CEYLONESE SMOKING CULTURE: Sri Lankan Club Makes Ancient Cannabis Trade Accessible

For a country that has produced and used cannabis for thousands of years, it’s surprisingly hard to find high-quality cannabis in Sri Lanka. During my stay, I hunted down weed from various sources on several occasions—with mixed results.

I paid anything from five hundred to three thousand rupees for the same quantity (about 0.7g) of brown, seeded cannabis from three local “street” dealers. Much of the time, the price seemed to vary depending to how many tuk-tuk drivers needed to go pick it up!

The cannabis I first got ahold of was locally known as Kerala Ganja (or just “KG”), and is stated to be from the eponymous southern Indian state. It’s not clear whether it actually does come from Kerala—presumably some or most does, as there’s a known export market from India to Sri Lanka, but it’s also possible that some of what is sold as KG is locally grown.

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New Musical ‘Willy Wonka and the Weed Factory’ Is Lighting Up in Los Angeles

Didn’t think Charlie Bucket could get any higher than his near-death experience with Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drink? Well then, think again.

Roald Dahl’s litany of literary characters are getting lit in Los Angeles this week with the opening of Willy Wonka and the Weed Factory, a musical satire presented by Welland Productions and sponsored by the California-based concentrates company Spliffin.

The original comedy, co-written by Brittany Belland and Weslie Lechner, takes the audience to the year 2025, in which cannabis has just been legalized for use and production across the United States, and deep into the heart of a small town, where reefer madness still reigns supreme—despite pot’s new legal status.

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Morgan Freeman Pushes for Full Marijuana Legalization

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman says cannabis has helped reduce his fibromyalgia pain, and as such, he’s been an outspoken supporter of full legalization of MMJ and recreational weed.

Though the renowned actor has been familiar to millions of fans of movies and TV for years, he’s now becoming familiar in the marijuana community.

Freeman has said that he supports the legalization of weed for a number of reasons.

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Growing Pot is Your Patriotic Duty

Clammy mists clung bitterly to the rolling hills of a brisk autumn morning, but the panting grower ignored them as he hurried on. His employer, one of the top cannabis growers in the region, would be devastated by the news the man so hurriedly carried that crisp fall morning, but he was also a man who should not be kept waiting. In an unfortunate turn of events, this dutiful gardener had learned that an unaccounted male plant had popped off, pollinating an entire field of sinsemilla in the process. This grower didn’t think his employer would be pleased.

It’s a scene that could have occurred countless times in the U.S., in any state or during any year. This particular occasion, however, would prove historic. Indeed, modern historians know about the incident because of the personal diary of the man’s employer, a very imminent farmer of his time, written in 1765: the diary of George Washington.

These days, standard history textbooks no longer mention that the man who would go on to become the first president of the United States began his career as a “gentleman” farmer of some of Virginia Colony’s top cash crops, including cannabis. The fact is hardly controversial; Washington wrote extensively about his cannabis crop in his own handwriting – especially in the period before the Revolutionary War when his career was primarily focused on cash crop agriculture. The entry dated Aug. 7, 1765, in which the future president bemoans the fact that he began to “separate the male and female plants… rather too late” has been the focus of much debate.

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At Danny Sloat’s AlpinStash, Family, Focus and Femininity Flower

Founded in March of 2015 in Colorado, AlpinStash is a family run, craft cannabis cultivation company with a passion for growing plants and an affinity for natural healing.

Born and raised in Boulder, owner and master gardener Danny Sloat runs the business along with his younger sister Emily, fiancée Murr and family friend Sylvia Anchondo. The team cultivates 3,000 square feet of indoor cannabis, each plant grown using non-toxic chemicals, all natural nutrients and organic compost. Down to the finest details, every bud headed for market is pristine.

With a focus on small scale artisanal production, the AlpinStash team is able to dote on every plant from sprout to trichome-glistening bud, bringing utmost quality to every harvest. And it shows. The flowers here look like gems, and seeing everything hand-trimmed and glass-cured to perfection is a real treat.

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Stoner Sex: Domination, Skunky Junk, Work Flirting & Drunk Dates

Dear Hyapatia,

Sometimes I like it when my partner is a bit dominant. I like to be spanked and disciplined. My partner isn’t really into it that much. I try to be satisfied with regular sex, but the more I have just regular sex, the more I want to be dominated. Now, my partner wants to be the submissive one! I have never felt comfortable in the dominant role and just am faking being into it until I get my turn. Is there a way to explain to my partner I am just not into that? I tried getting high and having a heart to heart, but it didn’t go over very well. — Seth 

Dear Seth,

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Exclusive: Pre-Order GAGE’s New Track ‘Wonder Woman’

Miami-based rapper and ganja enthusiast, GAGE—who celebrated his birthday two years ago by dropping his album Green Caviar LP with a HIGH TIMES exclusive—is back! And this time he isn’t just celebrating his love of weed but also his love of the ladies!

“The name of the song is called “Wonder Woman,” GAGE explained to HIGH TIMES. “It’s kind of a double entendre, because I’m using a woman to describe a weed strain… and also an actual woman.”

As the first single on his new album, “Wonder Woman” drops on GAGE’s birthday, July 23, 2017, and can be pre-ordered NOW on iTunes and Google Play. 

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Baby Boomers: A Long History With Cannabis

A personal reflection on the legacy of Baby Boomers in cannabis culture and policy.

Forty-five years of smoking pot. D*mn. I never imagined back then that I would find myself here. “Here” being a 62-year-old balding and finally short-haired-again old geezer looking back at the old days. D*mn. How time (and life) flies.

And great googliemooglie! All the pot I have smoked over those years. It boggles my mind. I do think that after 45 years I’m finally getting the hang of it. Back then it was all about the high. Now, bless the high, but I hurt in places I didn’t know I had. Cannabis is my front line treatment for aches and pains.

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