As summer approaches, our minds turn toward activity. Shaking off the last of our atrophy and itching to emerge from our winter caves, we look to the possibilities that the warmth brings. Our wanderlust returns, and we begin to prepare for new adventures.

The promise of travel, while exciting, can be fraught with difficulty, and for medical marijuana patients, the stress of planning comes with the added challenge of transporting concentrates, wax and cannabis. At Ooze, we have an answer for these concerns, offering discreet, travel-ready products for the smoker on the go.

For the traveling patient, inconspicuous is the name of the game, and that’s where Ooze products shine. A pen like the Splasher comes with a clever cap, making your vape virtually indistinguishable from your average ballpoint. If you’re flying to your destination, it’ll slide easily into your checked bag, safe and secure among your socks and t-shirts. Driving instead? It has no problem slipping into a backpack or purse. Sleek and streamlined, your pen will have no trouble fitting into a zippered pocket. If the design isn’t enough, our pen kits also arrive with their own USB charger, so a low battery will be the least of your worries.

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MOAB DIARIES: A Divine Desert Adventure

En Route to Moab:

While I’ve always been a lover of nature, I’ve never been a fan of the desert. The sand, heat and prickly flowers hold no appeal for me. I recently gave the dust a chance, however, and ventured from Denver to Moab, Utah, with a handful of friends. Even though I still prefer forests and mountains over the sand and the sun, it was an experience I will never forget. From Denver we headed westbound, and the drive alone was mesmerizing. Breathtaking. It felt like we drove through different climates, a new ecosystem every few hours. We first drove through the lush, green mountains, which soon turned into deep canyons with winding rivers on either side, until finally the mountains started to take the shape of table mesas, and we found ourselves out on the last leg of a wide, open road.

I was actually quite surprised upon our initial arrival in Moab. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere for so long; we weren’t expecting such a lively town. There were a bunch of restaurants, hotels, bars and shops, all with a classic southwestern vibe. Even though our first instinct was to stop and explore the town, we knew it was important to lock down a nice campsite for the weekend, as they tend to fill up quickly—especially on the weekends. Next time I visit Moab, I plan to get there on a Wednesday or Thursday, and try to avoid the bigger crowds.

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ILLUMINATI GLASS DAB RIGS: American Made Glass That’s Fashionable, Functional and Affordable

It’s easy to find dab rigs for sale on the internet, but finding the right piece that fits your needs, wants and your budget is a different story: that’s where Illuminati Glass comes in.

Headquartered just east of New York City, Illuminati Glass takes the name of their distinct brand of imaginative pipes from one of the most misunderstood and debated groups in American culture: The mysterious Illuminati.

This name adds a sense of mystique to an already mystical brand. One series in the Illuminati line deals with time. In a single piece, the design of the pipes demonstrates the constructs of time as well as the deconstruction of the mechanisms of time, offering a reminder of the limitations we live within, while at the same time offering a glimpse into the concept of limitlessness. Their slogan explains exactly what Illuminati Glass is trying to do with their functional art: Elevate Your Mind to Inner Realms and Spaces of Higher Consciousness. And so far it’s working.

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CLOTHESPIN CREATIVITY: Nostalgia Meets Eclectic

This piece was made in April of 2017 by artist Chase Hardman, who goes by @hardman_art_glass on Instagram. His inspiration for this piece, according to the artist, was “childhood memories.” He wanted to come up with something fresh, and thought back to the clothesline at his grandma’s house. This nostalgia led to the creation of a fully functional glass clothespin, artfully attached to the rig.

Chase first started to blow glass at age 17, back in late 2007. He moved to Oregon and was greatly inspired by the work of Hamm’s Waterworks (@hammswaterworks on Instagram). He loved the art form, and after chatting it up with Hamm one day, Chase decided it was what he wanted to do. He’s been creating glass art ever since.

This piece is currently available. Like most of Chase’s work, it can be purchased directly by contacting him on Instagram. You can also find his glass in shops around the country.

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CEYLONESE SMOKING CULTURE: Sri Lankan Club Makes Ancient Cannabis Trade Accessible

For a country that has produced and used cannabis for thousands of years, it’s surprisingly hard to find high-quality cannabis in Sri Lanka. During my stay, I hunted down weed from various sources on several occasions—with mixed results.

I paid anything from five hundred to three thousand rupees for the same quantity (about 0.7g) of brown, seeded cannabis from three local “street” dealers. Much of the time, the price seemed to vary depending to how many tuk-tuk drivers needed to go pick it up!

