A Truly Extreme OG: (Extremely Sleepy, That Is)

Test Results: THC 30.6%  |  Tested by: Peak Analytics

Extreme Cream is a dynamite indica, blending Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream into a truly surprising strain. It looks like a killer, with heavy streaks of purple and thick kief coating making it shine. Upon opening, a sweet OG funk immediately filled the room and left a slightly spicy note clinging to my sinuses. Despite the smell, the smoke has a rich, earthy taste I couldn’t get enough of. The heavy, cerebral high rolled in like a thunderstorm, leaving me in a sleepy daze for hours. Perfect for finding an elusive full night’s rest, or quieting the mind at night.

Extreme CreamAvailable at: Diamond Green 4002 S 12th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 | Cannabis City 2733 4th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134

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CHERRY CHEESECAKE: Zero Calories, All of the Flavor

Test Results: THC | 21.82%  |  Tested By: CW Analytical

The first thing I noticed about Gold Seal’s Cherry Cheesecake was its bouquet. With the genetics of Cheese, Black Cherry Soda and Super Silver Haze, the aroma awakens and stings the senses—I was dying to smoke it right away. CC delivers on all levels: cheesy from the bouquet up front, with a sweet cherry finish to round it out. Every hit I took was more flavorful than the last. My taste buds were enveloped in cherry-glazed, cheesy goodness. These buds drip with crystals, and the flower is a deep green, with pinkish purple and orange highlights.

As I continued to smoke, the effects began. I quickly felt relaxed, yet my mind remained alert. This is the ideal strain for deep reflection and creating art or music. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a slice of this cheesecake!

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Spores in Space: These Mushroom Trips Last Light-Years

Before Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin wrote Tuf Voyaging, the darkly comic tale of a solo space traveler zipping from planet to planet with his own unique brand of problem solving. His magic weapon? Mushrooms. As far-fetched as it sounds, fungi are the perfect long-distance travel companion. In the right environment, spores keep indefinitely and are small enough that you could pack an entire farm on a postage stamp. Looking toward to the future and our inevitable trek to the outer reaches of space, mushrooms might just be the ticket we need to get off the planet.

In fact, we’ve already given zero-gravity mushroom growing a shot. In 1993, cultures of Flammulina velutipes were sent into orbit on the joint Space Shuttle Columbia/Spacelab D-2 mission. As observed by amateur mycologists, mushrooms tend to grow as a veiled cap atop a long, spindly stem. Remove gravity from the equation, however, and the mushrooms grow in every direction. Gills flipped inside-out like windblown umbrellas, and mushrooms fruited in every orientation imaginable. The results were promising. The mushrooms grew unexpectedly, yet still produced fruit under off-world conditions. Though the experiment lasted just long enough to make these observations, we’ll need to push our fungal gardening experiments further if we aim to observe how zero gravity affects mushroom growth.

Fungi tech here on Earth has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple decades. Mycoprotein is a vegetarian meat substitute, originally developed to combat food shortages, made from Mycelium—not the fruit, but the tiny white strands that act as a sort of root for mushrooms. Nutritious protein as a blank canvas. For now, you can find it amongst the faux meats in your grocer’s freezers, formed and flavored into shapes like bacon, burgers and chicken-less nuggets.

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JUICY, JUICY LUCY: Bulldog Weed’s High Hybrid Perfection

TEST RESULTS: THC 27.08%  |  TESTED BY: Anatek Labs, Inc.

Very rarely do I get a chance to smoke a hybrid flower that makes me hyper focused, and Bulldog Weed’s Juicy Lucy is one of those rare hybrids that works like a potent sativa. I rolled up the flower in some Raw Organic papers, lit up and immediately got a huge taste of lemon and orange on the back of my pallet.

Juicy LucyOnce the doobie was too toasted to continue, I switched over to some double perk bong snappers and was sent into a whirlwind of energized euphoria. I grabbed my skateboard and went off to cruise the streets of Spokane. With each exhale, the smoke was milky white, and no unpleasant coughing bouts—no matter the size of the hit. This hybrid was one of the cleanest trimmed and perfectly cured flowers I’ve come across in a while. Such an amazing flower from a fantastic new company.

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DOPE ON THE ROAD: Cannabis in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The clock was encroaching on 10pm, but the sun still shone bright across the frigid waters of the gulf. A small group of 40 or so revelers gathered in the tiny airmen’s lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska, eager for the feast being prepared in the adjacent kitchen. Michele Larissa, local canna chef, was busy prepping her troops as we arrived.

