Cameron Douglas Caught with Pot in System While on Probation

The son of movie star Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas, was almost sent back to federal prison after a probation officer said he’d been found with marijuana in his system.

The younger Douglas, 38, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, for conspiracy to distribute narcotics, after being found dealing heroin and crystal meth out of a hotel room.

Cameron’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, informed the court that his client sought help, after being traumatized from a critical beat down by a prison gang, while inside.

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11 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Stoner Dads

Sunday is Father’s Day, so when remembering everything you need to thank your dad for, don’t forget those times he ignored you smoking in the garage or “didn’t smell” it on your clothes (really, Dad, thanks).

Today, we salute 11 celebrity dads doing their part to advance marijuana in our culture or homes, or for just being plain cool with cannabis.

*Note: “Unnamed child” means that the child’s name has intentionally not been released to media.

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REPRESENTATION MATTERS “I AM HER AND SHE IS ME AND THAT IS OKAY”: Reflection and Recognition this Pride Month

For many of us trying to define ourselves in a primarily binary world is uncomfortable, and in the end, impossible. Seeing ourselves in these polarized “male” or “female” versions of the societal “norms” is like attempting to fit a puzzle piece from one puzzle into another. It just won’t fit, no matter how badly someone else might hope that it will, no matter how angry someone gets because of it, it simply does not fit. I understood this at a young age but was unsure of how to articulate it, and in all honesty afraid of vocalizing it at all for fear of what my homophobic father and people at school would say or do. I clearly remember the first time I saw the movie that changed my perception of myself forever though, Set It Off.

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. A city that is most widely known for The Strip and its tourist attractions. The Vegas I knew was a bit more volatile. It’s flashing lights consisted of the red white and blues of the local police harassing the people in my neighborhoods, so when I came across a movie with four leading woman of color, from neighborhoods similar to my own, with a character that I could relate to on so many levels, I was struck. Queen Latifah plays Cleo, a strong, proud, take no shit, lesbian. Finally, there was someone on screen who I felt mirrored my anger and shared my preferences. I was her and she was me and that was okay. 

Representation matters and although comfort with myself and understanding the spectrum of gender and sexuality didn’t come for a long time after, this was a turning point in the acceptance of my strength and my power. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

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Ice Cube to Produce Film about Dock Ellis: MLB’s Acid Tripping Pitcher

We have written about people doing extraordinary things while tripping on acid and about LSD helping with certain disorders, but frankly, baseball great Dock Ellis takes the cake.

Forty-seven years ago this week, one of the most important moments in baseball history was made when the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher took to the mound and pitched a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres—while tripping on acid.

Reporters at the game, who learned of Ellis’s feat 10 years later, said they couldn’t believe it.

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Cinema Stoner: The Mummy & Bubba Kush Indica

Being a stoner is like Memento. You’re always trying to remember what you just fucking did.

In my case, a handful of Bubba Kush nugs submerged my experience of watching Tom Cruise in the reboot of The Mummy. This flavorful indica is simply one of the best strains I’ve smoked. I also completely forgot I saw The Mummy until I woke two days later in a damp sweat, my weed-steeped room smelling like Willie Nelson’s hair.

Without tattoos to guide my remembrance of this clearly forgettable Mummy retread, I sifted through my chicken-scratch notes. “When no one is talking,” I apparently wrote, “the movie is quite good.”

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Cinema Stoner: Wonder Woman & Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Sativa

Who can resist Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies? I can make a box disappear in twenty minutes. The same rule applies to the sativa strain bearing the same name as America’s favorite 1120-calorie snack. Once I smoked this weed, I could not stop until the eighth was just another 50 dollars evaporated into my mind. Then I went to see Wonder Woman.

The latest entry in the limping DC Cinematic Universe, the movie shows the worst traits of the continuing Warner Brothers franchise. Like the caterwauling Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman is saddled with tedious world-building and inconsistent supernatural elements. I buy that Gal Gadot plays an Amazonian princess built from clay by Zeus as a weapon to destroy the God of War. I do not buy that the power of love then allows her to levitate and shoot lazer bombs from her wrists.

It starts off well. After a solid 10-minute wall of exposition featuring immersive two-dimensional frescoes of Greek gods and heroes, Wonder Woman opens amongst the Amazonians, a group of female hermit warriors played by an incredible cast of journeywoman character actresses. With the tangy Thin Mint eighth adding a rosy glow to director Patty Jenkins’ impressive visual staging, I involuntarily pumped a fist in the air when a half-naked Robin Wright Orlando-Bloomed a volley of arrows into German soldiers storming a sun-dappled beach. Okay, I thought, this might be good.

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Cinema Stoner: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & OG Kush Edible

Like the majority of the population, my love for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film dissipated quickly with the subsequent sequels, a mash of waterlogged mythology cut with the mannered kookiness that torpedoed Johnny Depp’s career.

So I approached the fifth installment—Dead Men Tell No Tales—with sheer dread. Prior to the screening, I nervously ate a 2,000 calorie cheeseburger, fries, large soda, and a 150 mg OG Kush brownie.

A normal person ingests 10-20 mg of edible marijuana in a sitting. But normal people also don’t watch groups of cartoony sea criminals search for the trident of a sea god to defeat an army of unstoppable soldiers made of ash—which is literally the plot of this movie. 

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5 Ways to Celebrate Tommy Chong’s Birthday

Wednesday, May 24, is the birthday of one of weed’s most prolific figures: Tommy Chong.

The as-of-today, 79-year-old has remained remarkably active in his later years, so to pay tribute to our favorite stoner grandpa, here are five ways to celebrate his birthday that Chong himself would surely be proud of.

1. Watch (Or Listen) To A Classic

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Cinema Stoner: Alien: Covenant & Purple Jack Hybrid


It’s apparently really damn hard to make a great Alien movie. An oddly engrossing but aimless sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant answers most of the mysteries of that much-derided film in a series of anti-climactic reveals, sandwiched between B-grade sci-fi visuals and decent sequences of outright gore. 

A workmanlike horror blockbuster like Covenant requires a lot of positive imagination to keep the film’s science-light universe from collapsing into silliness, so I picked the sweltering Purple Jack to blunt my consumption of this Ridley Scott B-Side.

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Cinema Stoner: King Arthur & Strawberry Cough Sativa


It brings me no pleasure to review Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It brings me even less pleasure to report on a disappointing sativa. But being an adult who regularly smokes weed and then sees movies, I have an obligation to my craft. Onward.

Strawberry Cough sativa is about as close as one can get to smoking weed without any effect at all. This low-THC strain smells beautiful and indeed tastes like strawberries upon the eponymous cough. But after smoking a half-gram joint, I immediately rolled another. Because I was not high at all. 

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