Medical Cannabis Giants Eye UK for Next 'Green Rush' Before Industry's First Conference in London


Despite the constraints faced by medical cannabis in the UK, [Saul] Kaye, [the Israeli entrepreneur behind the event,] estimates the CBD industry here is worth £200m already and boasts around 20-30 companies. He says he has “been working with the regulator to get better policy.”

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Dogtown Pioneers: It’s All About the People!

When you stumble across companies that elevate the industry, you follow them. Dogtown Pioneers first caught my attention with their Ray’s Lemonade brand, and when I found out they were the subject of my garden review, my heart leapt out of my chest, spun around and danced—metaphorically speaking, of course!

Dogtown Pioneers owner and managerWith an operation running out of Clayton, Washington, Ray Kinney and his team have dialed in nine greenhouses, each holding 3000 square feet of growing canopy. The remaining square footage is designated as a mix of both indoor and outdoor grows, allowing this massive facility multiple avenues of growing techniques and product lines to fully utilize the processing side of their joint producer/processor license. With a newly launched RSO Gold product, a full extract cannabis oil, the Dogtown team hopes to get more products on the market that hold multiple benefits for consumers.

Dogtown Pioneers cannabis budWhile best known for their Ray’s Lemonade product line, which comes in several options of potency and flavor—and even a mix of CBD and THC—Dogtown also offers a coconut-based capsule for internal consumption. I’m a huge fan of the original Ray’s Lemonade, yet their Huckleberry flavor has stolen my attention (and taste buds). When making a quality cannabis-infused beverage, you have to start with the raw material, aka flower, which they also offer in a retail setting. Their flower strains and other high-quality products are a surefire win for the Washington recreational marketplace.

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Police Try Out New Database for Documenting Opioid Overdoses



PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Police in Massachusetts are testing a new database for documenting opioid overdoses they hope will help departments share information in real time and get people into treatment.

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Setting the Record Straight

One of NORML’s primary missions is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults. One of the ways we successfully achieve this goal is by debunking marijuana myths and half-truths via the publication of timely op-eds in online and print media. Since the mainstream media seldom casts a critical eye toward many of the more over-the-top claims about cannabis, we take it upon ourselves to set the record straight.

The majority of NORML’s rebuttals are penned by Deputy Director Paul Armentano. In the past few weeks, he has published numerous op-eds rebuking a litany of popular, but altogether specious claims about the cannabis plant – including the contentions that cannabis consumption is linked to heart attacks, psychosis, violence, and a rise in emergency room visits and traffic fatalities, among other allegations.

Below are links to a sampling of his recent columns.:

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Cannabis Company Buys CA Town: Stock Stunt or Long Game?

A cannabis company buys a California ghost town: Is it a legitimate investment in the town, a publicity stunt to boost stocks prices or some combination of the two?

Until last week, Nipton, California (population: somewhere between 15 and 20, depending on who you ask) was a handful of buildings perched on eighty dusty acres — between the low-rent, last chance casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada’s far fringes and the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert. If it was known for anything (and it wasn’t) it was for being the nearest outpost where Nevada residents could buy California lottery tickets.

Now? The former mining town is internationally famous for being the first — and, so far, only — settlement to be purchased outright by a cannabis company.

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Hawaii Says ‘Aloha’ to Legal Medical Marijuana Sales

Hawaii was the first state to pass a medical marijuana law through the legislature — now it’s finally getting dispensaries and legal sales: Registered patients in Hawaii may now purchase up to eight ounces over a 30 consecutive day period.

Seventeen years after the state passed trailblazing medical cannabis laws in the legislature — and not through the ballot box — Hawaiian patients now have access to a regulated market, with the first two dispensaries now open.

After officially passing their final inspection from the Department of Health, Maui Grown Therapies transacted the first sales in the state for preregistered patients — narrowly edging out Aloha Green of Oahu (which opened August 9) for the claim to “first Hawaiian dispensary, even though Maui Grown didn’t officially open until August 14.

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Curio Wellness Awarded Stage Two Cultivation and Processor Licenses in Maryland


BALTIMORE, MD, AUGUST 14, 2017 – Curio Wellness, a premium medical cannabis brand and trusted healthcare partner, is proud to announce that the company has been awarded the stage two licenses to be a Cultivator AND Processor of Medical Cannabis in the State of Maryland. Having met all regulatory requirements, as prescribed by law, Curio Wellness hopes to be part of the force that drives a medicinal cannabis ecosystem and results in Maryland becoming a national leader in research, development and commercialization of medicinal products derived from cannabis. Curio Wellness is among the fifteen cultivation applicants who were pre-approved by the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to bring medical cannabis to qualifying Maryland patients through a safe and effective system, according to a press release.

“We are extremely pleased to commence the process of bringing scientifically developed medicinal products derived from cannabis to the Maryland market. Our pursuit of wellness is enabled by a world class team of professionals recruited both locally and nationally, with deep experiences in commercial horticulture and pharmaceutical product development,” says Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness.

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