Busted in Texas, Marijuana-Smoking Granddad Vows to Fight Back

Phillip Blanton is the type of red-blooded, honest American who, when the time comes to visit his terminally ill granddaughter four states away, hops in the car and drives there.

The bearded and rawboned 67-year-old former prison counselor lives in Newman, California, one of the countless dusty towns dotting the state’s interminable Central Valley—for the uninitiated, the Golden State’s own “Trump County.” He began 2017 on the open road, heading out via the West’s great freedom-casting freeways to Houston, where his 20-year-old granddaughter is afflicted with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Owing to the very real medical and familial emergency or just bored with driving through Texas, Blanton was 1,500 miles into his sojourn when he was pulled over for speeding.

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Connecticut Gearing up to Legalize Recreational Pot

Connecticut has been making impressive progress in the area of medical marijuana and is now ready to open up to recreational, if the state’s majority has its way.

Democratic Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney recently introduced a bill, which if it passes, would enable Connecticut to join fellow New England states of Massachusetts and Maine, where ballot initiatives passed in November.

“There seems to be a national trend moving in that direction,” Looney said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Hackers Hit Cannabis Dispensary Tracking Software

Amidst all the current paranoia about hackers infiltrating the highest levels of American politics comes the disturbing news that software used by cannabis businesses in over 20 states was attacked and compromised.

The story was reported both by the cannabis industry trade website Marijuana Business Daily and tech sites that monitor such attacks, including Hackbusters and DataBreaches. The software, known as MJ Freeway, is used for “seed-to-sale” tracking of cannabis in states that have legalized or passed medical marijuana laws. The Denver-based company said its main servers and backup system both went down the morning of Jan. 8 and remained offline as of the next afternoon.

The outage sent 1,000 retailers nationwide “scrambling to handle everything from sales and inventory management to regulatory compliance issues,” Marijuana Business Daily reported. Some dispensaries had to close their doors entirely.

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Marijuana after Dark? Not in Denver (Not Yet)

For now—and for at least the near future—Denver is America’s de-facto capital for recreational cannabis. It was the first, and until California or Las Vegas get their acts together, it remains the biggest show around.

As such, “Denver” is dangled in front of fearful, parochial City Councils and excitable NIMBYs as a cautionary tale of damage done by legal marijuana sales—apparently, “jobs” and “tax revenue” aren’t for everybody—and alternately held up as a model for how other cities can seize a piece of the weed billions for themselves.

One thing other cities won’t do, if they choose to follow Denver’s lead, is close up shop early.

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The Diaz Effect: MMA To Consider Dropping Pot Ban

It’s getting harder and harder to justify punishing professional athletes for using marijuana, so give the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) some “credit” for persevering against all reason.

The governing body that oversees most combat sports seen in America—including the UFC, which stages most of its main event fights in Las Vegas, where the NAC is king—has cracked down hard on athletes caught using cannabis and has stuck to its rules despite little scientific justification for denying an athlete this particular drug and questionable public support for such nanny-state policing.

Like most efforts at drug prohibition, it’s never really worked—but UFC has managed to make a unique mockery of its own rules.

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Nola Evangelista’s Tokin’ Women – A 4000-Year Herstory of Women and Marijuana By Nola Evangelista: A Review

Women are more visible than ever in the cannabis industry. Groups like Women Grow and the many female-owned businesses are gaining more and more momentum. Even here at DOPE Magazine we have a high concentration of female contributors. And it’s no wonder: cannabis consumption by women is neither new nor unusual, and the presence of increasingly more female professionals in the cannabis industry is a testament to that. That’s why I was stoked to find Tokin Women: A 4000-year Herstory of Women and Marijuana by Nola Evangelista aka Ellen Komp of CalNORML. Tokin Womoen125 pages dedicated to influential women who have played historical and present-day roles in the cannabis space.

Tokin’ Women highlights over 50 women, including the well-known influencers Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday and Whoopi Goldberg. This book highlights each woman’s lifetime accomplishments in the cannabis space accompanied by a photo. Every woman’s section stands alone so you can read about whomever you want, in no particular order. I learned so much so fast!

The effects of marijuana were spoken of lovingly by many of the women in this book, and I feel a kinship with this love. These incredible women and I have shared the same experience, the same infatuation with cannabis. Maya Angelou describes how marijuana made her job as a waitress bearable, and how her outlook on life changed drastically when she began to smoke pot. “For the first time, life amused me…” she said, and I know exactly what she meant. Smoking marijuana helped me through the worst jobs, the longest days and the dullest moments. To know some of the women I truly admire have used cannabis to elevate themselves creatively and spiritually is inspiring.

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In His Final Year, New Jersey Governor Aims to Tackle Drug Crisis



TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Republican Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that he will focus in his final year in office on New Jersey’s drug epidemic, promising to limit the supply of opioid drugs doctors can initially prescribe and seeking legislation to require insurers to pay for at least six months of drug treatment.

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Air Force to Expand Medical Waivers and Stop Asking about Prior Pot Use

The U.S. Air Force is seeking to expand its ranks by boosting the number of medical waivers it issues for potential recruits, Military.com recently reported.

Prospective airmen and women who, in the past, were routinely disqualified from serving because of such medical issues as eczema, asthma and ADHD, will now be given a second chance on a case-by-case basis.

But in another important change, rules blocking recruits who have priorly used marijuana will also be relaxed.

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Pit Stops to New Heights: Your Guide to Finding ‘Frosty’ Flowers in the Rockies.

While traversing Colorado’s epic selection of resorts this winter be sure to stop in and check out a local dispensary. DOPE Magazine has put together a list of locations that will make a day spent on snow one for the books. 

1. The Tumbleweed Dispensary

57 Edwards Access Rd

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DEA Tweet Accidentally Reveals Big Argument for Legalization

Part of the DEA’s failed War on Drugs has been to push erroneous information, despite scientific proof, that marijuana is dangerous and should therefore remain classified in the same category as heroin.

On Tuesday, the DEA tweeted a chart that referred to the “tobacco model” as a success. The chart compared perceptions of tobacco use to that of marijuana use, making the case that rising perception of harm is correlated with falling usage rates.

So far, so good.

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