Hawaii Says ‘Aloha’ to Legal Medical Marijuana Sales

Hawaii was the first state to pass a medical marijuana law through the legislature — now it’s finally getting dispensaries and legal sales: Registered patients in Hawaii may now purchase up to eight ounces over a 30 consecutive day period.

Seventeen years after the state passed trailblazing medical cannabis laws in the legislature — and not through the ballot box — Hawaiian patients now have access to a regulated market, with the first two dispensaries now open.

After officially passing their final inspection from the Department of Health, Maui Grown Therapies transacted the first sales in the state for preregistered patients — narrowly edging out Aloha Green of Oahu (which opened August 9) for the claim to “first Hawaiian dispensary, even though Maui Grown didn’t officially open until August 14.

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Spores in Space: These Mushroom Trips Last Light-Years

Before Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin wrote Tuf Voyaging, the darkly comic tale of a solo space traveler zipping from planet to planet with his own unique brand of problem solving. His magic weapon? Mushrooms. As far-fetched as it sounds, fungi are the perfect long-distance travel companion. In the right environment, spores keep indefinitely and are small enough that you could pack an entire farm on a postage stamp. Looking toward to the future and our inevitable trek to the outer reaches of space, mushrooms might just be the ticket we need to get off the planet.

In fact, we’ve already given zero-gravity mushroom growing a shot. In 1993, cultures of Flammulina velutipes were sent into orbit on the joint Space Shuttle Columbia/Spacelab D-2 mission. As observed by amateur mycologists, mushrooms tend to grow as a veiled cap atop a long, spindly stem. Remove gravity from the equation, however, and the mushrooms grow in every direction. Gills flipped inside-out like windblown umbrellas, and mushrooms fruited in every orientation imaginable. The results were promising. The mushrooms grew unexpectedly, yet still produced fruit under off-world conditions. Though the experiment lasted just long enough to make these observations, we’ll need to push our fungal gardening experiments further if we aim to observe how zero gravity affects mushroom growth.

Fungi tech here on Earth has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple decades. Mycoprotein is a vegetarian meat substitute, originally developed to combat food shortages, made from Mycelium—not the fruit, but the tiny white strands that act as a sort of root for mushrooms. Nutritious protein as a blank canvas. For now, you can find it amongst the faux meats in your grocer’s freezers, formed and flavored into shapes like bacon, burgers and chicken-less nuggets.

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Testing Company: Ohio College Ready to Host Pot Testing Lab

A recent announcement by a company eager to offer testing services to Ohio’s emerging medical cannabis market claims it has found a state-approved public college to host the lab, as per the requirements of the state’s MMJ law. At present, the identity of the college and any details about the arrangement are still a mystery.

CCV Research, a  company looking to provide testing services to Ohio’s medical cannabis market, announced it has received a letter of intent from an Ohio public institution of higher education ready to partner with the company in operating a medical cannabis testing lab.

The announcement said the governor’s office has confirmed that the (as-of-yet unidentified) academic partner is qualified under state law to host the lab.

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NFL Signals Softening Stance on Medical Cannabis

Which will come first; nationwide marijuana legalization, or NFL football players smoking weed? It’ll be close.

August is the month when the fancies of many Americans shift — totally and irrevocably, until after Christmas trees have shed their needles — towards our most popular ritual, our national religion: Football season is here again.

But pro football is in serious existential jeopardy. That is, it would be if we inhabited a rational world.

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PHANTOM FARMS: A Spirit of Friendship and Experimental Cultivation

Nestled between two hills in a small, secluded valley, rows of cannabis plants stretch as far as the eye can see and drop off over the edge of a hill like a vineyard. There are no structures or people in sight, and Phantom Farms’ two side-by-side Tier II grow sites are silent and peaceful—except for the distant sound of the garden boom box playing Pink Floyd. A picture-perfect setting for this tight knit group of friends to grow their dream.

