Watch: Episode 7 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Acres Upon Acres

If the scale of this next facility doesn’t blow your mind… then nothing will.

Welcome to the California field of dreams for medical marijuana growing.  Expert Justin Cooper guides you through this seven-acre natural sunlight greenhouse production facility that he believes will dictate the future of medicinal cannabis production for all of the U.S.

What makes natural sunlight greenhouses superior to other forms of cannabis production? First and foremost, it’s the utilization of natural sunlight that slashes energy costs, creating a far more sustainable product.

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Quick Hits: 5 Tips To Stay Stoned And Stay Safe

This Episode: We’re keeping it simple. While there have never been any recorded deaths or overdoses from cannabis, there are still certain guidelines every safe cannabis consumer should follow. If you’ve recently been introduced to cannabis and want to learn what it takes to be a responsible cannabis consumer, check out these 5 simple rules.

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DOPE INDUSTRY AWARDS: Southern California

The DIA’s (DOPE Industry Awards) celebrate and honor the best industry in the world and all the amazing people and companies that are a part of it. The 2016 DIA’s in Washington and Oregon hosted more than 600 cannabis business leaders, tastemakers and influencers; with the Oregon award show being voted “Best Cannabis Event” by one of the state’s most read publications.


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QUICK HITS: Cannabinoid Distillates

This Episode: We’re unveiling the future of cannabis concentrates. Introducing cannabinoid distillates. A scientist peers deeply into the eyes of a cannabis connoisseur and whispers, “This is not for beginners.” Pupils dilate and adrenaline rushes.

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Fake News: Anything Declaring Cannabis Legalization is Bad For Kids

Legal cannabis has not resulted in an increase of teen use.

Last week, late-night television host and opinion influencer Stephen Colbert, a onetime purveyor of somewhat unreal news that was nonetheless more informative than “actual” news, declared our era of “fake news” dead.

If only that were so.

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Watch: Episode 6 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Back Country 300

What do you get when you have a grower who wants to set up a high-end, custom-built grow operation nestled in an old growth forest in a remote area of British Columbia?

With the help of our garden tour-guide Justin Cooper, a 20-year veteran in the hydroponics industry, we’ll find out in the sixth episode of Growing Exposed.

Red doors mean fortune in Chinese culture, and behind the red doors of solid steel is a vast fortune of green gold called Super Kush. With just under 1 million BTUs of air conditioning, 300 HID lights and 600 amps of 3-phase power, this grower has designed a facility that produces some of the most potent and high-quality cannabis in the world today.

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