When I first met Jessica Catalano, founder and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution, I was instantly awed by her classic style and finesse. She’s the type of person you want to immediately befriend—and that’s before I even knew who she was! Jessica is a food writer, a professional cannabis chef, edible expert and the first cook to publicly infuse her recipes with strain-specific terpenes. She pairs specific strains with specific recipes to optimize and complement the natural flavors of the dish.

The Ganja Kitchen RevolutionI found a handful of recipes that looked particularly appealing, including Vietnamese “Lemon Kush” Spring Rolls, a perfect summer appetizer with fresh mint and citrus undertones. Vegan “Chocolate Thai” Chip Cookies, a decadent treat for any elevated occasion. “Jack Herer” Butternut Squash Risotto, an eloquent, yet simple and beautiful dish, with cerebrally stimulating effects. Lastly, her “LSD”-infused Absinthe, which Jessica herself says, “with each sip, you will be lulled into the Green Fairy’s realm and find the following effects: creativity, euphoria, pain and nausea relief, relief from headaches, release of tension in the neck, lucidness and deep introspection.”

In addition to 70 original and wholesome recipes, The Ganja Kitchen Revolution also provides extractions methods to help yield the most THC from your cannabis, and explains how to regulate dosage to control the potency and medicinal benefits of your dishes. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution will forever change the way you cook with cannabis, and can be purchased through Amazon, iTunes, Kindle and more.

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Recipe: Orange Kush White Chocolate Cranberry Nut Cookies

A recipe to share the joys of cannabis with like-minded adults.

Cookies are loved by many, a fact which makes it hard to resist these sweet chewy treats. Why not take the world renowned love of this desert and package it into a little jar for either special occasions for yourself or gifts for your loved ones? This recipe combines the comforting flavors of white chocolate cranberry nut cookies and swirls them together with citrus undertones of Orange Kush kief. You can jar the ingredients, attach a cute little bow and even include a tag with the instructions on how to cook these delicious little morsels. As they say,”Sharing is caring.”

Mise en place:

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Recipe: Seared Sour Diesel Spinach Masa Cakes

This hearty breakfast recipe will keep you going all day.

Everybody has one of those days where they need a big breakfast for a big day. Maybe you plan on going for an eight hour hike or you will be running all over the city. Days like these you need quite a bit of energy and a big well-balanced breakfast will be what gets you through it. Cooking up these delectable masa cakes as part of a dish will be your one-way ticket to energy. And because they are lightly medicated with Sour Diesel, you don’t have to worry about over indulgence.

Another bonus to this recipe is that Sour Diesel is an sativa strain which will add to your energy levels. The Sour Diesel also adds a great flavor profile to the masa cakes, which is a totally unique experience in itself. Cook these guys up to serve with eggs, chorizo, a side of fresh fruit and your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy your day and the energy that good food gives you.

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Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Banana Bread

G-13 and Agent Orange, two strains names inspired by acts of the U.S. Government, both pack a powerful punch and contain some of the most delicious terpene profiles I have ever come across.

This recipe, called G-Banana Bread because it’s made with two government-inspired strains, is the perfect quick bread to relieve severe pain while promoting a strong body high with an uplifting sense of well being.

After walking into my kitchen and seeing overly ripe bananas, I was hit with the thought of making banana bread to make use of the rapidly degrading fruit. As a pairing, I decided to go with G-13 and Agent Orange. The bananas provide a great base for the citrus apple and pine of the G-13 plus the citrus orange flavor profiles of the Agent Orange.

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