BRINGING SUSTAINABILITY TO YOUR STASH: Understanding How to Keep Cannabis Cultivation Green

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis culture isn’t just about the consumption and effects of marijuana and its byproducts, but rather about the cultivation, science and environment of the industry. However, many inside the cannabis world still do not realize the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation and how to bring sustainability into their own stash. Hakuna Supply, in conjunction with DOPE Magazine, researched this subject to bring our readers information on the environmental impacts of cannabis, as well as ways for growers, consumers and advocates to help reduce them.

Let’s bring it back to November 8, 2016, when 4 states passed the recreational use of cannabis, raising the total number of rec states to 8, meaning “20% of the U.S. population lives in a state where it is legal for people aged 21 and over to buy marijuana for recreational use” (Trends eMagazine Feb 2017). This effectively created a new industry in the United States that rivals some of the largest corporations. For example, revenue sales in Colorado have reached almost $1 billion, which is equal to some of the largest farming commodities in the state. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and amass profits, the amount of cannabis grown will increase, as well.

So, what does this have to do with the environment? Let’s first look at cannabis cultivation  in general. To create a potent, high-demand product, a grower will require “hot temperatures, intense light, highly fertile soil, and large volumes of water” (Ashworth 2017). These factors can produce excessive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. It has even been estimated by the Marijuana Policy Group that legal & illegal indoor grow operations account for 1% of the average energy usage in the U.S. Additionally, illegal grow operations often generate their power off the grid to avoid raising red flags. To create enough energy to power their lights, these illegal growers rely on generators, which often “produce more than three times the CO2 of facilities powered by the grid” (Ashworth 2017). The potential impacts on air quality is another rising concern. As reported by J. W. Martyny in the “Potential Exposures Associated with Indoor Marijuana Growing Operations,” a sampling carried out in conjunction with law enforcement raids on illicit grow operations have measured concentrations of highly reactive organic compounds. These findings present a pressing issue, as experts predict the consumption and cultivation of cannabis to steadily increase until 2050.

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POTN Stock—Is Now the Time to Invest in Cannabis Shares?

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Being successful in the stock market is all about watching market trends and jumping on new opportunities as soon as they arise. With that in mind, this may be the best time to consider investing in marijuana.

After all, marijuana has recently become legal in even more states throughout the United States, and thus it is highly likely that it will quickly become a big market in California and elsewhere around the country. In short, when Los Angeles voters approved Measure M and created regulations for adult-use marijuana, the City of Angels was quickly positioned to steal the title of “Marijuana Capital” from Denver.

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Canada’s Top Online Dispensary Is Still

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Canada’s top online cannabis dispensary in 2017 is—and the company says they have the lab reports to prove it.

“Nobody has as many verified lab tests published online as,” a representative explained. “We’ve tested dozens of buds, and we’ve tested edibles, concentrates, candies, you name it. Of all the places that claim to sell lab-tested cannabis products, we’re the ones who stand by it the most.”

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An Elevated Edible for Conscious Connoisseurs

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Think about the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever eaten. Was it handmade, organic and sourced from rare Peruvian cocoa? Imagine that bar of chocolate in Colorado, infused with top shelf cannabis. Now we’re talking Binske.

Binske is the first truly gourmet cannabis brand in Colorado. Creator, Jacob Pasternack, looked at the cannabis industry and asked, “What’s the marketplace? What gap can we fill?”

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