LOURDES: Delicate and Sweet, Just Like Its Namesake


Test results: THC%: 26.08 | CBD%: .09 | CBG: .14 | CW Analytical

Green and amber, with splashes of lavender—picture-perfect buds. Soft and fuzzy outside, medium, firm inside, with a fragrance of strong pine, grape and lavender. A delightful taste of cream and sweet floral notes. Lourdes had me stationary, released tension, addressed body pain while inspiring creativity, got me to finish administrative tasks and drift off into much-desired sleep.

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THE OLDEST DISPENSARY IN BUSINESS: Berkeley Patients Group Defines Longevity

Longevity can be defined as having a long life in the face of both favorable and adverse conditions, and finding the strength to persevere. Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) is a prime example of longevity.

Old BPGSimply put, BPG has outlasted the competition by being the best dispensary it can be. By serving the patients of Berkeley year in and year out with exemplary customer service and knowledge of the plant, BPG has established itself as an East Bay institution.

Berkeley Patients Group was founded by Jim McClelland in 1999. After his passing in 2000, he left the business to three successors whose mission was to provide the people of Berkeley with a reputable and compassionate dispensary they could rely upon. Maintaining a standard of excellence is what has kept the dispensary running and thriving nearly 18 years later.

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Jetty Extracts has carved themselves out as one of the most trusted concentrate brands in the California market, and for damn good reason. Not only is their product consistently fantastic on all ends of the spectrum, but their cause is something everyone can get behind. With their Shelter Project, which donates oil to cancer patients on a one-for-one basis, Jetty carries extraordinary clout when it comes to ethical business practices.

Their new line of wood tip glass cartridges are catching fire around the state. With the same pristine-level gold oil, rich in terpy flavor and abundant clarity, the outdoorsy Jetty campfire vibe is brilliantly embodied in these new cartridges, making them a guaranteed must-have for the connoisseur’s smoking library.

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If a business is created with the honest purpose of healing others, success often follows. Those who seek wellness intuitively sense the purity and reliability of Papa & Barkley’s fine selection of medicinal products.

The company produces soothing and pain-relieving products made from pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes, including topicals, massage oils, balms and Releaf™ Soak bath salts. Their highly popular patches are particularly impressive, providing incremental amounts of cannabinoids to the wearer during a 12-hour period.

The meaning behind the company can be found in the name. “Papa” explains a lot. While caring for his father, who was suffering from a debilitating disease, Papa & Barkley CEO Adam Grossman created a homemade, THC-based pain balm. After witnessing its powerful healing effects, Grossman was driven to create a retail product. Then he met Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley’s Chief Product Officer, and the rest is history. They tirelessly worked together to create their Releaf™ line of products.

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Caliva opened as a chic dispensary in the industrial heart of San Jose in July of 2015. With over 150,000 square feet of space, the founding powers behind Caliva knew early on they didn’t just want to be a dispensary. Over 75 percent of the building is now dedicated to growing indoor cannabis. Apart from flowering gardens, the space features a mother room, clone rooms, veg room, dry rooms, curing rooms and areas for potting and harvesting. There is a lab onsite, so technicians can test and develop strains for optimal performance at each growing phase.

“Nurturing plants from their early stages fosters a special relationship between our employees, the plants and our customers, as we are all constantly seeing the full lifecycle of the process.” – Rosie Rothrock, Caliva Marketing and Branding VP

“Developing a genetic library onsite from seed to sale is a unique way to tie consumer demands directly to product development,” says Rosie Rothrock, VP of Caliva’s Marketing and Branding. “Nurturing plants from their early stages fosters a special relationship between our employees, the plants and our customers, as we are all constantly viewing the full lifecycle of the process.” By growing the majority of their cannabis in-house, Caliva can offer a consistent product, as well as be independent from unpredictable clone availability and inconsistent genetics.

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FLOWER POWER: Spreading Peace, Love, and Flowers


Your Neighborhood Market

Located just two blocks from the Montgomery BART Station in downtown San Francisco, Flower Power has staked its claim as the neighborhood go-to spot in the Financial District. You’re welcomed into a tall, open main room, flanked with a wall of mirrors and an array of brightly lit, easily navigable displays. Their early hours cater to the commuter crowd—before the workday, during lunch and the after-work rush. If you don’t need a consultation you can always place an online order for pick up in-store via their POS system, powered by Meadow SF.

