Winners of the 2017 Midwest Cannabis Cup

Everyone brought their best to the 2017 HIGH TIMES Midwest Cannabis Cup! The competition was fierce across all of the categories represented, but ultimately the judges voted for these fine entries.

Special thanks to Grow Green Michigan, our presenting sponsor, as well as our premier sponsors: Advanced Nutrients, Herbal Solutions, FlavRx, CoCO Extracts, Ocean Grown Seeds, Moxie, SkunkwerksRx, Holistic Health Michigan, Greener Crossing and The Green Doctors. We’d also like to thank our partner lab, PSI Labs.

Here’s the complete list of winners:

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

Gorilla Glue #4 is an undisputed peoples champ in the competitive NorCal cannabis market. Could a new remix on this established favorite be the next big thing?

It’s practically impossible to overstate the popularity of Gorilla Glue #4; its unique pungency and first-class effects have won the strain gold medals at major cannabis cups and the earnest affection of millions of cannabis aficionados. On little more than word of mouth, its reputation has climbed higher than King Kong on the Empire State building, which is roughly how elevated you’ll be from just one or two hits of this much-loved monster.

Apart from Girl Scout Cookies (the undisputed people’s champ of the moment) and OG Kush — the ubiquitous cornerstone of most kush crosses and a timeless classic — no other strain enjoys GG#4’s current national popularity.

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Solstice Strains for Summer

Enjoy all the activities of the summer months with these uplifting strains.

It’s officially summer! Whether you’re taking time off from a busy college schedule or carving out extra time around your busy work schedule, this is when socializing is at an all-time high. That means it’s time to get out in the sunshine with some sativas that will keep you in a good mood without making you feel tired, sluggish or sleepy. For people preparing for festivals, nights out dancing, activity-packed vacations or just a lazy weekend at the house, this list of uplifting strains can help keep you in good spirits while you take on a day of back-to-back plans.

Sour Diesel

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Lifesaver: A Look into the Concentrates at Craft710

Craft 710 is based out of Denver and Pueblo Colorado, and the name “craft” suits them—as this brand has mastered the craft of concentrates, providing bright and tasty BHO, PHO, full-melt water hash, distillate, hash rosin and more to the recreational and medical markets since 2015.

They are offered in over 350 dispensaries throughout Colorado, accessible just about everywhere in the state. Craft 710 provides an option at both medical dispensaries with its “Panacea” line, as well as the “Sesh” Line, which is available to the recreational market.

The Panacea products released by Craft 710 are their in-house grown and extracted concentrates.

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Cannabis Colors: Why So Many? What Do They Mean?

Photo by Vortex Farmacy.

Anyone who has had the good fortune to attend a HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, a similar event or a good dispensary will have noticed the wide palette of colors to be found in the various strains of weed.

If you regularly visit a grow site, you’ll see that some strains change color as they flower.

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Connect No. 403: Stimulate Your Body with a Clear Mind

The cannabis innovators at Canndescent have re-envisioned the cannabis selection and smoking experience with a simple, effect-based naming system that guides users to the best strain for a specific mood or activity — the “Connect” suite of strains offers a stimulating body buzz that leaves your head clear and uncluttered.

The efforts of cannabis cultivators have produced literally thousands of choices for cannabis users, and as many or more names for the flowers. But most of those names are focused on either the geographical origins of the plant or the flavor associations of the flower — and tell littler or nothing about the actual effects.

This can make purchasing at a dispensary — which will usually feature dozens of varieties — frustrating for somebody just looking for a certain feeling or effect.

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Create No. 301: Unlock the Magic in Your Mind

Canndescent is reimagining the way people relate to cannabis with their effect-based naming system that helps users hone their cannabis experience to a specific mood or activity — the “Create” suite of strains offers a stimulating boost of creativity.

There are thousands of strain names out there, and most of them don’t provide much useful information about the flower and its effects: The experience of walking into a dispensary with dozens of all but meaningless names and trying to pick out the right medicine for your personal needs can be frustrating.

On top of that, many of these names share close similarities in their names and/or the physical characteristics responsible for the name  — do you know the difference between the effects of Sour Diesel versus Lemon Diesle? Are you sure your budtender does?

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Cruise No. 201: Energize Your Body & Calm Your Mind

Canndescent’s innovative effect-based naming system offers a simple, intuitive way to dial in your cannabis experience, and the “Cruise” suite of strains definitely lives up to its name.

With thousands of strain names out there — few of which provide any real information about the effects of the flower —  picking out the right herb for your personal needs can be overwhelming.

Add to that the similarities in both name and phenotype for some popular options (do you want the Phantom OG or the Ghost OG? Do you know the difference? Does your budtender?) and it’s easy to see how daunting the selection process can be, especially for those new or returning to cannabis after many years.

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