The cannabis I first got ahold of was locally known as Kerala Ganja (or just “KG”), and is stated to be from the eponymous southern Indian state. It’s not clear whether it actually does come from Kerala—presumably some or most does, as there’s a known export market from India to Sri Lanka, but it’s also possible that some of what is sold as KG is locally grown.

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420 STOCK: Marijuana Packaging

Back in the 1800s, settlers flocked to Northern California during the gold rush. Many had hopes and dreams of finding gold nuggets and striking it rich. However, as history plays out, we know that most of the settlers that came to California in search of gold did not end up striking it rich, and it was in fact the shop owners, selling picks and shovels that cashed out large.

Fast forward nearly 200 years later, and California is experiencing another gold rush, only this time, it’s dubbed “The Green Rush.” In fact, jobs in the burgeoning cannabis industry are expected to outpace the entire manufacturing industry with 300,000 new jobs by 2020. And, like the pick and shovel merchants of the gold rush era, ancillary businesses that sell products to the green rush profiteers appear to be blossoming as well.

Although many have focused on working directly with cannabis, there are a few who have chosen to take a different approach to California’s “Green Rush.” Casey Knott, 31, is one of those people.

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After years of stagnation, it seems that talk of marijuana reform in New Zealand is gaining real momentum.

At the beginning of June, the country’s Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, announced that doctors are permitted to prescribe CBD for patients in need.

A week later, a private member’s bill put forth by the Green Party was chosen for debate within the government. When interviewed the author of the bill, Julie Anne Genter, she said that the bill carried weight because of a “groundswell of public support” on the issue.

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Bully Bits

For many of us, our pets (or fur babies) are as much a part of our family as that kid sister we had no say in. We love our pets unconditionally, so why not treat them with the best. These doggy treats are made with 100% fair trade organic ingredients and are gluten, grain and soy-free. They are also infused with solvent-free CBD, which may help relieve inflammation, high blood pressure, arthritic pains and even anxiety in our aging and anxious furry family members.

Price: $25

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WHERE THE EARTH BREATHES: Exploring Energy Vortices in the Western U.S.

Have you ever been hiking in the woods and felt a strange, prickly sensation between your shoulder blades? Or maybe you’ve been inexplicably drawn to a beautiful, secluded spot, only to find a quiet peacefulness that you’ve not encountered before. If you’ve experienced either of these phenomena, it’s possible you’ve stumbled upon an energy vortex. A vortex is any mass of whirling fluid or air, spinning around an invisible axis—like a whirlwind or a whirlpool, a tornado or a cyclone—and in energetic terms, it’s a spiraling mass of energy concentrated at a specific point on Earth. Some say it’s where the Earth breathes its energy in and out.

These energy vortices fall into different categories: magnetic and electrical vortices; positive and negative vortices; portals to other dimensions or higher areas of consciousness; sites of paranormal activity and points of contact with UFOs. Vortices are frequently found at intersections of ley lines, or supposed alignments of electromagnetic Earth energy that correspond with significant archaeological and anthropological sites. Many of the world’s great spiritual centers, such as the Egyptian pyramids, England’s Stonehenge and Peru’s Machu Picchu, are considered vortices. Some people believe vortices are the Earth’s chakra centers.

It’s hypothesized that these areas can help harmonize emotions, heighten introspection, enhance mystical abilities, assist in healing, and amplify our connection with the Earth’s energy. Like a whirlpool, a vortex will draw to its center all that surrounds it, a theory that explains the powerful pull these places have on the spiritual seekers drawn to their sites. People describe the energy they feel in these spots as noticeable vibrations, a tingling in the extremities; buzzing throughout the body, rising temperature, a rush of energy, or a shift in perception—a spiritual awakening.

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When you think about edibles, it’s more than likely you imagine something sweet: a brownie, a chocolate or even those delicious high-inducing gummy worms. But Seattle-based chef, Unika Noiel, upon being introduced to the world of edibles, recently decided to put her own twist on the idea. She began experimenting with peanut butter, infused flour and, later, with savory eats. Now, Noiel has started a new pop-up affair, “Fellowship,” which serves a multi-course batch of—yes, infused soul food.

“A few years ago I was given an infused lollipop and it was something I had such a good experience with,” says the chef. “So I wanted to explore that more and more.”

Luvn KitchnNoiel’s Fellowship dinner, the first ofwhich occurred Monday (June 26th), is an invitation-only private event with tickets selling for $50 each. The menu offers a decadent and rich four-course meal beginning with a delicious infused chicken liver pâté on an infused homemade baguette with pickled huckleberries and greens. This was served beside a poached shrimp resting on a bed of infused, airy homemade cream cheese on a cracker with infused roasted tomato cocktail sauce.

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