CULTURE OF CURING: Yofumo’s Revolutionary, Post-Harvest Terpene Enhancement

One of the most overlooked aspects of cannabis cultivation is the curing process, which is a bit odd, as curing is one of the most crucial components in producing a quality harvest. Denver-based company Yofumo, however, is about to put curing on the map. Their patent-pending technology takes the “guessing game” out of curing, and even enhances flavor and aroma while optimizing the flower’s natural terpene profile. Growers thereby have total access and control over the environment of their drying units, with the added assurance that their yields will be free from antimicrobial harm.

When Colorado legalized cannabis, Yofumo CEO and Co-Founder Alfonso Campalans noted the difficulties in ensuring the plant’s integrity in the post-harvest stage. Campalans thought of a small box from his childhood in Venezuela, one that sanitized water with ozone—one of the safest agents used to rid water of harmful bacteria, still used to this day. Then it hit him: what if he could harness the power of ozone, and apply these properties to the cannabis cultivation process? Imagine as a grower, having the ability to always guarantee the cleanliness of your herb? I’ve seen mold destroy entire harvests overnight, and the potential effects of accidentally smoking flower exposed to molds and other fungi can be quite dangerous.

With Yofumo, clean cannabis is just the beginning. The real game changer is the curing unit’s ability to enhance terpene profiles. Terpenes, the flavor and aromas naturally found in the cannabis plant, can also be found anywhere in nature, from pine needles to fruit. Imagine having the ability to not only enhance your favorite strain’s terpene level, but also having the option to experiment and add any type of natural terpene to compliment your flower.

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BETTER AXE SOMEBODY: Mixed Multimedia Rig Dazzles

This outstanding, functional glass art was made by artist Jason Walker in 2016, one of a four-piece series. Jason’s inspiration for this glass came through his desire—and maybe a need—to create a piece that was more form than function; something that could sit on display and be viewed as art first, and a rig second. The use of multimedia, with wood and leather incorporated on the glass, creates a natural, pleasing aesthetic. This piece is also CFL reactive, which mean that it changes color under different light spectrums. The log is about 18 inches long, and the axe is around the same, so it will artfully stand out in any home.

Jason first started blowing glass in 2013. He was an avid snowboarder, but after losing a leg, he was looking for a creative outlet. He tried blowing glass and fell in love instantly. He owned a cannabis club at the time, which he sold to focus on his glass work. He has been happily on the torch ever since, saying, “I want to explore art. I’m more concerned with making art then selling glass.”

This glass is currently available by contacting Jason directly through his Instagram: @jasonwalkerglassart

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The recreational cannabis world has seen its fair share of silly rules. One that seems to be a never-ending source of frustration for the industry is the amazingly un-awesome “exit bag,” a non-recyclable, zippered plastic baggy for cannabis purchases. The OLCC enacted rules requiring that all cannabis leaving a store must be placed in these cumbersome bags, leaving seniors and sight-impaired folks struggling to easily access their medicine when they get home. RE:STASH has come up with an ingenious solution: a sustainable, Consumer Product Safety Commission-compliant exit strategy.

RE:STASH has married readily available Ball Mason Jars with childproof lids made from 30 percent recycled farm waste, creating a sustainable solution to the OLCC-enforced poly bags. The silicone bumper protects the delicate flowers inside your jar from UV and temperature swings.


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Jetty Extracts has carved themselves out as one of the most trusted concentrate brands in the California market, and for damn good reason. Not only is their product consistently fantastic on all ends of the spectrum, but their cause is something everyone can get behind. With their Shelter Project, which donates oil to cancer patients on a one-for-one basis, Jetty carries extraordinary clout when it comes to ethical business practices.

Their new line of wood tip glass cartridges are catching fire around the state. With the same pristine-level gold oil, rich in terpy flavor and abundant clarity, the outdoorsy Jetty campfire vibe is brilliantly embodied in these new cartridges, making them a guaranteed must-have for the connoisseur’s smoking library.

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Dads & Grads: The Perfect Pot Gift Purchase Guide for June

This is a special time of year. Once June rolls around, it’s everyone’s chance to start getting ready for summer. But, first the celebrations — and gifts for dads and grads!

