HAS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOUND NEW WAYS TO TARGET CANNA-COMPANIES: One Company’s Struggle To Stay Afloat After Customs’ Paraphernalia Claims

Imagine you gave up your 9-5 to follow a dream, a dream to start a business that is centered around helping families keep their children and pets safe and just as that business begins to take off it’s targeted, devastating the company. Unfortunately, Skip Stone doesn’t have to imagine because this is precisely what he is currently dealing with.

Skip Stone is a family man and founder of Stashlogix. Married with two kids, after close to 20 years as a civil engineer in sales he figured he had another 20 years left of a career and wanted to do something different. He wanted to make a difference and seen an opportunity as Colorado began legalizing cannabis. Stone acknowledged the growing acceptance of cannabis, and with that, the inevitable growth and appeal of edibles. Stone recognized that “there needed to be a better way to keep these things secure in the house and you don’t want your kids “greening out.” he explained. When cannabis infused treats like candy and cookies are aren’t safely stored they are an unfortunate temptation for little ones.

Stone also understood the dangers of other prescription medications and decided that there needed to be a better way to keep these things secure in every home. “I knew that there wasn’t anything available that was affordable and locking and there are a lot of uses for something like that.” Stone recalled and he was absolutely right. According to the CDC, prescription drug abuse is an epidemic. “Deaths from prescription opioids—drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone—have more than quadrupled since 1999.” What’s even more disturbing is that seventy percent of people only 12 years old and up who report abusing prescription drugs were able to get them from friends or family. “The road to addiction starts right from home.” Stone elaborated, “People are dying.” Stone’s hopes were that with the proper storage or locking device this could potentially be curbed. The fact is, the “medicine cabinet” just won’t due any longer.

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HUMP DAY HIGH: What Are the Hottest New Sex Toys of the Summer?

As I mentioned in my blog post back in January, going to the Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo (ANME—not to be confused with anime!) often feels like going home. I first attended this twice-yearly show in January of 2014 and I’ve gone to every expo since. It’s a business to business show that I explain to non-industry folks as “fashion week for sex toys.” Manufacturers, retailers, buyers, press and PR folks and adult industry professionals descend upon Los Angeles every January and July to see what’s new and hot in the world of sex toys.

There were so many incredible products featured in this two and a half day show that I couldn’t possibly list them all! Here are some of the coolest innovations I witnessed this past weekend:

Fun Factory is an international toy manufacturer headquartered in Germany, and they truly showcase German engineering in their toys. The two new Fun Factory products I was most excited about were the Fun Cup and the Battery+ line. The Fun Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of soft silicone. VP of Marketing Kristen Tribby explained that “the Fun Cup is the latest example of Fun Factory’s ongoing holistic approach to sex and sexual wellness. A person whose period protection supports their sexual health and confidence is going to have better sex all month long.” I love the gender-neutral colors and that each box comes with two sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your body. It’s nice to see a sex toy manufacturer take such a proactive approach to providing products not just for pleasure, but also for sexual wellness.

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DREW DRUCKER: THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC: Who Makes Those Bangers That People Like Wiz Khalifa Rap Over?

Drew Drucker is the perfect example of how far hard work, and the right amount of opportunity, can take you. He started out as an assistant engineer (which is pretty much a glorified runner) and ended up working as the main engineer by chance because a session ran long and the engineer called it quits. After a few sessions like this with Hip Hop producer and household name at the time Scott Storch, his luck took another fortuitous turn. This is how the conversation that launched Drucker’s his career went down:

Drucker shares, “Mind you I was like a runner assistant 24hrs prior [to this conversation].”

Scott Storch says to Drucker, “You should mix this song. People are getting like three grand to mix nowadays…”

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JUST MARK OF THE RAINBOW FAMILY: Veteran Vagabond Makes Haven for Road-Weary Friends

Mark Gentry, AKA Just Mark, has been a traveler all his life. From running away to San Francisco as a teenager in 1967, to living in his bus and following the Grateful Dead, to embracing the nomadic subculture of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, Mark has seen a lot of pavement.

But lately, after decades of traveling, he’s settled down a bit; Just Mark established a home base for himself and his fellow travelers on a plot of land in Arizona, where he participates in the state’s cutting-edge medical marijuana laws, and provides friends and family with a safe, Rainbow-friendly place to stop and rest up for the journey ahead.

I was lucky enough to have met and traveled with Just Mark and his crew many years ago, and recently caught up with him again to see how he’s been doing.

