Gorilla Glue Co. Is Suing the Makers of GG#4 Strain

The well-known strain of marijuana called “Gorilla Glue” is being dragged to court because the brand bares the same name as a popular adhesive company, reports Cincinnati.com.

It was recently revealed that the Ohio-based Gorilla Glue Co. has filed a lawsuit against GG Strains, the producer of a highly potent, hybrid pot strain known as Gorilla Glue #4, over trademark infringement. The complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, is calling for the makers of the weed strain to stop marketing the product under a moniker that took the Gorilla Glue Co. decades to establish.

“Gorilla Glue has been using this trademark for about two decades and has invested a lot in building the brand,” Thomas Hankinson, the attorney representing the plaintiff,” said in a statement.

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Lighting Up With Emerald Mountain

Oregon photographer takes vivid cannabis photographs by paying close attention to his environment.

Cannabis photography is basically a zero sum game: you either get a vivid encapsulation of the natural magic and majesty of the world’s most controversial plant or an unremarkable snapshot of some dried up flowers.

And for a masterful expression of the professional end of the spectrum, you can’t do much better than the work of Martin Henderson — the man behind the curtain at Emerald Mountain Media, which produces some truly exquisite pot pictures.

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Strain Review: Empire Wellness CBD

Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.

Infused with a selection of cannabis terpenes, the 99% pure CBD isolate crystals hold onto some power on the nose and tongue. Empire Wellness offers pure and infused CBD isolates, live resin CBD wax, oils, terpenes, candy gummies and much more. I picked up some CBD live resin wax, as well a few citrus-based CBD isolate flavors.

Let me break them down.

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Becoming a Marijuana Farmer

Growing cannabis for the first time can alter a relationship with the plant.

In November 2012, my Colorado neighbors and I voted to legalize adult-use cannabis.

The following month, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64 into the state constitution, immediately legalizing the cultivation, possession and use of marijuana – though the legal sales would take more than a year to begin.

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OG Heaven is a Place on Earth

Northern Emeralds offers two premium takes on the classic kush.

Some people are just OG Kush people.

The strain basically tastes like the exhaust produced from a diesel truck that’s shipping crates of lemons over the Grapevine to Los Angeles, which meets a certain sector of cannabis enthusiasts in all the right places.

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Top 5 Stoner Flicks and Strain Picks

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg

Films are an important part of any culture, and as cannabis culture becomes mainstream, we’re looking back at the classic stoner blockbusters that helped bring us here today. Cannabis films of the past 40 years have mostly reflected the first phase of the culture, like silly, stoned hippies slacking off and making comically bad choices.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five classic stoner comedies with strain and healthy snack pairings to enjoy with friends on any hot night this summer (when there isn’t a new Game of Thrones…).

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Lemon Heaven: An In-Depth Look at Lemon Strains

Photo by Justin Cannabis.

HIGH TIMES takes a closer view, smell and taste of one of 2017’s hottest flower flavors: Lemon.

The citrus flavor explodes on the tongue mere moments after the smoke of a fresh chunk of Super Lemon Haze hits the taste buds. Then, the more clearly defined taste starts to distinguish itself; as the generic—yet always welcome—”citrus” piquancy gives way to a luscious lemon that almost gets your mouth juicing and delivers total sensory satisfaction not many weed strains can equal.

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Inside a Colorado Grow

Exploring an indoor grow in Colorado that houses cannabis targeted for the recreational and medicinal markets.

The pungent smell of cannabis permeates the air in front of the row of industrial buildings on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. I’ve arrived at Bloom County Growers, a 2,000-square-foot operation that grows cannabis for both medical and recreational sales. Beautiful buds – Durban Poison, Grape Stomper, Bubba OG – grow alongside each other. The only difference that makes one plant medical and another recreational lies in the RFID tracking tag wrapped around the stem – yellow for the medical herb and blue for the recreational.

“It’s all very strange,” grower Scott Pope said of the dual recreational and medical cannabis markets present in Colorado.

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An Essential Element

The male plant, while less glamorous than the female, is a key piece of the botanical puzzle.

The art of cannabis photography typically tends toward glorifying the dazzling female flower, with its full bud expressions, colorful blossoms and rich terpene aromas. While less glamorous, the cannabis plant’s male counterpart can also be an exceptionally beautifully plant and is an integral piece of the propagation puzzle.

Cannabis cultivators the world over know the obsessive, purgatorial feeling of waiting for their plants to mature to discern sex – female, male or hermaphrodite. A male plant, while essential for reproduction, can also run rampant across a garden and devastate an entire crop of flowering female plants — intended for consumption — by inadvertently pollinating them and causing hermaphroditism. If culled and managed correctly, the male becomes a key part of this sustainable, perpetuating reproduction process.

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The History of the Thai Stick

This piece was written by @thedraftdodger of Artisan Canna Cigars in collaboration with T.H.Caeczar.

Artisan Canna Cigars was created by my partner Nathan and myself, after acknowledging how much we could accomplished by working together within this amazing way of life. It developed into something much greater than we could’ve anticipated or imagined.

A year and over 50 collaborations later, we’ve developed a franchising company. I’ve gotten to meet incredibly talented and wonderful friends along the way, much like the remarkable @h1tmanlou. His skill trait is something of wonders, and we will always be building our craft and positivity to its fullest potential.

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