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CANNABIS COUNTRY OUT WEST: The History and Growth of Humboldt County, California

Humboldt County, California is a wild place. Towering redwoods, acres of undeveloped land, running streams and a rocky coastline hold its borders in a fierce, natural glory. It’s no shock that Humboldt attracts those with a pioneering spirit. Generation after generation have come to this Northern California frontier to seek fortune and freedom. The lure of gold and timber came first, but for the last four decades, another gift of nature has sustained this wild community—cannabis.

Brought North in the 1970s by hippies and back-to-the-landers, cannabis took to the hot days, cool nights and luscious humidity of Humboldt County. It grew—pardon the pun—like a weed. The majority of the cannabis crop was previously imported from abroad; mostly Mexico. The potential for pesticides in cannabis grown in Mexico gave way to an interest in Humboldt-grown flower, and the quality kept them smoking it. The main reason for Humboldt excellence, aside from an ideal climate, is that growers from Humboldt were quick to pick up on the fact that the female plant, sinsemilla, produces the best effects. It was revolutionary in the US, and has become the new standard for cannabis cultivation.

By 1979, 35 percent of cannabis consumed in California was homegrown, mostly in Humboldt County. By 2010, 79 percent of all cannabis in the United States was being supplied by California, and the majority of that cannabis was grown in Humboldt County. But it wasn’t just the ideal natural conditions that put Humboldt cannabis on the map—it was the unique history and spirit of the community.

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20.49% THC | <1.0% CBD | SC Labs

THC Design’s abundant and impressive library of unique strains has cemented their name as one of the hottest flower groups in Southern California. The science behind their herb results in a noticeable difference while smoking, and creates a high unlike any other.

Space Oddity is a true hybrid, with beautiful trichome density, a strong myrcene nose and an extraordinarily smooth finish. With a parental lineage consisting of Space Queen and Blue Dream, Space Oddity alleviates mental and physical ailments while producing an elated and spacey experience. As the late, great David Bowie put it: “I’m floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today.”

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When we look back at that paths that our lives have taken, rarely have we ended up exactly where we had envisioned. For better or worse, life is full of uncertainties that have a way of creating new chapters so vastly different than the last that we can look back and not recognize the person we once were. Jessica VerSteeg’s move into the cannabis industry is one such story.

Jessica grew up in a small town, eventually became Miss Iowa, and finally met the man she thought she could be with forever, New York Giants safety, Tyler Sash. Then everything changed. “I ended up in the hospital. I asked myself “How did this happen?” “How did the person I love, I was Miss Iowa, he was a super bowl champ. How did we end up in this position and why am I here?” VerSteeg explains, with a shaking voice that reveals the sorrow that is still palpable. Sash’s violent and aggressive outbursts (that after his death were attributed to the extraordinarily high level of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) lead to VerSteeg’s hospital stay and the end of their relationship. In a bit of a depression VerSteeg removed herself from the situation stating that, “I kind of ran away to San Francisco.”

During VerSteeg’s stay at the hospital she researched ways in which she could help Sash get off of the painkillers that she attributed his outbursts to and marijuana came up as a medicinal replacement option. It wasn’t until her move to San Francisco that things really began to come to fruition. VerSteeg though to herself, “Wow, these women are so responsible. One girl is a lawyer and she’s working every day and she’s able to medicate this way,” VerSteeg says explaining her excitement at how conventional cannabis use was not only normalized and accepted but something that she could relate to.

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THC: 79.3% | CBD: 0.35% | CBG: 0.79% | Anresco Laboratories

Low-heat-pressed trichomes from ice water hash, created using a custom-made press, Legion of Bloom’s “Raw-Zen” is a bit more elevated than most rosins out there. I can certainly taste—and feel—the difference. This concentrate completely curbed my craving to smoke flower, which I admit I normally begin to desire after dabbing. It’s mustard, golden brown, thin, bendable and perfectly round. Placed up to the light for inspection, it is clear and particle-free.

From Pineapple Skunk #1 x Cheese, the fragrance resembles candy pineapple, with a very slight hash and skunk tone that isn’t overbearing, allowing the sweet, tropical taste to come through. The effects were calming, yet heady. Peace seemed to take over, senses sharpened, and I felt most of my energy pleasantly congregate in my head.

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