GOLDEN PAIN RELIEF: Sensi’s Sweet 1:1

Test Results: 50mg THC – 50mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

From the heart of Silicon Valley, Sensi (I assume short for sinsemilla, or “without seed”) Products promote Being Well with whole-plant extracts and organic ingredients. Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, Sensi Chews taste of chewy, chocolatey goodness. It’s obvious that Sensi cares about good health, and their passion for developing superior products is evident in every Chew. They are consistent in taste and quality, and the balanced high lasts for an extended period.   

Sensi Chews are available in 11 different formulas, ranging from Aphrodisiac to Strength. These individually-dosed candies contain ingredients such as caffeine and melatonin to enhance the existing benefits of the high-grade medical cannabis oil. Sensi makes cannabis-infused products using professional standards, processes and procedures. Definitely no seeds here!

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Smokus Focus: Get Up Close and Personal With Your Pot

For cannaisseurs who want to get a closer look at their flowers, the Smokus Focus line of porducts offers a simple, convenient storage option that also does exactly that.

With all the effort being put into the cultivation of cannabis — and the phenomenally beautiful product that often results from this ever-refining process, it’s no wonder that many consumers are eager to get a closer look at the glistening trichomes and assertive pistils of your average dispensary flower.

The Smokus Focus line of jars offers an air-tight, light-augmented jar with built in magnifying glasses for scrutinizing your cannabis.

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WHITE SUPER SKUNK: Intoxicating Indica from BOSM Labs

From BOSM Lab’s full spectrum extract line comes their White Super Skunk live resin sauce, a sugary smooth concentrate simply oozing with terps. This strain, a cross of Super Skunk and The White, is a powerful, indica-dominant hybrid that hits you almost instantly. I wouldn’t suggest starting off your day with this concentrate…but I suppose I wouldn’t discourage it, either. Just beware: the effects are deeply relaxing and intensely euphoric. The skunky sweet aroma will have you salivating, and the flavor leaves behind a pleasant, lingering sweetness.

Very calming, cerebral feeling

Wonderful lazy afternoon or evening strain

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Although The Mint Dispensary has only had its doors open for a few weeks, word on the street is that this is the place to invest in. The store is easy to find due to its convenient location, and the check-in process is quick and painless. The humble medical setting blended seamlessly with the retail floor as I was granted access to the clean-cut space. Well-lit and back-splashed by a vault door wall decal that opened to a fantasy landscape of cannabis fields, I felt right at home.

My budtender was knowledgeable, helpful and authentic—thanks, Bailey! It’s no wonder The Mint “went through 800 applications before finding the right people with the right attitude,” says owner Ray Molina, who understands the importance of having an educated and passionate staff. New to the industry, Ray and his partners are working towards building their iconic brand, while also delivering a unique experience that expands beyond the retail side of things. The dispensary has already added an express counter and has plans to pursue a fully functional kitchen, training center for law enforcement, patient care office and an on-site dab bar.

“The dispensary has already added an express counter and has plans to pursue a fully functional kitchen, training center for law enforcement, patient care office and an on-site dab bar.”

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OREGON GIRL GARDENS: Planting for Future Generations

“We started this epic journey back in the beginning of 2016, which is crazy because a year ago none of this was here.” Audra Cordell gestures at her farm, a plot of land 30 minutes south of Portland that comprises Oregon Girl Gardens. It was her sister-in-law, Robin Cordell, who approached Audra about launching a family-owned cannabis grow. Audra remembers: “She came to me and said, ‘I want to do this business. I want to grow local craft cannabis, incorporating biodynamic, regenerative agriculture. We’ll stand out as a small, women-owned farm.’”

Pink ChampagneRobin’s background made cannabis cultivation a natural choice. She earned a degree in horticulture from Oregon State University, managed medical marijuana gardens for years, and learned the art of permaculture design. Audra, who trained and worked as a geologist and then a teacher, had always been interested in growing vegetables and cut flowers. Looking for a way to be closer to relatives and spend more time with her child, she embraced the opportunity to launch Oregon Girl Gardens. She and her family now live on the farm, and Robin lives ten minutes away.

“We want to show people it’s okay to use cannabis. We’re changing the paradigm so there’s not the stigma. We hope to be an example of what’s possible…”

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ALL ABOARD THE A-TRAIN: Earthy, Hard-Hitting Wax

TEST RESULTS: THC 73.18% – CBD 0.49%  |  TESTED BY: Analytical 360

Altus Labs’ A-Train crumble is a hybrid of rock star proportions! A solid earthy pine smell hits my nose when I twist the jar lid off. Using my small dabber tool, the crumble easily pulls apart—a perfect texture. I cook up my quartz nail and grab a small wax boulder of the A-Train.

With a deep breath, followed by that smooth exhale, I immediately feel my day turn around for the better. A strong, behind-the-eyes kind of high followed, and I stayed in a state of creative bliss for over an hour. A larger-than-life hybrid, Altus’ A-Train crumble is a true contender in the recreational marketplace.

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AMERICANNA GUMMIES: Ethical, Colorado-Grown Sweet and Sour Edibles

Test Results: 10mg THC per Gummy  |  Testing: CMT Laboratories

In an industry under constant scrutiny, the Americanna team decided to create the most socially responsible cannabis gummy in the Colorado marketplace. Since their inception, full transparency has been a top priority for Americanna; labelling is clear and consistent, in the hopes of reducing accidental consumption. Not only are Americanna’s social standards on point, the quality of their products are unparalleled as well. They grow all of their own herb using organic methods and utilize a full plant extraction process, in which every bud is utilized to make their oil. This results in a pure, high quality product exceeding your average gummy standards.

Initially subtle, yet potent and effective high

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BUD AND BLOOM: Redefining Retail Cannabis

The Place

Located in Orange County’s capital city of cannabis, Bud and Bloom has brought a new level of sophistication to Santa Ana. The shop opened on Black Friday of 2016, and has quickly created a serious buzz in the community. The shop itself radiates with pure taste, from the naturally distressed wide-plank oak floors to custom craftsmanship, giving the collective an upscale and welcoming presence. The natural light is what truly stands out here; they believe their clients shouldn’t have to feel like they’re in a dungeon to get what they need, and truly champion the feeling of warmth and openness. The living room design throughout the shop creates an atmosphere matched by no other dispensary in Orange County.

The Product

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STAY GOLD WITH GANJA GODDESS: Taking Cannabis to a New High

The History

When Ganja Goddess (GG) first opened its doors in November of 2014, the cannabis industry was drastically different than it is today. Since then, GG has established itself as one of the leaders in the recreational market, in terms of products sales and customer service, boasting several accolades from across the industry. “Ganja Goddess was brought into the world to be a welcoming place for all people to purchase cannabis, especially women,” says Ananda, store manager since the store’s conception. As one of the first recreational stores to open in Seattle, GG has spent the last few years proving their dedication and commitment.

The People

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Test Results: 87.9% THC, < 1% CBD  |  Tested By: Peak Analytics

Blue dream, the marriage of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, has remained one of the most popular strains—and this version from Doctor & Crook Co. lives up to the hype. With a euphoric haze that left me spacey and happy, this strain is ideal for fully enjoying a day off. The relaxing body high complements the mellow, cerebral joy, resulting in a surprisingly chill, sativa-dominant experience.

As a CO2 wax, there wasn’t much flavor or smell beyond the slight metallic taste from the extraction process, and it looks like a polished piece of translucent amber—Jurassic Park, anyone?—with a tacky consistency that, for a wax, is fairly easy to work with. Dream on!

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