Product Review: Level+ Infused Beverages Hone in on the Microdose

These beverages offer a simple ingredient line-up and a mellow buzz.

Microdosing, or consuming small amounts of cannabis to experience the restorative health benefits of marijuana without the haze of a strong high, is trending and more cannabis products are coming out to cater to this growing market. But what about taking it a step further and microdosing a product that is already a microdose? That’s where Level+ comes in.

Level+ infused drinks are made with natural ingredients and come with either 5 mg of THC or 5 mg of CBD per 16-ounce bottle. Cannabis infused drinks are an excellent way to discreetly medicate throughout the day and these drinks would be best suited to mellow out the stress of an intense day at the office or as a safe introduction for those who are new to cannabis edibles.

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Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

Our picks for leading a life of herbal indulgence.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with tie-dye and paisley, but Woodstock was over 40 years ago — that whole aesthetic is about as revolutionary as pinstripes and plaid.

As cannabis continues its infusion into mainstream culture, the go-to motifs of stoner-chic (mostly stylistic relics of the 1970s counter culture) are receiving a long-overdue post-millennial update.

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SilverStick: The One-Hitter Pipe, All Grown Up

There’s still utility in a low-fi, indestructible metal one-hitter. With the Silver Stick, there’s also refinement — and a smoother smoke.

We were all young, once — maybe you still are, in which case you were once younger. We all loved something with the blind, wild recklessness that fades, with wisdom, into bitterness and world-weary cynicism. Maybe you loved a book or a TV show. Perhaps you bestowed this emotion on a puppy, or a best friend.

Me? I loved my one-hitter.

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CLOTHESPIN CREATIVITY: Nostalgia Meets Eclectic

This piece was made in April of 2017 by artist Chase Hardman, who goes by @hardman_art_glass on Instagram. His inspiration for this piece, according to the artist, was “childhood memories.” He wanted to come up with something fresh, and thought back to the clothesline at his grandma’s house. This nostalgia led to the creation of a fully functional glass clothespin, artfully attached to the rig.

Chase first started to blow glass at age 17, back in late 2007. He moved to Oregon and was greatly inspired by the work of Hamm’s Waterworks (@hammswaterworks on Instagram). He loved the art form, and after chatting it up with Hamm one day, Chase decided it was what he wanted to do. He’s been creating glass art ever since.

This piece is currently available. Like most of Chase’s work, it can be purchased directly by contacting him on Instagram. You can also find his glass in shops around the country.

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THE DOAP(EST) SOAP: Hemp Oil-Based, Terpene-Infused Soaps

Doap Soap combines chemistry and cannabis to create full-spectrum, terpene-blended body bars. These soaps harness the synergistic qualities of cannabis, resulting in the “entourage effect.”* With a whopping 29 different varieties, including well-known strains like Silver Haze, Grape Ape, Headband and Pineapple Express, these soaps are concoctions of Hemp Seed Oil (which is naturally rich in Essential Fatty Acids), alongside Cocoa, Mango and Shea butter, resulting in emollient, rich and aromatic cleansing bars.

Determine the specific effects you’re seeking, then choose your Doap Soap! Uplifting, calming, invigorating…your typical strain preference is probably an indication of where you want to start. The soaps are unique in their aromas and benefits, and sure to delight!

What is the Entourage Effect?

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Bully Bits

For many of us, our pets (or fur babies) are as much a part of our family as that kid sister we had no say in. We love our pets unconditionally, so why not treat them with the best. These doggy treats are made with 100% fair trade organic ingredients and are gluten, grain and soy-free. They are also infused with solvent-free CBD, which may help relieve inflammation, high blood pressure, arthritic pains and even anxiety in our aging and anxious furry family members.

Price: $25

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We’ve all had it happen. You lay a row of freshly ground weed into your paper, start rolling it up…and the bottom corners of the paper snag, crinkle and fail to tuck in. You carefully back it out and try again, but now the paper is creased, and it just keeps happening. It’s an annoying frustration, but the solution has existed for thirty years.

