Psychedelicatessen: Sativa Spring Rolls

Roll up some fresh veggies to enjoy with a hash-infused peanut dipping sauce.

Spring rolls are a classic go-to for a quick and easy bite in warmer weather, and they’re also perfect for using whatever veggies you happen to have on hand with minimal fuss. Add a quick, no-mess cannabis-concentrate-infused spicy ginger-peanut dipping sauce, and you’ve got a simple, healthy, and potent meal that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.

For the infused peanut sauce:

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Psychedelicatessen: Chocolate-Dipped Cannabis Cookie-Dough Pretzel Bites

You’ll crave these decadent morsels that combine sweet and salty flavors with a dose of THC.

Cannabis cook Keena Moffett ran a professional bakery for years before she became inspired to add weed to her creations. Driven by the desire to create edibles as an alternative to smoking for patients in need, Keena authored an e-book featuring many of her signature recipes, including mini-cheesecakes, pecan pie, molten lava cakes, and doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies galore, all infused with cannabis.

These wonderful munchie bites combine the deliciousness of cookie dough with the classic sweet-and-savory tastes of chocolate-covered pretzels. Keena has developed a recipe that removes the raw egg, eliminating the risk of salmonella poisoning from the cookie dough, and then sandwiches this amazing substance between salty pretzels covered in melted chocolate.

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Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Crab Cakes

Imagine a day of cannabis-based pampering, including gourmet ganja cuisine, medicated massages and facial treatments, along with vendors of edibles and topicals, all designed to create a relaxing immersive experience.

This past weekend at a CannaSpa event in Orange County, Chef Keion Taylor from Eat 310 Catering impressed the crowd with elegantly presented cuisine, first preparing a brunch favorite, Peach Cobbler French Toast with a cannabis-infused whipped cream.

Shifting gears to a savory dish, Taylor whipped up cannabis-infused crab cakes, and the dish was so fabulous that I asked him to graciously share the recipe with our readers. Accompanied by a sweet and spicy mango relish, these crispy crab cakes sit atop a roasted tomato and corn puree and are topped with a luscious avocado lime crema for a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. Every component of the dish can be medicated with cannabutter, or you can design a lower dose entree by medicating just the sauces and puree.

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Psychedelicatessen: Marijuana Maple Glazed Carrots

Celebrate the best of spring with tender carrots glazed in cannabutter, maple syrup and herbs.

Dissatisfied with a corporate career trajectory, Chris Yang abandoned an almost completed Masters degree in hospital management and decided to become a cannabis cook. Spending days marinating in marijuana and watching YouTube cooking videos, Yang taught himself basic techniques by watching Gordon Ramsay and built a significant Instagram following. Catering private parties for influential bloggers led to a new project called Pop Cultivate, a monthly series of infused dinners held at Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles, featuring the best in seasonal cuisine.

Yang came to compete at the first-ever “Taste of Cannabis” competition held in San Bernardino last October as part of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. Sponsored by Magical Butter, the contest aimed to showcase the skills of the burgeoning number of chefs who specialize in cannabis cuisine.

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Psychedelicatessen: Ganja Foie Gras Candy Bar

The East Coast gets left behind when it comes to inventive cannabis cuisine. As trendy underground sinsemilla supper clubs pop up all over the West, weed eaters in New York, Washington D.C. and Boston still look over their shoulders and keep events very secretive, but this climate of fear is beginning to change with new laws in Massachusetts and Maine aimed at regulating cannabis use for adults.

Lu Rodriguez and the crew at MIPS are bringing chef-driven cannabis cuisine to the Boston scene, working to bring inventive dishes to hungry heads.

“Luckily enough, a lot of my good friends are chefs and restaurant owners,” Lu explained. “We just wanted to develop something that no one else was doing, like infused taco sauces, broths and gravy. That was the start.”

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Psychedelicatessen: Proper Pot Chocolate Whisky Pie

Using medicated chocolate for your Valentine’s Day desserts makes dosing easy. Infusing this decadent mousse pie with Seattle’s gourmet, low-dose Proper Chocolate along with potent cannabutter creates a memorable, beautiful indulgence that enhances sensual moods.

Available in Washington State, Proper Chocolates contain only 5 milligrams of THC each.

Ten milligrams is the recommended dosage per serving for someone with a low tolerance or who is new to edibles, so you can be flexible with the amount of THC in this recipe to individualize your dose. Use regular butter instead of cannabutter when making the crust for a less potent pie containing about 5 mg THC per slice, or garnish with two Proper Caramelized Whisky Ganache Chocolates, each containing just 5 mg of THC.

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