Report: Dirty, Contaminated Weed Still Being Sold in Oregon

Consumer safety is an eternal concern in every legal industry. Legal marijuana is no exception. If anything, cannabis marketplace regulators have struggled to ensure products that reach consumers meet safety standards and are not tainted with potentially harmful contaminants, like pesticides and mold.

For now, cannabis users in Oregon enjoy the strictest safety standards in America—although proposed pesticide regulations in California, currently being debated and up for approval later this summer, are even stricter. Some marijuana industry figures and cannabis advocates complain that California’s proposed rules, which could cost upwards of $400 per pound of processed pot to implement, are too strict.  

But judging by the ongoing situation in Oregon, where contaminated marijuana continues to elude testing and ends up in the hands (and lungs) of consumers, standards may not be strict enough. 

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OREGON GIRL GARDENS: Planting for Future Generations

“We started this epic journey back in the beginning of 2016, which is crazy because a year ago none of this was here.” Audra Cordell gestures at her farm, a plot of land 30 minutes south of Portland that comprises Oregon Girl Gardens. It was her sister-in-law, Robin Cordell, who approached Audra about launching a family-owned cannabis grow. Audra remembers: “She came to me and said, ‘I want to do this business. I want to grow local craft cannabis, incorporating biodynamic, regenerative agriculture. We’ll stand out as a small, women-owned farm.’”

Pink ChampagneRobin’s background made cannabis cultivation a natural choice. She earned a degree in horticulture from Oregon State University, managed medical marijuana gardens for years, and learned the art of permaculture design. Audra, who trained and worked as a geologist and then a teacher, had always been interested in growing vegetables and cut flowers. Looking for a way to be closer to relatives and spend more time with her child, she embraced the opportunity to launch Oregon Girl Gardens. She and her family now live on the farm, and Robin lives ten minutes away.

“We want to show people it’s okay to use cannabis. We’re changing the paradigm so there’s not the stigma. We hope to be an example of what’s possible…”

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Radical Rant: State Worker Allegedly Steals MMJ Dispensary Tax Payments

You’ve heard this story before. But this time, there’s a twist.

The federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I controlled substance.

Federal laws prevent financial institutions from laundering the proceeds of trafficking in Schedule I substances.

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BETTER AXE SOMEBODY: Mixed Multimedia Rig Dazzles

This outstanding, functional glass art was made by artist Jason Walker in 2016, one of a four-piece series. Jason’s inspiration for this glass came through his desire—and maybe a need—to create a piece that was more form than function; something that could sit on display and be viewed as art first, and a rig second. The use of multimedia, with wood and leather incorporated on the glass, creates a natural, pleasing aesthetic. This piece is also CFL reactive, which mean that it changes color under different light spectrums. The log is about 18 inches long, and the axe is around the same, so it will artfully stand out in any home.

Jason first started blowing glass in 2013. He was an avid snowboarder, but after losing a leg, he was looking for a creative outlet. He tried blowing glass and fell in love instantly. He owned a cannabis club at the time, which he sold to focus on his glass work. He has been happily on the torch ever since, saying, “I want to explore art. I’m more concerned with making art then selling glass.”

This glass is currently available by contacting Jason directly through his Instagram: @jasonwalkerglassart

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FEELING IRIE ON DEMAND: Refined CBD topicals and tinctures

Irie tinctures contain a base of Hemp-derived CBD, reinforced with beneficial herbs and oils. Focusing on the healing and helpful properties of cannabinoids, Irie creates specific, effective products that are refined and easy to dose. Hemp seed oil, skullcap mint and curcumin from turmeric bolster the Pain Tincture and create a silky smooth drop that isn’t sticky or overly herbal.

Embracing the same holistic approach, their topicals combine hemp and complimentary ingredients to promote flexibility and healthy joint function. The entire Irie line features pleasing herbal scents, easy-to-read labels and intentional, no-nonsense ingredients. As this product is derived from hemp, it’s luckily available nationwide.

Additional info:

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The recreational cannabis world has seen its fair share of silly rules. One that seems to be a never-ending source of frustration for the industry is the amazingly un-awesome “exit bag,” a non-recyclable, zippered plastic baggy for cannabis purchases. The OLCC enacted rules requiring that all cannabis leaving a store must be placed in these cumbersome bags, leaving seniors and sight-impaired folks struggling to easily access their medicine when they get home. RE:STASH has come up with an ingenious solution: a sustainable, Consumer Product Safety Commission-compliant exit strategy.

RE:STASH has married readily available Ball Mason Jars with childproof lids made from 30 percent recycled farm waste, creating a sustainable solution to the OLCC-enforced poly bags. The silicone bumper protects the delicate flowers inside your jar from UV and temperature swings.


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THC 57.4 % | CBD 2.89% | Sativa-Dominant | Lightscale Labs

Join Cascade High as they celebrate their anniversary the best way they know how—by giving us the gift of this amazing CO2-extracted cartridge. I was blown away by this little unit! Extracted by the experts at CO2 Dynamics, the Anniversary Blend is a delightful mix of Cascade High’s top sativa strains. The golden amber oil is housed inside a unique cartridge, and I found the drag near perfect, with full and satisfying hits.

I must admit, this is one of the top cartridges I’ve ever tried. The taste is wonderful; fruity with high citrus notes, I didn’t notice any “chemical” aftertaste prevalent in most disposable carts. The effects were immediate. I was having a stressful day before sitting down to write this, but the Anniversary Blend was just what I needed. My stress melted away, and I was left happy and centered.

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Laurie & MaryJane edibles5-10 mg THC per Cake Bite | ChemHistory LLC

Coming from an almond farming family, I feel authorized to say these Almond Cake Edibles are worthy of attention. Hiding 5-10 mg of THC in each scrumptious cupcake, these mini morsels of deliciousness should have their own dessert classification. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, moist and cakey on the inside, I don’t even know how this combination cookie/cupcake is possible! Unwind and indulge in the whole package with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy a luxuriating moment of relaxation and peace. Read a book, watch a movie or just chill out while staying aware and awake.


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17.52% THC | 1.25% CBD | Green Leaf Lab

This Sativa leaning-hybrid is a cross of pungent Lemon Skunk and frosty Cookies and Cream. Tearing into the buds releases sugarcane levels of sweetness while complex bouquets of lemon candy fill the room. Subtle scents of vanilla and cake round out the citrus. There’s a whiff of freshly baked waffle cone and a pleasing hint of herbal lemon verbena on my lips. Unlike other sativas that can get your heart racing, this strain has less body buzz and more cerebral excitement. Lovely as an afternoon mood enhancer, and even better, fewer calories than a slice of lemon space cake.


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Pinkleberry – Pretty in Pink

Green Source Gardens grows luscious, pink outdoor cannabis from seed using sustainable cultivation techniques.

Amidst the forested foothills at the junction of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, a steeply terraced hillside garden sits resplendent with row after row of dazzlingly vibrant cannabis in magnificent full bloom.

On this south-facing slope in southern Oregon, chuffy colas gleam with vigorous vitality as they bask in the midmorning sun. A kaleidoscopic array glows in vivid shades of green, splashed with bright yellow fennel and dotted with plush purple buds radiating florid fuchsia pistils.

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