STAY GOLD WITH GANJA GODDESS: Taking Cannabis to a New High

The History

When Ganja Goddess (GG) first opened its doors in November of 2014, the cannabis industry was drastically different than it is today. Since then, GG has established itself as one of the leaders in the recreational market, in terms of products sales and customer service, boasting several accolades from across the industry. “Ganja Goddess was brought into the world to be a welcoming place for all people to purchase cannabis, especially women,” says Ananda, store manager since the store’s conception. As one of the first recreational stores to open in Seattle, GG has spent the last few years proving their dedication and commitment.

The People

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CA’s Legal Weed Market Is Worth $5 billion — There’s a Catch

California already accounts for roughly a quarter of all legal cannabis sales in the Unite States and is poised to be an economic powerhouse in a decriminalized national industry — if it can introduce regulation without empowering a new illicit market.

By sheer numbers, California is easily the nation’s largest market for legal marijuana — which means the state is the biggest bonanza for cannabis sales on the planet.

Once legal commercial sales of recreational cannabis begin sometime next year, California will play host to a $5 billion legal marijuana market, according to a recently released state-sponsored study from UC Davis.

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Las Vegas Recreational Sales Begin July 1

Viva Pot Vegas! Sin City has fully embraced the tourism potential of recreational cannabis, and come July 1, all bets are off. The city will finally see just how big a win cannabis will be for the economy.

Nevada is angling to be the first of the states that legalized last November to begin the sale of cannabis to adults for recreational use.

Last November, Question 2 was approved 602,400 (54.4 percent) to 503,615 (45.5 percent). The civil right’s aspects of the bill — protection for adult possession of up to one ounce of flower and a quarter-ounce of hash — went into effect January 1. But like other states who just passed decriminalization and legalization laws, Nevada needs some time to get the taxes and distribution mechanisms dialed in.

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Vermont Lawmakers Approve Measure to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

On Wednesday, Vermont lawmakers approved a measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana, which if not vetoed by Republican Governor Phil Scott, would make the state the ninth to legalize the plant, and the first to do so by legislation, rather than ballot initiative.

The U.S. state’s House of Representatives approved the measure,which was attached to a bill increasing penalties for the possession and sale of the opioid drug fentanyl, by a 79-66 vote. The state’s Senate passed the measure, which would take effect in July 2018.

The new measure would allow adults aged 21 and over to buy and use marijuana.

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MEDICINAL & RECREATIONAL: Same Plant, Different Standards

We are presented with a rare opportunity—to shape the demand in the cannabis market for the highest quality products. Currently, the most widely accepted standards rely on a business-based model, as opposed to a medicinal-based model. While this can produce a quality of standards entirely acceptable for recreational-based use, we are finding that in severely compromised immune systems such as those with cancer, autoimmune diseases and other neurological disorders (RSD, CRPS, fibromyalgia), this approach can have potentially detrimental effects. Our goal is to bring awareness to the different ways the cannabis plant is cultivated, extracted and processed and things we need to be aware of when making medicine specific products.

Genetics and Harvesting

The genetics of the plant itself needs to be of medicinal quality, and there must be integrity in the cultivation and harvesting process. The strongest, fastest, highest-yielding plant does not always translate into the best flower for medicinal purposes. Having high cannabinoid and essential oil content is vital. Essential oils are commonly referred to as terpenes, although they also contain various other compounds. The ACDC strain can have two percent or more of essential oils, yet is very spindly and bushy, and does best outdoors in full sun. Only a few great cultivators have successfully grown ACDC to a 20 percent CBD content flower.

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Las Vegas Rolls Out the Green Carpet for Cannabis Tourists

Las Vegas is rolling the dice on weed tourism; the bet? More tourists rolling up Sin City green means more green rolling in for Sin City — let the good times roll.

Welcome to Las Vegas! We hope you enjoyed your flight. To your left, past the line of showgirls — here just to welcome you — you’ll see the casinos, more showgirls, the theater showing Penn & Teller, the restaurants — oh, the legal recreational cannabis? Don’t make a big deal about it, just follow the long line to your right.

Nevada was one of four states to legalize cannabis for all adults 21 and over during the 2016 General Election. Now, judging by how quickly authorities in the state capital and in Las Vegas are moving, Nevada will be the first of those four states — California, Maine, and Massachusetts are the other three — to record its first legal commercial sale of cannabis.

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HiFi Farms: Review

HiFi Farms

Craft Cannabis with a Progressive Purpose

Whether you’re gazing out across horse pasture at the mountainous horizon or staring at trichomes glistening on a flowering Island Sweet Skunk plant, the views at HiFi Farms are exquisite. In fact, HiFi’s founding team chose the site for its beauty and amazing potential. “We just fell in love with it,” Sara Batterby recalls. “It was a place we could live and work, but also a place other people could come and see what we’re trying to create, a place that could become a destination, an experience.”

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Caliva: Cannabis Grown, Tested and Sold Under One Roof

The People and the Place 

A palm tree and a giant green cross distinguish the large warehouse from its neighbors in the industrial core of San Jose. Needless to say, it’s hard to miss Caliva. As you walk into the waiting room you could easily be walking into a trendy spa. Clean lines, hanging plants, natural materials, and bright open spaces set a tone of laid-back sophistication. The dispensary has a long counter that can fit up to 6 budtenders during the busy lunch and post work rush making the dispensary luxuriously spacious.

The interior at CalivaBelieve it or not, the building is over 100,000 square feet. While it may seem a bit overboard for a dispensary, Caliva is not just a dispensary. Taking locally sourced flowers to the next level, they grow a large portion of their cannabis in-house. Marketing Manager Ashley Erickson beams “We have control over every stage of the process from seed to sale.” Caliva aims to grow 70 percent of their own flowers. By growing their bud in-house, Caliva can better respond to customer preferences such as the popular CBD strain Charlotte’s Web. In addition to CBD-rich strains, Caliva plans to offer limited edition heritage strains. Having a lab onsite, they can test flowers for potency, mold and terpenes at any stage of the growth cycle. This is a seriously unique advantage for the growers.

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