Get Lit: Blend’s Data Reveals How Millennials Talk about Weed

Photo by Javier Hasse.

This article was originally published on Benzinga and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES.

Blend is a group-messaging app with a focus on content. By adding bots into its chat interface, the company is looking to tap into the “AI revolution,” joining tech giants of the likes of Apple, Snap Inc. and Facebook.

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Is Jenny Wakeandbake Marijuana’s Most Lovable Ambassador?

Jenny Wakeandbake is a photographer, writer, vlogger, medical marijuana (MMJ) patient, cannabis advocate and ambassador for NugTools, makers of the popular Nuggy.

Known on Instagram and Youtube as @Jennywakeandbake, Jenny uses both platforms to openly share her patient story while documenting her day-to-day adventures consuming and normalizing cannabis in a variety of ways. Whether whipping up a medicated smoothie, creating a strawberry joint or rolling a blunt on her face, Jenny’s videos are both educational and entertaining. She’s a positive influence in the cannabis community, and her uplifting spirit is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly competitive space.

Using her creative talents and down-to-earth personality, Jenny is chipping away at the lazy stoner stereotype, advancing the cannabis conversation one post at a time.

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Latest Green App to Make a Splash? Herbo

The Herbo app, manufactured by veteran Jeff Taylor’s Hawaiian-based, family firm Eco Science Solutions, helps consumers find products and services that support the intake of alternative medicines for a more naturopathic way of living.

In other words, it finds dispensaries and a plethora of other “cannufacturers” in your area.

Unlike other geo-location weed apps on the market, such as Leafly and Weedmaps, which help you find medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries, smoke shops, doctors, clinics and delivery services in your area, Herbo also wants to help you ingest MMJ the best possible ways.

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Higher Tech: The Geeks Are Taking Over the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, currently worth $7.2 billion and projected to be valued at $20.5 billion by 2020, while creating nearly 300,000 new jobs. Those numbers, from the marijuana-business data firm New Frontier, have made the tech world sit up and take notice: They’ve been cited everywhere from Wired to Fortune to PC Magazine, in articles encouraging geeks and suits to launch or invest in startups serving the upstart industry.

Last October, when Richard Branson keynoted the New West Summit 2.0—billed as “the first conference to focus exclusively on the game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, investment and media within the cannabis space”—he told the crowd of more than 1,000 gathered in San Francisco that cannabis “has enormous potential, with the ability to do a lot of good.”

The New West Summit 2.0 was an important event in the evolution of cannabis, because, as Harborside Health Center founder and CEO Steve DeAngelo explained to CNET, “this plant has been illegal and underground since the invention of technology.”

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Don’t Get Cached: HIGH TIMES Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

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One of Donald Trump’s most used catchphrases during the 2016 presidential election was “drain the swamp,” meaning he would get rid of the politicians and decision makers more beholden to lobbyists than their constituents.

As we have seen over the past seven months, that has not quite happened. We raged against Jeff Sessions’ record; we decried Betsy Devos’ level of experience; and the list goes on.

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International Investigators Targeted by Spyware Sold to Mexican Government

In the current atmosphere of cyber crime, hacking and spying, this is an especially egregious example: the international team working in Mexico to uncover the mass disappearance of 43 students was targeted with sophisticated surveillance technology known as Pegasus, a powerful spyware program purchased by the Mexican government.

The spyware—sold only to governments, by the way—was created by the NSO Group, an Israeli company whose current majority owner is a U.S.-based private equity firm, Francisco Partners.

The NSO Group, known as professional spies who can hack iPhones with a single text, had been able to keep its surreptitious work under wraps, until the Citizen Lab discovered last summer that it was supplying the United Arab Emirates (UAE) information about an internationally-recognized human rights defender, Ahmed Mansoor.

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UK to Open First Publicly Available Dedicated Cannabis Research Facility

For a change, let’s hear some good news from the United Kingdom after a month that saw two terrorist attacks and now a tragic apartment fire in London where casualties are mounting as we speak.

The good news is that cannabinoid biotechnology company MediPen Ltd. is launching its own dedicated marijuana research facility this summer, and it will provide a platform for anyone looking to utilize its 1,800 square-foot facilities for the purposes of innovation in the area of medicinal cannabis.

As the first biotechnology company to develop a vapor product, MediPen Ltd. has already enjoyed success selling their non-psychoactive CBD vaporizers, which are currently in the process of securing a license from the British Home Office.

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The Future of Cannatech: 3 Dank Innovations to Bet On

Photo by Vortex Farmacy.

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.  

Technology and cannabis go together like cookies and milk. Or, since I’m writing this from LA, like Girl Scout Cookies and Soylent.

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Radical Rant: Cops May Track Your Cell GPS Location Without a Warrant

If you own a cell phone with a GPS, cops may use that data to track your location in real-time anywhere outside your home, and they don’t need a warrant to do so.

That’s the ruling of the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in a case affirming the arrest of Montai Riley in Memphis, Tennessee.

In June 2015, a Michigan state court had issued a warrant for Riley’s arrest, believing him to be the suspect in the armed robbery of a Check’N’Go location the day before.

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Marijuana Vending Machines Get Even Smarter

It seems that, depending on where you are, you can find almost anything in vending machines: Scantrons in colleges, cigarettes in bars and, hell, even live crabs.

Sure, weed in vending machines has been a thing for a while, provided that you have a valid medical card. What’s much harder to find are age-restricted items—where’s my beer vending machine?

The idea and implementation has always been limited by technology.

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