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When Nevada started selling recreational marijuana two weeks ago, everyone assumed it would be successful. Still, no one was quite expecting how quickly it would kick off.

On July 1, people lined up outside of dispensaries for up to three hours to get their hit. Dispensary managers told CNNMoney that demand was almost double what they had anticipated. And while some of it can be attributed to the novelty of legal pot, there’s something to be said about adding a new vice to Sin City.

Tourists and residents alike are eagerly buying product in the new industry, which is expected to be worth an estimated $100 million in taxes to the state over two years. That’s if they get their supply problem sorted.

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Are Pot and the Environment Permanently Intertwined?

We were on a roll, and when you’re riding the wave of the rollercoaster, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. I’d been so engrossed with cutting down the billboard, so flushed with the sustain of excitement that I hadn’t been paying attention to what might happen if we were actually apprehended by the cops. I really didn’t believe in my minds of minds we would be caught. Ed Abbey had never been arrested, so of course I thought I wasn’t about to be, either. Still, the sirens jarred me out of my jail-like slumber.

Pot and the Environment

My truck was parked about a mile away on a dirt road. We didn’t dare make a run for it, so we waited, hidden in the trees. I peered out from behind a bough, lit a joint and passed it around, all of us shivering. I wondered about pot and environmentalism. How had the two become entwined? It seemed to me a natural fit, these two bedfellows. The people I hung around with who smoked also talked about the environment, and in a different way than our parents did. Actually, most parents in those days didn’t have conversations about the state of the planet. We, on the other hand, cared about what we called the Rape of the Earth.

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WHAT ARE THEY SMOKIN’?: Cannabis Users Prefer Yoga

While major pro sports leagues struggle with the legalization of marijuana, other forms of exercise are becoming increasingly popular with cannabis users. The most popular physical activity seems to be yoga.

“It’s been happening for a long time,” explains Bloom Farms founder Mike Ray, via Vogue. “Yoga and cannabis have gone together for as long as yoga and cannabis have been around.”

Clinical assistant professor of psychology and WSU researcher Carrie Cuttler seems to agree. So much so that Cuttler moved from Canada to Washington to do more research on marijuana’s effects.

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WHAT ARE THEY SMOKIN’?: Two Ways To Improve the NBA Offseason

Gordon Hayward, one of the biggest names on the free-agent market, announced that he’ll be joining the Celtics on a four-year max deal. The former Jazz star announced his departure from Utah on July 4th. Yep. That’s right. He did it on a national holiday. While normal people were enjoying Independence Day by hitting the beach, BBQing and smoking a little bit, the crazed NBA fans continued to maniacally smash refresh on Twitter to see where Hayward would land.

There’s little doubt that the NBA offseason captures the attention of even the casual fan every year. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle every July 1st. If only that lightning didn’t strike on the holiday weekend.

As many complain about their #FirstWorldProblems of having to pay attention to Twitter and prepare for #WOJBOMBS during their four-day weekend, the NBA could remedy this problem once and for all: completely overhaul the offseason calendar.

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The Stihl 22-inch barred chainsaw ripped through the post the size of a thirty-year-old, second-growth Douglas Fir; roaring, its voracious appetite craving wood, spitting out chunks until I was slathered with bits of sawdust and oil. It felt like a host of giant mosquitoes had come for my blood. If the cops came, it would be my blood. The howl and whine of the machine reverberated through the valley. Howling, regurgitating maniacally. Question authority. I’d lived by that all my life. Now, I was really doing it, practicing what I’d preached. Not just talking. Doing. The chainsaw was my instrument of revenge. There was a full moon descending, her light pure white, reflecting off the blade, then into the wood.

My hands were shaking. Not out of fear so much. The chainsaw had me in its grip. The stinks of exhaust blowing in my face, hot and gassy. Sweat pouring down my brow. It was Fall, and the Artic had decided to come pay an early visit. I was overheated in the frigid air as the saw poured its guts into the wood. That saw had an insatiable hunger. Only thirty more posts and umpteen struts to cut through before the billboard came crashing down. It would be easier to burn, but all hell would have broken loose. The fire department, cops and bystanders, ravenous for excitement, would have been here before it burned completely down. The authorities would save the monstrosity, of course, fix her back up—give her a new paint job and a new life. Then, we’d be lucky to once again see the giant advertisements blotting out our views. This was, after all, America, the Land of the Brave and the Home of the Hucksters. It was two o’clock in the morning and we had to hurry and finish the job before the sun came up. I owed this exploit of insanity (and many others I would come to take part in) to one man I had come to revere.

Edward Abbey

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