FEELING IRIE ON DEMAND: Refined CBD topicals and tinctures

Irie tinctures contain a base of Hemp-derived CBD, reinforced with beneficial herbs and oils. Focusing on the healing and helpful properties of cannabinoids, Irie creates specific, effective products that are refined and easy to dose. Hemp seed oil, skullcap mint and curcumin from turmeric bolster the Pain Tincture and create a silky smooth drop that isn’t sticky or overly herbal.

Embracing the same holistic approach, their topicals combine hemp and complimentary ingredients to promote flexibility and healthy joint function. The entire Irie line features pleasing herbal scents, easy-to-read labels and intentional, no-nonsense ingredients. As this product is derived from hemp, it’s luckily available nationwide.

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Laurie & MaryJane edibles5-10 mg THC per Cake Bite | ChemHistory LLC

Coming from an almond farming family, I feel authorized to say these Almond Cake Edibles are worthy of attention. Hiding 5-10 mg of THC in each scrumptious cupcake, these mini morsels of deliciousness should have their own dessert classification. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, moist and cakey on the inside, I don’t even know how this combination cookie/cupcake is possible! Unwind and indulge in the whole package with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy a luxuriating moment of relaxation and peace. Read a book, watch a movie or just chill out while staying aware and awake.


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BARE BARS: Blaze Your Trail

THC: 15% THC | Kenevir Research

Seeing as I am lucky enough to have the Columbia Gorge for a backyard, I thought I’d take Bare’s suggestion and blaze my own path down the Oregon Trail. I hiked around lush greens and waterfalls looking for the perfect place to photograph the product.  However, about 30 minutes in I grew hungry. I tried to be patient but, Bare Bar’s Oregon Trail Bar and my stomach were calling out for each other!

I peeled back the top, pulled out the bar and took a long anticipated bite. Whoa! Hands down the tastiest trail bar I’ve ever eaten. Honestly, the fact that it contains 15mg of THC was just icing on the cake. Every bite was better than the last. I stopped to look at the label seeing that it contained a variety of natural ingredients including: dates, apricots, blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut oil, cannabis and water. I could taste every one of those delicious ingredients.

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BHOMCHELLY’S: Little Gummy Does Big Things

Tested by: 3B Analytical

If you were fond of gummies as a kid, you’re going to get a kick out of these delectable treats. Initially created to give relief to patients who can’t or don’t want to smoke cannabis, founder Michelle Renee created a little candy that does big things. Each one of these bad boys packs quite a bit of THC—they come in 13, 50, 100, and 500 mg doses—and they offer fun, fruity flavors such as strawberry, apple and watermelon. Within 20 minutes of consumption I felt a call to adventure. There’s a warm, head-in-the-clouds feel to their high. Colors were extra vivid, and sparks of creativity were flowing freely. Aside from medical patients, I would recommend these BhombChelly’s treats to music festival lovers, adventure seekers, or even Netflix and chill fans. Happy 420!

Instagram: @bhomchellyjellys 

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TOASTY’S: Chipotle and Cheddar Cheese Cannabis Crisps

THC: 14.5mg per cracker | Five crackers per package | 3B Analytical

Toasty’s Chipotle and Cheddar Cheese Cannabis Crisps are dangerously tasty. Just reading the nine ingredients made me excited to try these savory crackers and I was not disappointed!

Cayenne, chipotle and black pepper spice up the richness of the cheddar and butter. They are not simply a cracker with cannabis, more of a complex, crispy, crunchy nibble with a hot and spicy long lasting kick. Certainly a nice addition to the savory cannabis edible market. After indulging in these salt and peppery snacks, I really wish they had a cannabis-free version I could binge on!

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BAKER BOI’S HOT POCKETS: Savory Vegetarian Organic Comfort Food

Test results: 50mg THC per serving

The Baker Bois, Drew Smith and Zechari Schuller, began in 2012 as an underground edible movement in Texas, providing wholesome, canna-infused sweets to medical marijuana patients. Now baking their magic from Portland, they are expanding into the savory world by introducing a cannabis infused Hot Pocket! Phyllo dough surrounds a mixture of cinnamon roasted potatoes, garlic onion strings, kale and fire roasted peppers, all coated in a green chili Gouda bechamel cheese sauce. Listing the ingredients has my mouth water for another one. This cannabis comfort food is something you can feel good about indulging in.

Trust me! The only thing the Baker Bois Hot Pockets have in common with the hot pockets of Jim Gaffigan’s infamous standup is the name. I promise!

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