Canadian Company Moves In To Take Hold of Medical Marijuana in Colombia

Colombia has the perfect climate, landscape and geography to cultivate weed, not to mention its year-round, near-the-equator growing season.

After signing a peace deal with the country’s rebels-turned-drug-traffickers, thus ending a 50-year conflict, then kindly requesting that the United States stop spraying their coca and poppy fields, the Colombian government has a plan.

Having legalized medical marijuana, the Health Ministry is working with a Canadian-based company to grow weed in areas once controlled by the rebels, known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

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Police Dispatcher Busted with ‘Couple Hundred Pounds’ of Cartel Pot

A Cincinnati police dispatcher was one of six people arrested last week in a DEA bust that yielded more than 600 pounds of black-market marijuana, a monster stash smuggled all the way to the Midwest from Mexico.

Two hundred pounds ended up at the home of Teneal Poole, 36, who—at least as of recently—worked as a supervisor in the Cincinnati Police Department’s 911 call center, according to a press release from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Local police say that the 600-pound load—brought from Mexico concealed in the walls of a tractor-trailer, driven north across the border and through multiple states—was part of a cartel-connected drug operation. They did not name which cartel, but said more arrests are likely in an “ongoing” investigation.

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Puff, Puff, Pass: New Vaccine Could Help Herpes-Suffering Stoners

Communal joints and blunts have long been a pillar of the weed tradition, and even if you grew away from them toward bongs and pipes, there is always the memories of rolling and passing blunts late at night with friends. You probably also remember the negative side—a wet blunt from someone’s lips, passed around to multiple people, accumulates and spreads germs.

Generally, we assume there’s low risk here—sure, you might catch the sniffles that your buddy has been nursing for a week or two, but that’s a low risk compared to the high return of friendship and camaraderie. However, there’s a more sinister risk lurking beneath your friends’ skin: oral herpes.

“If you have oral herpes and a cut on your lip, you could easily spread the disease by sharing blunts or joints,” said Dr. Carolyn Cegielski, a gastroenterologist from Mississippi.

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Capitalist Plot Seen Behind Canadian Cannabis Raids

Canada’s prince and princess of pot, activist-entrepreneurs Marc and Jodie Emery, have been charged with multiple trafficking-related counts, following the March 9 raids on their Cannabis Culture outlets in Vancouver, Toronto and Hamilton, Ont. 

CBC News reports that the duo face multiple charges including drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and conspiracy. Jodie Emery reacted to the busts by calling out the Trudeau government for hypocrisy.

She told Canada’s Global News: “If this is legalization, then Justin Trudeau lied to the Canadian people. This is a new form of prohibition.”

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These Are the Best—and the Worst—States for Medical Marijuana

On paper, medical marijuana is more common in America than firearms.

Forty-four states have medical cannabis laws on the books—which means that more than 300 million Americans can access legal marijuana in some form if they or a family member is sick. That’s 85 percent of the country.

Compare that to the owners of the country’s 300 million guns—which are stashed in only one-third of households—and it seems the U.S. should be in the running for mellowest place on earth, rather than the best-armed and most-incarcerated.

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Defying Gravity & the Trump Administration

On a brisk March morning in New York City, Justin wakes up from his four-hour slumber, dazed from last night’s forty and blunt intake. He receives an alert on his phone—“Attorney General Sessions’ best view is that [America] doesn’t need to be legalizing marijuana.”

As a BMX’er, bonafide NYC stoner and rebel with a cause, Justin’s natural reaction is to gear up in his statement HIGH TIMES digs, call the crew, roll up some doobies and catch air at Coleman Skate Park under the Manhattan Bridge.

Unbeknownst to Justin and his crew, they embody the modern day rebel.

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People in This Profession Pop the Most Pills for Sexual Enhancement

You would be hard pressed to find a long-haul trucker rolling down the streets of South Africa without a pocketful of boner pills, according to a new report. It seems that truck drivers in this part of the world are now more likely to choke down sexual enhancement drugs than anyone else.

A recent study from the National Employment Council for the Transport Operating Industry suggests that somewhere around 31 percent of the truckers putting in hours on the highways of Zimbabwe are using fuck drugs to improve their pecker-slinging power in the sack.

But these truck drivers are not just popping handfuls of little blue pills to leave their significant others in stuttering states of orgasmic delight once they return from the road. They’re eating them to enhance their sexual dexterity inside Zimbabwe’s prostitution scene.

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U.S. Military Steps Up Drug Testing for New Recruits

All branches of the United States military will soon hold applicants to same drug testing standards as active service members, according to a memo issued by the Department of Defense.

Starting next month, any person interested in being all they can be inside the trenches of the U.S military will be forced to undergo a rigorous 26-panel drug screen for substances ranging from prescription painkillers to synthetic cannabinoids. The DOD feels that with “the level of illicit and prescription medication abuse among civilians, as well as the increase in heroin and synthetic drug use within the civilian population,” it is now necessary to test recruits across the board.

Presently, military applicants are put through a modest drug test, which looks for traces of marijuana, cocaine and variations of amphetamine. However, on April 3, the test will be expanded in an effort to pinpoint those recruits with a lust for hard dope, including “heroin, codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone and a number of synthetic cannabinoids and benzodiazepine sedatives,” explained Army Colonel Tom Martin, who serves as Director of the DOD’s Drug Reduction Program.

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The One City in America Where Drug War Reparations Are Real

In terms of population, Oakland, California, is just about as equal a place as you’ll find in America. Of the roughly 400,000 people who call the “Brooklyn of the San Francisco Bay Area” home, about 34 percent are black, 34 percent are white, 25 percent are Latino and 17 percent are Asian. If you are about to helpfully point out, “Hey, stupid, that’s 110 percent,” let’s pause for a moment while we direct you here, while the rest of us marvel at the amazing equal-parts-each melting pot! What a social experiment.

When arresting Oakland citizens for drug-related crimes, Oakland police, however, have been not so equal.

They’ve been above average—which, in an America where the drug war has seen almost four black people arrested for non-violent marijuana crimes for every white person (despite equal rates of use) is a bad thing.

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Pot Matters: Sessions Backs Down on Legalization

As first reported by Politico, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has privately reassured some Republican senators that he won’t deviate from an Obama-era policy of allowing states to implement their own marijuana laws.”

Senator Rand Paul revealed that Sessions affirmed his support for “states’ rights on these things.’

Senator Cory Gardner has reportedly talked to several administration officials and has the impression that there will not be a significant change in federal policy toward his state, which has legalized marijuana, nor toward others.

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