MIXING IT UP WITH FRIDA: Fruit Smoothies, CBD and a Relaxing Evening

Raven Grass’ infused coconut oil is one of the most versatile cannabis edibles I’ve come across. I’m partial to smoothies, and mixed in the recommended serving of one tablespoon of oil to my drink. This batch was made with their unique, high-CBD Frida strain, which has 30mg of CBD and 10mg of THC per serving.

The oil was almost undetectable, besides the added creamy flavor it brought to the smoothie. After about an hour, relaxation hit, like resting in a giant pillow. Sound sleep quickly followed. I woke up the next morning feeling ready for what the day had in store.

Raven Grass combined the highly renowned ACDC with DJ Short’s Whitaker Blues, an indica-dominant hybrid, to make their Frida strain.

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Recipe: BLT & THC Sandwich

No other sandwich announces the arrival of summer quite like the BLT — a classic combination of smokey bacon, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce on toasted bread. With the infusion of cannabis you’ve got a BLT with THC on your hands — call it a BLTHC. Or don’t, but definitely treat yourself to this delicious, medicated take on a summertime classic.

Making a sandwich is all about the ingredients, and while the list of major players in the BLT — contained within its acronym name — is short, it’s also long on flavor and texture, specifically crispness, which features in nearly every ingredient, from the bacon and lettuce to the toasted bread.

The rich, vibrant flavors of a BLT are as warm and bright as a summer day, and when you add the mind expanding, sensory enhancing benefits of cannabinoids to the mix, you have the makings of a supremely gratifying treat for a sunny day by the pool, an afternoon at the beach or just a lazy summer Sunday at your home.

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Recipe: Pineapple Kush-Infused Beef Satay

Southeast Asian cooking has the rare ability to please all of your taste buds. One simple bite of this dish will thrill both your sweet, salty, bitter, sour and savory taste receptors — while providing a nice dose of cannabinoids.

A dish like Pineapple Kush Beef Satay is great on days when you want to taste something exotic and please your tongue all in one bite. The buttery sweet pineapple flavor profiles of the Pineapple Kush will deepen the existing fruit notes in this dish, and its high CBD-to-THC ratio will produce a creative, happy and social feeling that helps to combat stress and anxiety.

Not only does it taste great, it also adds experience to your cooking arsenal. Entertain your friends with both a great tasting and aesthetically pleasing meal.

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RECIPE: Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry

Spring is the time to be eating your asparagus. Eating seasonally and locally will help you, and the planet. And we need help!

This stir-fry pairs asparagus and shrimp, a toothsome combination. You don’t need a wok, just keep the ingredients moving quickly in the pan and you will be fine. If serving with rice, that will take longer than the entrée. Rice is ridiculously easy to make, but truth be told I always have Trader Joe’s frozen rice in the house. The brown rice is my favorite. I also love the Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake, but that has nothing to do with this recipe. I do not have stock in Trader Joe’s, but it is a cannabis lover’s paradise.

Cooking with Cannabis, by Quarto Press

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Recipe: Cannaflour & Zucchini Bread

It’s time to really embrace zucchini bread.

For those who have yet to indulge, it’s definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

If you’ve ever wandered past a mound of zucchini in the grocery store or have a garden and grow the veggie, you may be starting to wonder exactly what to do with it. Let’s face it – there’s only so much sautéed zucchini one person can eat. It’s good, but it gets old after a while.

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GRIDDLED DEVILED EGGS: An Easter Basket Treat for Grown Ups

In addition to having an Easter egg hunt this year, which would be totally awesome while under the influence, why not celebrate 4/20 with these over-the-top deviled eggs. I’ve had a good deal of experience with stuffed eggs, and honestly there was only one I found too bizarre to eat. That particular egg was filled with peanut butter and grape jelly, sprinkled with mandarin orange bits. Unless I was literally starving, I don’t think I could be in a situation that would get me to eat it.

This recipe, however, originally un-infused by a famed Portland chef, is in a category all its own. The fresh horseradish adds a surprising hint of fire, but it is the canna-buttered, griddled crust that will make you swoon. Any questions or comments, give us a shout at LaurieandMaryJane.com. We will be eggcited to hear from you. No yoke. (Sorry).

Deviled Eggs (Serves 6) 

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Watch: How to Make 4/20 Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

The folks over at Food Steez have really outdone themselves for 4/20 this year, creating one of the most stonerific masterpieces we’ve ever seen—a Cannabis Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.

Not only will this baby fill all your munchie needs, it’ll keep you baked at the same time.

Find the full recipe HERE and keep up with all of Food Steez’s yumminess on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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RECIPE: Chorizo and Oaxaca Cheese Potato Nachos

These nachos totally rock. I love a potato, and when these babies get crisp they make a perfect bed for spicy chorizo and melted Oaxaca cheese. The sausage is a bit hot, so be prepared. Make sure you have sour cream on hand to cool things off. Vary the cheese if you like, melted goat cheese is equally delicious. Blue cheese would be a less common option, but hey, some people can’t get enough. It’s your call. Last week I used breakfast sausage, cheddar and put a couple of eggs on it. Totally dope. Of course this mixture would pair beautifully baked on top of tortilla chips as a nice change of pace.

Chorizo and Oaxaca Cheese Potato Nachos

Serves 4

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Recipe: Hong Kong Lavender Sugar Cookies

The recipe for these cookies doesn’t come from “Asia’s World City.” That said, Hong Kong roughly translates to “fragrant harbor,” and the hashy, floral citrus melange at the center of this recipe definitely lives up to that name, lending the flavor a deep, sweet complexity.

Cleanliness is next to godliness in a professional or home kitchen: all great chefs and cooks alike know the importance of keeping a clean and organized kitchen to produce the best dishes possible. Cooking or baking will result in a lot of messy appliances, tools and counter tops, but once a mess is made it should always be cleaned up right away. This reverence for the kitchen is not only for quality control and prevention of cross contamination, but to reinforce the fact that the kitchen is the chef’s personal temple.

Every chef or cook (and yes, there is a difference) should be constantly going through all produce and stock in their kitchen. This will ensure that everything is used up and nothing will go to waste through expiration. You must always think of all your food items as dollar bills, even spices. Wasted food is wasted money, plain and simple. Plus, it’s always fun to try and come up with creative recipes using items that need to be used right away.

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Psychedelicatessen: Marijuana Maple Glazed Carrots

Celebrate the best of spring with tender carrots glazed in cannabutter, maple syrup and herbs.

Dissatisfied with a corporate career trajectory, Chris Yang abandoned an almost completed Masters degree in hospital management and decided to become a cannabis cook. Spending days marinating in marijuana and watching YouTube cooking videos, Yang taught himself basic techniques by watching Gordon Ramsay and built a significant Instagram following. Catering private parties for influential bloggers led to a new project called Pop Cultivate, a monthly series of infused dinners held at Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles, featuring the best in seasonal cuisine.

Yang came to compete at the first-ever “Taste of Cannabis” competition held in San Bernardino last October as part of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. Sponsored by Magical Butter, the contest aimed to showcase the skills of the burgeoning number of chefs who specialize in cannabis cuisine.

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