“The Bombshells,” an all-women, ‘50s-themed cooking group led up by Miss Larissa, buzzed around the small kitchen in full regalia, plating and preparing a six-course infused feast for the participants of the third annual Northwest Cannabis Classic. This delicious event was set to begin the following morning.

Christopher Chicoine was on hand representing his Fairbanks-based company, Yeti Extracts, excited to see full legalization in his home state of Alaska. “We’re Alaskans,” he explained as we took dabs together, “and when we come together to make regulations, we think about what’s best for the people.”

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Test Results: THC 21.33% – CBD 0.79%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

Conceived from parent strains Burma and Afghanistan Kush, this 100 percent pure indica strain from Valley Healing Group is a well-rounded child of the ‘90s that absolutely lives up to its name.

F*cking IncredibleI couldn’t believe my eyes, or nose, as I opened the container to reveal big dark green buds bursting with orange hairs, crusted in trichomes. My fingers were all I needed to break up the flower, releasing a distinctly potent, musky aroma that anyone with a neighborhood cat would be familiar with.

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A SWEET AND STONEY NIGHT’S SLEEP: Courtesy of the Grand Hindu

Test Results: 20.9% THC – 0.2% CBD  |  Tested By: Green Grower Labs

Grand Hindu is a potent indica combination of Hindu Kush and Granddaddy Purple that truly delivers on its name. The dark green nugs feature streaks of orange hairs that are almost smooth, due to their density. A delicious berry smell hits immediately, with an OG funk lurking underneath. The sweetness is so strong it made my entire joint taste vaguely of blackberry. My head and shoulders were gradually wrapped up in a warm fog that put me in a state of total relaxation. This strain is perfect to quiet the mind for a full night’s sleep, without a stony hangover in the morning.

Available At: The Gallery 13005 Pacific Ave S. Tacoma, WA 98444  |  Kushman’s 15804 Highway 99 Lynnwood, WA 98087

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BETWEEN THE TAIL: Sexing Your Plants

Whether you’re starting your garden from seed or diving into the exciting world of cannabis breeding, sexing your plants is crucial to maintain a successful garden.

Just like most types of plants and animals, cannabis has continually propagated itself over the centuries sexually, and occasionally, asexually. Having both male and female sexes allows for all types of selective breeding practices, but in the garden you need to be able to differentiate and separate the males from the females. Luckily, they look completely different even in their early growth stages.

Cannabis plants are photo dependent, meaning they won’t start flowering until the light cycle lessens to around 12 hours. Rather than having to wait on flowering, or inducing growth just to discover a largely male crop, cannabis plants begin to show their sexes as early as 4 weeks into the vegetative period from seed. Just look at the base of the nodes: a small white, or sometimes pink or purple, hair (pistil) indicates you have a female. A small ball or banana-shaped protrusion (stamen) often stretching out from the node itself indicates a male. If you plan on vegging your plants for a while, this early detection can save soil, space, plant count and time.

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Lemon Cheesecake19.53% THC | Trace Analytics

I was beyond ecstatic when I learned I’d be reviewing Belladonna’s Lemon Cheesecake—I’ve heard so much about this strain, and wasted no time popping the sealed lid off the sleek glass jar. My senses were immediately overloaded with the sweet smell of lemons. I dumped the contents of my grinder into my EO Hot Box vape, dialed in the temp and let ‘er rip!

Within a matter of seconds after the first toke of this powerhouse, I could feel the euphoria set in and the terpenes take me away. A true sativa. Creative sparks were running through my brain, energy was dancing through my veins, and I went outside to hike around in the spring air. With a citrus flavor and palette-enticing terpene range, this Lemon Cheesecake is a dessert which can be enjoyed any time of the day.

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BLUEBERRY SILVERTIP: Blaze A Trail Through Frosted Peaks

23.1% THC | 0.77% CBD – True Northwest Inc.

This unique hybrid strain blends the best of its parents bringing about a truly memorable bud. The green leaves are barely visible past the white trichomes and rusty red hairs while a distinct fruity flavor is detectable from first smell to last taste.

A mildly hazy but happy effect from the Montana Silvertip settled in my mind leaving me stoned but aware. The Blueberry sealed the deal by providing a relaxation that wasn’t lethargic. Highly recommend this for any anxious individuals who want to relax in a social setting or for anyone wanting a good party strain for the weekend.

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