RECIPE: Melted Brie and Infused Apple Butter Baguette

The recipe harnesses the flavors of late summer and early autumn for a satisfying and stimulating snack.

Summer warmth begins to rapidly decline each day as the seasons begin to shift again. With fall already fast approaching, cooler summer nights can cause one to experience cravings for warm comfort foods. One thing I grew up with (and looked forward to during the rapidly cooling season) is apple butter.

This delicious spread pairs well with a multitude of sweet, spicy, and citrusy cannabis strains, making it a very versatile ingredient for cooking. This recipe is more designed around items you may already have in the house: It’s a quick fix for moments when you crave warmth and comfort.

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SIMPLY PARFAIT: Easy Infused Breakfast Treat

Starting the day off with this breakfast feels decadent, but it’s easy to make—and healthy, too!

It can be prepared the night before, but the granola will get a bit soggy where it meets the yogurt. In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a very big problem. The granola will keep for weeks in an airtight container. Sprinkle it on ice cream, mix it into some pancake batter or just eat by the handful. C’est parfait!


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RECIPE: Chicken Stew with Cannabis-Infused Dumplings

Next time you’re looking for a filling meal with a cannabinoid kick, look no further than this top-shelf chicken stew recipe.

Few foods are more closely associated with the concept of “comfort food” than chicken soup or stew.

At my good friend Lisa Schroeder’s restaurant in Portland, Mother’s Bistro, she serves an amazing chicken with dumplings. Her dish inspired me to create this infused recipe. The dumplings in this dish have a lot of flavor, with just a hint of cannabis and are fluffy perfection.

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Psychedelicatessen: Sativa Spring Rolls

Roll up some fresh veggies to enjoy with a hash-infused peanut dipping sauce.

Spring rolls are a classic go-to for a quick and easy bite in warmer weather, and they’re also perfect for using whatever veggies you happen to have on hand with minimal fuss. Add a quick, no-mess cannabis-concentrate-infused spicy ginger-peanut dipping sauce, and you’ve got a simple, healthy, and potent meal that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.

For the infused peanut sauce:

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RECIPE: NYC Diesel-Infused Hummus Wraps

This sativa-infused hummus wrap is a perfect pick-me-up for the health-conscious cannabis lover looking for a light lunch with an extra cannabinoid kick.

Wraps are one of the most versatile quick meals one can make. There are a multitude of food items that you can stuff into the middle of a soft pillowy wrap and end up with a satisfied belly.

This round I decided to make a bistro version of a Greek vegetarian gyro, substituting hummus for the roasted meat. NYC Diesel pairs wonderfully with the complex flavors of Greek cuisine, adding a deep and pleasantly earthy citrus flavor with hints of sweetness.

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RECIPE: Kush-Infused Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps

Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means flags, fireworks and cookouts. Of course there’ll be all the BBQ staples; hamburgers, hot links, chicken — in other words, a lot of meat. But for a change of pace — or just a unique accompaniment to your classic Fourth fare — try this simple, satisfying and (of course) cannabis-tinged dish; an elegant celebration of an often underrated culinary treasure — the mushroom.

Mushrooms are one of my most prized culinary staples. How could such a simple ingredient be held in such high esteem, you ask? For the simple fact you can do so much in the kitchen with them!

And there are almost too many mushrooms to choose from: There are a plethora of edible mushroom species, from the humble button mushroom to the highly prized white or black truffle.

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ZEST FOR LIFE: Invigorating Canna-Coconut Lemonade


Lemonade from scratch is a real treat, and you can heighten your enjoyment by making a refreshing batch with cannabis-infused simple syrup. If you like, double the syrup recipe and keep it in your fridge—it’ll be waiting for whenever you get a craving. Very handy.

You can also make limeade, if that’s more up your alley, or a super chill granita: freeze the mixture in a 9×13” baking pan, then run the mix through your food processor for a highly refreshing treat.

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Recipe: Go Bananas with Cannabis Infused Banana Salsa

This infused salsa recipe calls on the natural sweetness of bananas and the complimentary terpene profile of Glass Slipper cannabis flowers to bring something nice to your spice.

Salsa has a long history that can be traced all the way back to the ancient Aztecs: In Mexico, Aztec nobility would combine chilies, tomatoes, ground squash seeds and sometimes beans to make a dish that would evolve into contemporary salsa. With the Spanish conquest of Mexico came the “discovery” of tomatoes, the Aztec recipe and the birth of the name “salsa.”

Salsa was being manufactured y commercially as early as the 1800s, but by the 1970s, people coast to coast began discovering Mexican food and sales of salsa skyrocketed. Today, salsa’s popularity has grown so large that it rivals ketchup in sales figures.

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Psychedelicatessen: Chocolate-Dipped Cannabis Cookie-Dough Pretzel Bites

You’ll crave these decadent morsels that combine sweet and salty flavors with a dose of THC.

Cannabis cook Keena Moffett ran a professional bakery for years before she became inspired to add weed to her creations. Driven by the desire to create edibles as an alternative to smoking for patients in need, Keena authored an e-book featuring many of her signature recipes, including mini-cheesecakes, pecan pie, molten lava cakes, and doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies galore, all infused with cannabis.

These wonderful munchie bites combine the deliciousness of cookie dough with the classic sweet-and-savory tastes of chocolate-covered pretzels. Keena has developed a recipe that removes the raw egg, eliminating the risk of salmonella poisoning from the cookie dough, and then sandwiches this amazing substance between salty pretzels covered in melted chocolate.

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When I first met Jessica Catalano, founder and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution, I was instantly awed by her classic style and finesse. She’s the type of person you want to immediately befriend—and that’s before I even knew who she was! Jessica is a food writer, a professional cannabis chef, edible expert and the first cook to publicly infuse her recipes with strain-specific terpenes. She pairs specific strains with specific recipes to optimize and complement the natural flavors of the dish.

The Ganja Kitchen RevolutionI found a handful of recipes that looked particularly appealing, including Vietnamese “Lemon Kush” Spring Rolls, a perfect summer appetizer with fresh mint and citrus undertones. Vegan “Chocolate Thai” Chip Cookies, a decadent treat for any elevated occasion. “Jack Herer” Butternut Squash Risotto, an eloquent, yet simple and beautiful dish, with cerebrally stimulating effects. Lastly, her “LSD”-infused Absinthe, which Jessica herself says, “with each sip, you will be lulled into the Green Fairy’s realm and find the following effects: creativity, euphoria, pain and nausea relief, relief from headaches, release of tension in the neck, lucidness and deep introspection.”

In addition to 70 original and wholesome recipes, The Ganja Kitchen Revolution also provides extractions methods to help yield the most THC from your cannabis, and explains how to regulate dosage to control the potency and medicinal benefits of your dishes. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution will forever change the way you cook with cannabis, and can be purchased through Amazon, iTunes, Kindle and more.

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