Vermont: House Blocks Marijuana Depenalization Bill From Further Consideration

Members of the Vermont House of Representatives decided late last night to block a marijuana depenalization measure, H. 511, from further consideration this legislative session.

The vote came after Senate members approved the bill, which eliminated civil and criminal penalties for the private possession and cultivation of small quantities of marijuana. Republican Gov. Phil Scott – who had vetoed an earlier version of the bill in May – had also recently expressed his support for the revised legislation.

Further action on the bill during this week’s special veto session required the votes of three-quarters of the House. But only a majority voted to take action on the bill, with almost all Republican House members voting ‘no.’

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Vermont Legalization Deal Likely This Week


Despite a disappointing gubernatorial veto, Vermont’s historic legalization bill could still move forward — this week.

Vermont came within a stroke of Gov. Rick Scott’s pen of becoming the first state to legalize marijuana through the regular old legislative process, rather than put the hard and dirty work to voters.

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Radical Rant: SMOF & WATC Kill Vermont Legalization

For years now, I’ve been writing about the only two weapons left in the arsenal of marijuana prohibitionists that have any power at all—SMOF & WATC.

SMOF stands for “Stoned Mayhem On Freeways” and WATC stands for “What About The Children.” Both of those are in full effect in the veto statement of Governor Phil Scott regarding the first legislatively-passed marijuana legalization bill in Vermont.

“This legislation does not adequately answer these questions,” wrote Scott. “We must aggressively punish… usage in the presence of minors.”

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Veto in Vermont: Gov. Phil Scott Halts Legalization – For Now

Vermont Governor Phil Scott has vetoed what would have been a historical first — a state legalizing cannabis through the legislature and not the ballot.

In the announcement of his veto at a Montpelier press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott attempted to make clear his refusal to sign the bill into law wasn’t because he was an anti-pot guy “philosophically.”

Nevertheless, he takes his place in history as the first U.S. governor to ever veto the full removal of criminal and civil penalties for recreational adult cannabis possession, use and cultivation as passed by his state’s legislature.

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Vermont Governor Vetoes Marijuana Bill, Wants Changes Made

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Republican Gov. Phil Scott said Wednesday that he planned to veto a bill making Vermont the ninth state to legalize recreational marijuana but indicated that he was willing to work with the legislature on a compromise.

Scott said he is sending the bill back with suggestions for another path forward and suggested that changes could be made to the bill in a special session this summer.

“We must get this right,” Scott said. “I think we need to move a little bit slower.”

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Vermont Governor Phil Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization

Republican Gov. Phil Scott today rejected legislation, Senate Bill 22, that sought to eliminate criminal and civil penalties for the adult use and possession of marijuana. The Governor said that he did not support the legislation as written, but that remains open to working with lawmakers over the summer on ways to amend the state’s cannabis policies.

Representatives from the Vermont Association of Police Chiefs, the Vermont Medical Society, and the Vermont American Academy of Pediatrics were among those groups opposing S. 22.

“It is disappointing that Gov. Scott would not only defy the will of of state legislators, but also the will of the majority of Vermont voters who support ending criminal penalties for those adults who consume cannabis responsibly,” NORML Political Director Justin Strekal said. “Minor marijuana possession offenders should not be saddled with a criminal record and the lifelong penalties and stigma associated with it. Rather than looking to the future, Gov. Scott seems intent on repeating the failures of the past.”

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Radical Rant: Curing Vermont Governor’s Fear of Stoned Drivers

An open letter to Vermont Gov. Phil Scott:

Dear Gov. Scott,

On your desk is a bill passed by Vermont’s legislature, which has become the first in the nation to pass marijuana legalization without a citizen’s initiative. This would make Vermont the ninth state in the nation to end adult cannabis prohibition. You’ve stated that you’re not ideologically opposed to marijuana legalization.

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Vermont Lawmakers Approve Measure to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

On Wednesday, Vermont lawmakers approved a measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana, which if not vetoed by Republican Governor Phil Scott, would make the state the ninth to legalize the plant, and the first to do so by legislation, rather than ballot initiative.

The U.S. state’s House of Representatives approved the measure,which was attached to a bill increasing penalties for the possession and sale of the opioid drug fentanyl, by a 79-66 vote. The state’s Senate passed the measure, which would take effect in July 2018.

The new measure would allow adults aged 21 and over to buy and use marijuana.

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Vermont Is One Signature Away from Legalizing Cannabis

Vermont is poised to be the first state to legalize pot with a pen — a legalization bill has already passed both houses of the state legislature, so now it all comes down to the governor’s signature.

In a first in the nation event, the fate of legal adult cannabis — having passed both houses of the state legislature in Vermont — now lays in the hands of Governor Phil Scott (R), who could make the Green Mountain State the ninth in the U.S. to remove all criminal and civil penalties for the adult use of cannabis.

The Vermont House of Representatives voted Wednesday in favor of backing a version of the legalization bill that came out of the state Senate late last week. In doing so, Vermont became the first state to pass the legalization of cannabis through both houses of government and not a ballot initiative funded by supporters.

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