Cannabutter is one of the oldest infusion techniques known to stoners worldwide. From the infamous “weed brownie” to today’s fine confectionary treats, cannabutter acts as the primary ingredient in most edible recipes.

Unfortunately, most cannabutters taste like ass. Whether your buddy didn’t know the difference from schwag and quality flower, or someone realized too late they didn’t strain the butter, leaving you to pick nugs from your teeth, most of us have had as many bad experiences with homemade edibles as we have good. Here are a few pointers to put you on the right path to a POSITIVELY memorable evening:

You get out what you put in:

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SAFETY FIRST: 5 Easy Tips to Safely Consume Cannabis

While there have never been any recorded deaths or overdoses from cannabis, there are still certain guidelines every safe cannabis consumer should follow. If you’ve recently been introduced to cannabis and want to learn what it takes to be a responsible cannabis consumer, check out these 5 simple rules:

Know the law

Laws regarding the sale and possession of cannabis vary state to state. Educate yourself on your local laws regarding cannabis, and make sure you’re aware of marijuana laws while traveling internationally or out of state.

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POT SHOP ETIQUETTE: Tips and Tricks for First Time Shop Goers

Bring proper identification

Make sure you bring government-issued ID when you visit a recreational cannabis dispensary—you must to prove you’re at least twenty-one years old. Medical marijuana patients should be prepared to present their medical card or doctor’s recommendation.

Know your cannabis basics

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