Phantom FarmsPhantom Farms was born when a close group of family and friends saw an opportunity to do what they love, do it well and do it together. Their diverse backgrounds included experience in general contracting, law, advertising and many years in the medical cannabis industry, uniquely positioning them to start their business themselves.

The PF team is excited about experimentation, which is evident in their diverse growing styles. From greenhouses to outdoor, seeds to clones, varying bed styles and even the number of plants per bed, they test different methods to dial in a perfect system. Even their impressive 45 strain lineup is diverse, including many genetics they’ve bred themselves. One cross combines Lemon Dream and Super Lemon Haze for a terpene-heavy strain they’ve named Cascade Lemonade, after the mountain range that serves as the backdrop for their picturesque location.

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DOPE ON THE ROAD: Cannabis in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The clock was encroaching on 10pm, but the sun still shone bright across the frigid waters of the gulf. A small group of 40 or so revelers gathered in the tiny airmen’s lodge outside Anchorage, Alaska, eager for the feast being prepared in the adjacent kitchen. Michele Larissa, local canna chef, was busy prepping her troops as we arrived.

“The Bombshells,” an all-women, ‘50s-themed cooking group led up by Miss Larissa, buzzed around the small kitchen in full regalia, plating and preparing a six-course infused feast for the participants of the third annual Northwest Cannabis Classic. This delicious event was set to begin the following morning.

Christopher Chicoine was on hand representing his Fairbanks-based company, Yeti Extracts, excited to see full legalization in his home state of Alaska. “We’re Alaskans,” he explained as we took dabs together, “and when we come together to make regulations, we think about what’s best for the people.”

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SOCIAL MEDIA’S WAR ON CANNABIS: The silent attack of deleting accounts

Imagine what it means to be deleted online: All of your friends and followers, gone…the images you shared, gone…the stories you told, all gone. My company’s Instagram account, Kiva Confections, has been shut down eight times. We’ve lost over 60,000 followers and countless hours of community building, original content and user feedback.

What type of content would get an account shut down eight times? Graphic nudity? Direct-sales to followers? Minors abusing drugs?

Here are a few examples of the content Kiva Confections shares on social media:

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THE CLINIC CARES: One of Colorado’s Oldest, Most Highly Acclaimed Dispensaries

The Place

Located in the heart of South Denver, The Clinic is easily accessible from the highway and is an absolute must-stop for anyone near the University of Denver. With plenty of parking spaces and a large staff onsite, you can count on getting what you need. The shop environment is cool and sophisticated, with modern amenities and beautifully-themed hexagon shapes throughout. After taking a moment to appreciate the designs, an employee told me they were going for an ‘Apple Store’ type of vibe, which they perfectly captured.

The Clinic ColoradoThe People

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Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary Medicine

Keeping your pets away from your stash is always a good idea, but that doesn’t mean your pets can’t have their own. The future of cannabis medicine includes the way we care for our domestic animals.

Carrie Reeves has three pets that have always been anxious, but it wasn’t until they started dealing with age-related illnesses that she realized she could treat their issues the same way she treats her own — with medicinal cannabis.

When she brought home two Maine Coon kittens she expected them to be docile, the way Maine Coon cats usually are. These two kittens named Oliver and Dinah were not — they were skittish and standoffish. Her dog, Fiona, had always been antsy too, but that came as less of a surprise since vizslas are a notoriously anxious breed.

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Could Cannabis Help Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder?

A growing number of parents of autistic children are coming out in support of medical cannabis, saying that their children show miraculous results for a condition that often seems hopeless.

Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, with nearly 1 in 68 children now being diagnosed with some form of ASD every year. The spectrum of severity is extremely wide, but it can negatively impact communication skills, complicate social interactions and may cause aggression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies or self-injurious behaviors.

There is no known cause or cure for autism, so the disorder is typically treated with a variety of therapies and medications. For some patients these treatments are effective, but with the large increase in diagnoses, many parents are still desperate for an effective way to ease autism’s various symptoms.

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