UK to Open First Publicly Available Dedicated Cannabis Research Facility

For a change, let’s hear some good news from the United Kingdom after a month that saw two terrorist attacks and now a tragic apartment fire in London where casualties are mounting as we speak.

The good news is that cannabinoid biotechnology company MediPen Ltd. is launching its own dedicated marijuana research facility this summer, and it will provide a platform for anyone looking to utilize its 1,800 square-foot facilities for the purposes of innovation in the area of medicinal cannabis.

As the first biotechnology company to develop a vapor product, MediPen Ltd. has already enjoyed success selling their non-psychoactive CBD vaporizers, which are currently in the process of securing a license from the British Home Office.

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The Future of Cannatech: 3 Dank Innovations to Bet On

Photo by Vortex Farmacy.

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.  

Technology and cannabis go together like cookies and milk. Or, since I’m writing this from LA, like Girl Scout Cookies and Soylent.

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Radical Rant: Cops May Track Your Cell GPS Location Without a Warrant

If you own a cell phone with a GPS, cops may use that data to track your location in real-time anywhere outside your home, and they don’t need a warrant to do so.

That’s the ruling of the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in a case affirming the arrest of Montai Riley in Memphis, Tennessee.

In June 2015, a Michigan state court had issued a warrant for Riley’s arrest, believing him to be the suspect in the armed robbery of a Check’N’Go location the day before.

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Marijuana Vending Machines Get Even Smarter

It seems that, depending on where you are, you can find almost anything in vending machines: Scantrons in colleges, cigarettes in bars and, hell, even live crabs.

Sure, weed in vending machines has been a thing for a while, provided that you have a valid medical card. What’s much harder to find are age-restricted items—where’s my beer vending machine?

The idea and implementation has always been limited by technology.

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High Pharmaceutical Prices Mean Sick People Are Trading Drugs on Facebook

There were a few Donald Trump promises even a self-respecting Democratic Socialist of America would have wanted to see fulfilled. Actually, most Americans would have liked to have seen one Trump guarantee come through. If it had, sick people wouldn’t have to resort to buying, selling and even swapping pricey pharmaceutical drugs with other sick people via Facebook.

There was a time that the high cost of prescription drugs was a big Donald Trump talking point.

Pharmaceutical companies are out of control, candidate Trump would say on the campaign trail. Their lobbyists have too much power. Senators and congressmen are in their pocket.

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6 Apps Weed Lovers Will Want

Finally, with more than half the country legally smoking weed in one form or another, high tech apps are making it even easier to find dispensaries, popular strains and even local singles who might want to join you for a smoke.

Here are six weed apps created by innovative stoner minds.

The most popular one out there is Seattle-based Leafly, and for good reason. In addition to having some of the highest ratings in the App Store, it includes an enormous range of information also available on its namesake website. You can explore hundreds of weed strains, find out where they’re available near you, read user-submitted reviews of the different flavors and desired effects, which you can search by name, effect or flavor. There’s an integrated map to help users find a legal doctor, clinic or retail store (in addition to medical dispensaries), plus informational and entertaining videos, as well as a weed news and culture section.

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High Tech: How The Digital Age is Changing Pot Culture

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.

Cannabis is finally going legit, at least in California that is. Even though Cali has had medical marijuana since 1996 and a lucrative MMJ marketplace for years, much of the industry is still operating in the black market. But now that adult use cannabis has passed and will go into effect in early 2018, other California-dominant industries, like technology, are getting involved to bring cannabis out of the underground and into the (well-regulated) light.

With legal cannabis comes government regulations and a need for transparency, like there is in the alcohol or tobacco industry. California’s flower is currently unregulated, and much of it is grown with pesticides not approved for human consumption. Some have even gone so far as to claim the state has a “dirty weed problem” after the 2016 Emerald Cup.

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How Will Online Weed Shopping Affect Dispensaries?

Buy your weed through the web? The issue was recently analyzed by VolteFace, a British think tank that looks at alternatives to current drug polices.

The report’s author, Mike Power, opens by recalling that the first thing he ever bought or sold online was a bag of weed, back in 1971, long before eBay or Amazon were twinkles in Pierre Omidyar’s or Jeff Bezos’ eyes.

“…back in the days when data was delivered in a shrieking telephonic trickle rather than a broadband light beam, the first thing ever traded online was cannabis,” Power wrote.

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Canada’s Top Online Dispensary Is Still

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Canada’s top online cannabis dispensary in 2017 is—and the company says they have the lab reports to prove it.

“Nobody has as many verified lab tests published online as,” a representative explained. “We’ve tested dozens of buds, and we’ve tested edibles, concentrates, candies, you name it. Of all the places that claim to sell lab-tested cannabis products, we’re the ones who stand by it the most.”

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Virtual Reality and Marijuana: A Match Made in High Heaven?

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.

I got high and went to VRLA Expo 2017, the largest virtual reality expo in the world. Before I ordered an Uber to head downtown, I smoked a joint of Double Tangie Banana from KvSh, the only flowers I trust in LA. I chose Double Tangie Banana, a sativa-dominant hybrid, because I was going alone and wanted something that would make me feel social and euphoric.

This was my second recent VR experience. I thought it was the coolest thing when I was a kid in the ’90s, but now, in its “renaissance,” it’s out of this world. I recently attended Dan Braunstein’s awesome Virtual Reality Weed Party, a private party for medical marijuana card holders only. In a stunning loft downtown, Braunstein’s party was clearly a hybrid of my two favorite things: VR and cannabis.

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