One day in 1977, (when those who smoked, smoked joints, and it was all roll-your-own), MIT student and “weed guy,” Michael O’Malley, invented an ingenious solution. He used scissors to cut curves along the bottom edges of his papers, making them perfect for joints—the corners always tucked. As an invention for stoners, he was onto something, but with prohibition in effect, it would have to wait.

O’Malley went on to become a successful software developer and consultant. Then, in 2015, he wanted to start a new chapter. He remembered his papers, and how well they worked. He refined the idea, found a manufacturer, and brought Curved Rolling Papers to market, giving us a paper that makes rolling joints easy—and so much more satisfying.

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BLITZKRIEGA: A Nostalgic Tribute to Modern Art

Local glass artist Jakey Marten, also known as Blitzkriega, was always influenced by the lifestyle and artistic expression of Virginia Beach, his hometown. By the time Jakey was 17, he knew that his path would take a creative turn, and he went on to receive his BA in fine arts with a concentration in glass from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jakey promptly headed west to Steamboat Springs only a week after he graduated. Now based in the Denver and Boulder area, Jakey creates glass art influenced by the “Pop” art movement of the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as skateboarding and street art from the ‘80s, ‘90s and present day.

“I like making references to iconic symbols which can easily be interpreted by the viewer,” says Jakey. “Originally, the balloon animal concept came from drawing a parallel between glass and balloon art. Both visually represent expansion outward from within, which to me represent consciousness as a human.”

The balloon dog became an iconic symbol in the art world thanks to Jeff Koons, whose massive balloon dog sculpture sold for $58.4 Million dollars in 2013, making it the most expensive piece of art to ever be sold by a living artist at an auction. Jake’s intention with the balloon dog as a pipe is to posit the idea that glass pipe art is now a modern form of fine art, in a blatantly “in your face” and easy-to-digest format. Jake had a show on June 17th in Connecticut called “POP!” and is busy preparing for another show in Denver later this year. You can find Blitzkriega work at various glass pipe galleries and boutiques around North America, as well as Europe.

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5 Women-Focused Cannabis Brands to Watch

The growth and expansion of the legal cannabis industry is creating a new crop of industry leaders, with women occupying more of those leadership roles than in any other industry. So it’s no surprise that there are several companies founded by and/or geared towards women in cannabis.

Cannabis consumption has traditionally been a male dominated arena. For both elicit and legal cannabis use, advertising and events have focused on appealing to the young male demographic. But as legalization continues to normalize cannabis use, we are seeing more and more women join the marijuana movement.

Recent studies show that the gender gap in cannabis use is narrowing, and women are becoming an increasingly crucial segment of the cannabis market: Data from an Eaze study shows women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the cannabis space

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HAKUNA SUPPLY STASH BOXES: Responsibility, Sustainability, Equality, Integrity

Responsibility, sustainability, equality, integrity. As consumers, we should demand these four pillars of social responsibility from our manufacturers. The cannabis community is fighting an uphill battle to normalize its use, and similarly obtain proper recognition in business, health and politics when it comes to medicinal and recreational use of the flower. While our aim is to continue to illuminate the facts and advocate for those who can benefit from the plant, defenders must also acknowledge criticisms and concerns from anti-cannabis groups.

One such concern is the proper storage of one’s cannabis supply, ensuring small children and pets have zero access to cannabis products. Hakuna Supply has solved this issue in a beautiful, discreet stash box. Responsibility, sustainability, equality, and integrity are the four core pillars of the company, and it shows in the care and craftsmanship of each box. Their “No More Worries” tagline perfectly encapsulates their mission to create quality products that help many to rest easy, knowing their stash is locked away.

The wooden book boxes are a discreet and elegant addition to any book shelf, and can be placed anywhere from the coffee table to your bedside. They are more than stash boxes; they are creative decor that allows for safe storage—something those on both sides of the debate can agree on.

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