LOURDES: Delicate and Sweet, Just Like Its Namesake


Test results: THC%: 26.08 | CBD%: .09 | CBG: .14 | CW Analytical

Green and amber, with splashes of lavender—picture-perfect buds. Soft and fuzzy outside, medium, firm inside, with a fragrance of strong pine, grape and lavender. A delightful taste of cream and sweet floral notes. Lourdes had me stationary, released tension, addressed body pain while inspiring creativity, got me to finish administrative tasks and drift off into much-desired sleep.

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Test Results: THC% 24.39 | CBD% 1.14 | White Mountain Health Center

Appropriately nicknamed The Cream, this White Mountain Health-grown Granddaddy Purple is a California classic most consumers are familiar with. This famous indica varietal still has some tricks up its sleeve, however. Crossed between Purple Urkle and White Mountain-grown Big Bud, GDP has a large, dense structure with sweet notes of juicy berries, complete with long lasting effects for both body and mind.

The large popcorn buds burst with clusters of white crystals and fiery orange hairs, blanketed petals of alternately bright and deep hues of green poke out from the buds. With the flick of a flint, smoke spilled into my mouth with rich flavors of fresh grape, followed by a sugary, skunky pine that lingered on my tongue.

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20.49% THC | <1.0% CBD | SC Labs

THC Design’s abundant and impressive library of unique strains has cemented their name as one of the hottest flower groups in Southern California. The science behind their herb results in a noticeable difference while smoking, and creates a high unlike any other.

Space Oddity is a true hybrid, with beautiful trichome density, a strong myrcene nose and an extraordinarily smooth finish. With a parental lineage consisting of Space Queen and Blue Dream, Space Oddity alleviates mental and physical ailments while producing an elated and spacey experience. As the late, great David Bowie put it: “I’m floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today.”

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PURE KUSH: Lift Your Spirits

25% THC | 0.02% CBD | CMT Labs

This Pure Kush from Denver Recreational is one of the tastiest, stinkiest indicas I’ve come across in a long time. For those of you who love that classic OG Kush aroma and effect, you absolutely have to try this strain—it will leave you feeling completely relaxed, unable to wipe the smile off your face. While it is a highly potent indica, you still experience an initial energy boost before sinking into a warm and euphoric headspace. Pure Kush is the ideal strain to enjoy after getting home from a long day of work, while making dinner with a group of friends or watching the sunset.


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THREE QUEENS: Feel Like Royalty

16% THC | 0.2% CBD | Analytical 360

This end-of-day indica is a potent mix of White Fire 43 and Bubba Kush. At first hit, there was a rush to the top of my head that slowly wiggled its way through my extremities, leaving me relaxed. It felt like a full body massage, but the typical indica heaviness didn’t completely knock me out.


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17.52% THC | 1.25% CBD | Green Leaf Lab

This Sativa leaning-hybrid is a cross of pungent Lemon Skunk and frosty Cookies and Cream. Tearing into the buds releases sugarcane levels of sweetness while complex bouquets of lemon candy fill the room. Subtle scents of vanilla and cake round out the citrus. There’s a whiff of freshly baked waffle cone and a pleasing hint of herbal lemon verbena on my lips. Unlike other sativas that can get your heart racing, this strain has less body buzz and more cerebral excitement. Lovely as an afternoon mood enhancer, and even better, fewer calories than a slice of lemon space cake.


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Lemon Cheesecake19.53% THC | Trace Analytics

I was beyond ecstatic when I learned I’d be reviewing Belladonna’s Lemon Cheesecake—I’ve heard so much about this strain, and wasted no time popping the sealed lid off the sleek glass jar. My senses were immediately overloaded with the sweet smell of lemons. I dumped the contents of my grinder into my EO Hot Box vape, dialed in the temp and let ‘er rip!

Within a matter of seconds after the first toke of this powerhouse, I could feel the euphoria set in and the terpenes take me away. A true sativa. Creative sparks were running through my brain, energy was dancing through my veins, and I went outside to hike around in the spring air. With a citrus flavor and palette-enticing terpene range, this Lemon Cheesecake is a dessert which can be enjoyed any time of the day.

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THE BUD ABIDES: Jämer Chocolate Kahlua

Test results: THC 22.7% | CBD 0.4% | Tested By: Green Grower Labs

As I inspected the flower, my eyes lingered on this fine specimen’s slight purple undertone and plentiful orange hairs. Once I popped the Chocolate Kahlua flower lid, I was engulfed with a sweet, lemon-chocolatey candy smell that filled every part of my nasal passage, and even landed on my palette with a cocoa ting. I enjoyed this finely manicured product after a long day of snowboarding and felt immediate relief from a hard day of aches and pains. As I went in for another bowl and ground up the Chocolate Kahlua bud, the candy smell continued to emanate and fill my nostrils. A large terpene range makes this one mighty fine flower.

Producer: JMR Sun Farms II | Provided by: Jämer

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TRICHOME TUESDAY: Chocolate Oranges

Chocolate Oranges grown by 710Labs (www.710labs.com) , bred by Exotic Genetix is a delicious mix of (Mint Chocolate Chip X Orange Valley OG).  This indica dominant mama makes you feel relaxed drifting off onto a euphoric cloud.

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DIAMOND DUST: Your Path to the Stars

THC 18.1% | CBD 0.01% | Delta Verde Laboratory

Exclusively bred by Clade 9 Genetics and grown by Herbal Wellness Center, this indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Sour Bubble and Matrix2. Its large, rocky buds brim with colorful leaves of deep greens and purples, laced with stiches of wild orange hairs that are barely visible under a blanket of white crystals, glittering like the dust of diamonds.

My grinder shreds the buds perfectly, releasing a captivatingly sweet and sour aroma that fills my nostrils with pungent notes of bright pine and fresh cedar sap. The mellow smoke pours into my lungs, tasting of cream and sweet citrus that makes my mouth water.

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