Secret Gang of Texas Mothers Using Marijuana to Treat Postpartum Depression

The miracle of birth comes packaged with an array of trials: morning sickness, a hormonal rollercoaster, the incomparable and incomprehensible (if you are a man) sensation of passing a human child through an orifice that, not so long ago, was just big enough for something much smaller (if you are most men). And once that’s over, it’s not over.

Physical pain melts into mental anguish, as the thrill and the joy of bringing a human into the world turns into anger, sadness and weeping. For most women, the “baby blues” go away after a few days. For some, it never goes away, and becomes postpartum depression. As much as 20 percent of women have trouble sleeping, are overwhelmed with anxiety and suffer other symptoms a year after their pregnancies “ending.”

After her first child was born, Celia Behar couldn’t get out of bed. She cried uncontrollably; she had no connection to her daughter; she wanted to hurt herself. She was prescribed Prozac—and while that left her with insomnia and migraines, it was “better.” After her second child was born, she started smoking marijuana. And wouldn’t you know—it worked “right away,” she told Texas-based TV station KXAN.

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Vapes Up, Cookies (and Booze) Down: Marijuana Industry Trends in California

Girl Scout Cookies are out (and not just because the actual Girl Scouts have sent a cease-and-desist). And OG Kush? Not even in the running.

Gorilla Glue No. 4, Jack Herer and Bubba Kush are the most popular marijuana strains among California cannabis consumers who used the popular web-based delivery app Eaze, according to an annual review of user data published by the platform.

Eaze is the self-styled “Uber of marijuana.” It’s not quite worth $70 billion, nor was its CEO forced to resign from Donald Trump’s team of economic advisers. But it is a smartphone-hailed delivery platform that will send a sack, an edible or a vape cartridge your way all speedy-like.

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This State Has the Nation’s Cheapest Weed!

Rentals in Portland are comparable to cities like New York and Berkeley, which means expensive, but thankfully, Oregon has the cheapest weed in the country.

As reporter Nigel Jaquiss reported in Willamette Week, in these troubled times, it’s making Oregon great again.

Forbes did the nation a favor by ranking pot prices in all 50 states and found that Oregon’s weed is nearly less than half the price of East Coast bud.

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Officer Who Mistook Doughnut Glaze for Drugs Disciplined

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Officials in Florida say an Orlando police officer who arrested a man after mistaking doughnut glaze for meth has been disciplined.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins was given a written reprimand for making an improper arrest.

An internal affairs report released Thursday by the Orlando Police Department found no evidence she acted in bad faith. The report says the department never trained its officers to use the department-issued roadside drug tests.

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Border Officials in Texas Find Nearly Two Tons of Weed Camouflaged as Limes

A whole lot of bud packed inside bumpy green spheres discreetly mixed in with real key limes nearly made it across the Mexican border.

It took an imaging inspection system and a K-9 team, with their doggie sniffing abilities that are 10,000 times more acute than ours, to discover that over 34,000 “limes” had no tart juice inside them.

Agents discovered nearly 4,000 pounds of weed once they knew where to look. No details on how they sorted through the obviously handmade, hand-painted fake limes which, in viewing the photos, look like Easter eggs painted by a third grader.

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NY Gov. Cuomo: Opposes Marijuana Legalization, Repeats Gateway Theory

A Machiavellian viper and the would-be savior of the Democratic Party, Andrew Cuomo also knows more about marijuana than you—especially if you are a scientist, addiction researcher or anyone involved with public health.

He ought to know something. When he was sworn in as New York governor in 2011, Cuomo inherited a veritable police state, whose public enemy number one was weed. Led by then-Commissioner Bill Bratton’s “stop-and-frisk” NYPD, police in New York state arrested more people for low-level marijuana crime per capita than any other state in the country—an arrest rate for weed double the national average, according to the ACLU.

Under NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, himself a former and possibly current marijuana user, the carnage has mercifully eased off, but police still bust black and brown young men for marijuana possession far more often than whites.

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Cannabis Farm Discovered inside Cottage at Legoland

The British police arrested two men after 50 weed plants were discovered growing in a hut at Windsor’s Legoland, which bills itself as “The UK’s Favourite Kids Theme Park.”

Windsor is based in the County of Berkshire, located on the Thames River about 20 miles west of London.

Workers doing a routine asbestos check at the site, just three miles away from Windsor Castle, came upon the pot farm, which was nicely equipped with lights and a watering system.

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Newly Introduced Legislation Would End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

While it remains uncertain whether newly confirmed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to unleash the hounds on the high times currently being enjoyed in legal marijuana states, one federal lawmaker is doing his part to ensure the Trump administration has no control over any jurisdiction that has legalized marijuana in their neck of the woods.

On Tuesday, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California submitted a piece of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives aimed at preventing the federal government from cracking down on states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. The bill, which is aptly entitled the “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017,” would provide the cannabis community with immunity from federal prosecution as long as they remain in compliance with state law.

Although the bill (H.R. 975) would not force Congress to end prohibition in a manner that would allow pot to be taxed and regulated nationwide similar to beer, it would amend the Controlled Substances Act in such a way that state legalization could carry on without the threat of federal interference.

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After Extradition of El Chapo, U.S. Prosecutors Seek a Rival



FARGO, N.D. (AP) — With notorious drug trafficker Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman now behind bars in New York after he was extradited from Mexico last month, federal prosecutors in North Dakota have their sights set on bringing one of his organization’s onetime rivals to the United States to face charges.

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DEA Cracks Down on Colorado Marijuana Doctors

America’s doctors can’t live without drugs. Physicians bending to pressure from pharmaceutical companies and over-prescribing opiate-based pain pills is accepted as one of the root causes of the heroin and opiate overdose epidemic, yet doctors still hand out anything that will fit in an orange bottle with a label to anyone who asks.

Just ask doctors, who admit they hand out antibiotics when it will do no good, oftentimes to fulfill expectations from patients who want something more (read: a pill) than being told to go home and rest (or clean up their diets and exercise).

Whether it’s pressure from patients or from pharmaceutical companies is beside the point. Primary-care physicians can’t survive without drugs, which is why when the DEA revokes a doctor’s ability to hand out pills, their economic livelihood is at risk.

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