With Father’s Day around the corner and graduation ceremonies happening throughout the month, it’s good to start getting your gift-giving plans in order.

The Handbook of Cannabis 

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The Joint Off

Which Pre-Roll Will Prevail?

Among cannoisseurs, pre-rolls have earned a bad reputation for being filled with bag shake otherwise unfit for sale. However, as other elements of cannabis continue to elevate and evolve, so do the pre-rolls of the legal era. More and more potent, premium pre-rolled selections are hitting the shelves at dispensaries across the nation, providing ultra-convenient ways to get blazed. In the interest of science, we put four pre-rolled selections to the test.

Ed Rosenthal Select– Sativa blend with hints of indica

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EXPOSED ROOTS: The Soilless Science Alternative

Although it sounds like science fiction, it is possible to grow plants with their roots suspended in mid-air. In 1997, NASA began a series of experiments growing adzuki beans, a high-protein Asian food crop, using a technology known as aeroponics. Aeroponics can be best explained as growing plants in an air and mist environment with no soil, and very little water. The process is the same in zero gravity as it is here on earth; the plants are grown in specially-designed containers, the roots suspended above nozzles that mist the roots with a mixture of water and nutrient-rich fertilizer. Despite the lack of soil or growing medium, this mixture of nutrients and water is all the plants need to thrive.

GrowX, a startup based at Oakland’s Gateway Incubator, has developed the technology to bring aeroponics to cannabis. The space connection runs deep at GrowX; co-founder J.P. Martin was previously an engineer at SpaceX, the Elon Musk-owned company with ambitions to colonize Mars. Despite aeroponics having an out-of-this-world pedigree, the advantages as a growing system are more down to earth. J.P. explains: “Aeroponics is cheaper, cleaner, less labor intensive than any other growing technique. Ninety-eight percent reduction in water consumption over traditional soil outdoor farming, and a 50 percent reduction in water use when compared with hydroponic systems. A 200-300 percent increase in growth rate over outdoor soil farming, and about 50 percent increase in growth rates compared with hydroponic.”

Ultimate control

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It’s a pin! It’s a magnet! It’s happily toasted like the rest of us. These silly little creations are the perfect gifts for your pin collecting peeps or your private collection. Add extra character to your bags, jackets, purses, hats and whatever else your colorful heart desires.

Price: $1.50

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Icelandic indie rock group, Sigur Ros has changed the constructs of music as a whole, and now they have their foot in the cannabis community. The ethereal group of composers has teamed up with the edible gurus at Lord Jones, introducing the exclusive collaborative line of “Sigur Berries”, an infused gumdrop of what is supposed to represent the taste of Icelandic wild berries. The treats come in THC-medicated form or CBD only options. Lord Jones has crafted their name to be one of the premium brands in the world of edible-making, and perfectly encompasses the emotion that Sigur Ros produces in their music.


The product was launched with a private sound bath performed by the band and of course the signature edibles being served as the show’s introduction. In a secluded Hollywood venue, I found myself laying on a a bed in a dark, smoke-filled room as Iceland’s most noteworthy band serenaded myself and about 50 other extremely lucky individuals with music that makes you feel more than human. Just as Sigur Ros’ front-man Jónsi creates a sensation of utmost emotional inspiration, the edibles brought the feeling into an even more amplified version of it’s familiar self.

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Summer is finally upon us! When the sun is shining and the rivers are flowing, nothing beats the refreshment of a cool drink. Personally, I don’t like being dragged down by a beer or soda when I’m out hiking or hanging with friends, and Happy Apple has introduced a crisp, buzzy alternative. I love a grin-causing buzz floating through my body, and the delightful brightness of the apple juice and crisp carbonation tops off the senses.

Focusing on all natural ingredients, Happy Apple has sourced the best apples from none other than Washington state. Their proprietary methods perfectly infuse your Happy Apple with cannabis, so no drink is more potent than the last, and the 10mg serving is perfect for being out and social. I’ll definitely be packing a few on my next camping trip!

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