of protecting boats in the harbor, and houses near the shore. It’s very function is one of serenity, one of silent protection for a community exposed to the elements. So it’s only fitting that Jetty Extracts would have a similar role in their community as well. Their program, aptly named The Shelter Project, is a no-cost service available to any cancer patient with a valid medical recommendation.

Those who sign up are eligible to receive up to four free products a month courtesy of Jetty Extracts and their donors. Products range from oil cartridges to rosin. Some patients choose to use cannabis oil in junction with chemotherapy, some use it in holistic approaches that are chemo and radiation free, and even veteran cancer survivors use products from the Shelter Project to maintain wellness and deal with the traumatic effects of cancer.

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