Lighting Up With Emerald Mountain

Oregon photographer takes vivid cannabis photographs by paying close attention to his environment.

Cannabis photography is basically a zero sum game: you either get a vivid encapsulation of the natural magic and majesty of the world’s most controversial plant or an unremarkable snapshot of some dried up flowers.

And for a masterful expression of the professional end of the spectrum, you can’t do much better than the work of Martin Henderson — the man behind the curtain at Emerald Mountain Media, which produces some truly exquisite pot pictures.

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Sunglasses – Protect those ojos. Nobody wants to have to squint through the sunshine to see the beauty of their destination. Pro Tip: Don’t bring your most expensive pair with you, so if they get lost it’s no biggie.

Watch – Depending on where you’re headed, there may not always be cell service. Keep a watch handy so that you don’t miss a second, especially those of you who like schedules. Pro Tip: It’s probably best you leave your Rolex at home. Get something that is sturdy, can undergo wear and tear and doesn’t scream “Rob me!”

Cell and wallet case – Easy access to all the necessities. Pro Tip: Make sure that this is always put away tightly in your pack, not your pocket or side bag. Pickpocketing is very real.

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Floating Over the City of Angels

Photographer Jesse Hull takes surreal shots of cannabis hanging in mid-air.

“These are places where I grew up, hiking in the mountains, surfing down in Venice,” says photographer Jesse Hull about his suspended cannabis photos featuring backgrounds of iconic Los Angeles locales like the Santa Monica pier and Venice Boardwalk.

Place figures heavily into the native Californian’s imagery, encompassing the photographer’s favorite settings in his home town, and as a collection give an overall feel of the city. “Not so much the urban aspect,” he says, “but the more peaceful areas.”

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