Nevada County Warns Pot Industry Against Promoting Public Use

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials in Las Vegas are warning the recreational marijuana industry against any advertising that can be considered promoting public consumption.

Las Vegas marijuana business owners last week received a letter from Department of Business License Director Jaqueline Holloway reaffirming marijuana regulations.

The letter issued Monday threatens to suspend or take away licenses of dispensaries for any involvement with non-licensed pot businesses and anything “that promotes public consumption.”

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Legal Pot Arrives in Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe now has legal cannabis right in Incline Village, a hotspot for tourists.

A month after Nevada commenced recreational cannabis sales, the world-famous Lake Tahoe region now counts itself among the nation’s legal cannabis markets, with sales beginning Aug. 5.

The lake’s only medical cannabis dispensary on the Nevada side, NuLeaf, transitioned to adult-use sales and the day-one opening resulted in massive lines around the building.

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Nevada Opens Pot Distribution to Non-Liquor Wholesalers

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada’s marijuana regulators have decided to start issuing pot distribution licenses to businesses other than liquor wholesalers to keep up with overwhelming demand since legal recreational sales began July 1.

The Nevada Department of Taxation voted Thursday to open up the market previously limited to liquor distributors under the state ballot measure voters approved in November.

Department spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein said they’ll begin reviewing about 80 applications they received in May from other businesses.

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Nevada Pot Emergency Shows The Real Size Of America’s Demand For Cannabis

Photo by Javier Hasse. 

This article was originally published on Benzinga, and adapted exclusively for HIGH TIMES.

Nevada started selling cannabis for adult use just a few of weeks ago. Just a few days into legalization, dispensaries were already running low on (or even out of) product. Almost every major media outlet in the U.S. has reported on this event, explaining the shortage was caused by distribution problems and inefficiencies, rather than by a scarcity of weed in the state.

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State of Euphoria: Las Vegas’ First Medical Dispensary Goes Recreational

The Place

Euphoria is located in the southeastern suburbs of Las Vegas, in a strip mall that also contains a dentist and a Japanese restaurant. As such, Euphoria tends to serve a more local clientele. The shop itself is relatively minimal, dominated by blonde wood and well-polished tile. A waiting room with two check-in windows and a half-dozen chairs leads to a sales room with two enormous glass cases full of products. However, Euphoria is in the process of expanding into an adjacent space, and will soon double in size. “A lot more room,” says Darlene Purdy, Managing Director of Euphoria Wellness, nodding at the full waiting area.


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THE UNCLE WE ALL WISH WE HAD: Interview with Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom

Nevada’s Senator Richard Segerblom, or Tick for short (because “Tick is better than Dick” according to him), is a fourth generation public servant for the state of Nevada, and huge advocate for the legalization and normalization of cannabis. Largely due to his efforts, the state of Nevada is now added to the list of states that have legalized recreational marijuana, so we sat down with Tick and talked about everything from his days of smoking in the White House to his love for our DOPEN while streaming live on Facebook. We even had our live viewers jump in for some questions direct from YOU!

DOPE Magazine: You are a fourth generation Nevada public servant, your great grandfather, your grandmother, your mother and now you. Did you always know you wanted to follow in those footsteps?

Senator Tick Segerblom: I think it was assumed that I would eventually run to keep the tradition going but it kinda happened randomly as far as the time of my life. I was hoping to do it later in life but a seat became available where I live and I took the opportunity. It’s one of those things where we’re very smalltime legislature so it’s not like we’re running for governor or something. It’s a neat thing to have in your family and I thought I would carry on the tradition.

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Las Vegas Considers Airport Ad Restrictions on Marijuana

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials in Nevada’s Clark County are grappling with how to limit advertisements for marijuana at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.

County commissioners on Tuesday discussed a proposed ordinance that would ban pot ads at the airport, a move officials have argued would keep the airport in compliance with federal law. But the ordinance’s language raised some concerns as it could be applied to taxis and other vehicles with advertisements that go through the airport.

“We want to do something that can be enforced,” commissioner Jim Gibson said. “Something that, first off, our community can support. Then something that does not strip the operational capacity of the airport.”

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HULK SMASH DAB!: MPX’s Bruce Banner Sauce is Boss

Test Results: THC: 75.858% – CBD: 0%  |  Tested By: Ace Analytical Laboratory

MPX creates the Bruce Banner Sauce by taking the time to separate, then recombine High Terpene Liquid with THCa crystals. I could smell the labor of love the second I opened the jar. The sauce glistens with small THCA crystals—my eyes couldn’t believe the juicy treasure. That exhale was amazing; I could taste the pine and the strawberry as it lingered on my tongue. I had to have more, dipped back into the jar and got an even bigger dab. Hulk mode. My experience was amazing, the effect was strong and left me with that heavy-behind-the-eyes feeling, not to mention …lots of giggles. Will make you feel like a superhero!

Bruce Banner Sauce on…Instagram: @deeprootsharvestnv | Twitter: @deeprootsNV

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Test results: THC: 250mg – CBD: 3mg  |  Tested by: CW Analyitical

Whether it’s to address heavy physical or emotional pain, Korova bars offer tasty solutions for when there is a need for large amounts of THC or a want to consume less treat and more medicine per dose. On the front of their packages, their slogan, “Unrivaled Potency” is a merit that many users would endorse. While, literally on the flip side it advises, “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.” (in big, bold letters above a man happy and asleep, a warning many users would also endorse).

Our feature, Mint Dip, comes packed with 250mg of THC of cannabutter made with five grams of cannabis. Once only available during the holidays, Mint Dip is now stocked year round due to positive feedback. Many felt and spoke out that chocolate and mint are complimentary to cannabis taste.

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