New Study Confirms Pot Smokers are Happy, Well Adjusted and Successful

Not to be that person who says “I told you so,” but a new study has concluded that pot smokers are not a bunch of lazy slackers but indeed well-adjusted human beings who cross a large swath of society’s diverse types of individuals.

The landmark new study conducted by BDS Analytics, entitled “Cannabis Consumers are Happy Campers,” surveyed 2,000 California and Colorado adults, with a quota of 1,200 people who have used marijuana within the past six months.

The logic was to gather info from a population sample that was representative of the general public.

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DEA Chief: ‘Marijuana Is Not Medicine… It’s a Joke’

At an event yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic concerning “Our Nation’s Opioid Epidemic,” acting head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Chuck Rosenberg, stated that “marijuana is not medicine.”

The Washington Examiner reported that Rosenberg said, “If it turns out that there is something in smoked marijuana that helps people, that’s awesome. I will be the last person to stand in the way of that… But let’s run it through the Food and Drug Administration process, and let’s stick to the science on it.”

Note the use of the term “smoked marijuana.”

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Alex Jone’s Bizarre Marijuana Lie

Like most hair-triggered carnival barkers who dispense conspiracy theories at foghorn decibels (and then quickly pivot to selling bunk supplements), conservative demagogue Alex Jones is not boring.

This is not a good thing.

When the InfoWars host says something inflammatory or insane—Hillary Clinton is a reptilian she-demon; Donald Trump is a nice guy and will make a good president—people believe him. That’s the power of an “alternative media” mogul in the age of alternative facts.

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5 Biggest Myths of the Drug War (and the Trump Administration Officials Peddling Them)

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C. on Saturday for an old-fashioned street protest. Less than 100 days into Donald Trump’s first term, the “alternative facts” brigade has provided no shortage of outrages to inspire mass resistance: executive orders so flagrantly bigoted they’re unconstitutional, conservative schemes to leave tens of millions of Americans without healthcare, a chief executive who brags about grabbing women’s crotches.

The purpose of this latest demonstration of the Trump era is much simpler. Rational, even. It’s… facts.

As in real facts. Evidence. Knowledge. Saturday was the national March for Science. Academic researchers and their allies turn out in an effort to prove to politicians and policy-makers that, hey, maybe you should not do things like say climate change—something nearly everyone who deals in facts for a living agrees is real—is a hoax, because it is not. It really has come to this: Americans are so assailed by hokum peddled at the highest levels of our government that they feel compelled to take to the streets.

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DEA Finally Removes Misinformation about Pot from Website

After months of public pressure and media attention, the DEA has finally removed some inaccurate information from its website.

The change comes after Americans for Safe Access filed a legal request with the Department of Justice in December, demanding that the DEA update and remove factually inaccurate information about cannabis from their website and materials.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) argued that the more than 25 false statements on the DEA’s website about marijuana constituted a violation of the Information Quality Act (IQA), which requires that administrative agencies not provide false information to the public and that they respond to requests for correction of information within 60 days.

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Consulting Colorado Drug Cop Spreading Marijuana Legalization Lies

Curious about what marijuana legalization might do to New Jersey, local lawmakers in the Atlantic City area wanted an expert to tell them what they might expect. Instead, they heard from Kevin Wong, an intelligence analyst with the Rocky Mountain High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, who had some news for Jersey that would have come as a surprise to colleagues back in Colorado.

Thanks to weed, Wong is no longer proud of his home state.

“I have to apologize for what Colorado has done, because it has now affected all of you in other states,” he told lawmakers at an annual breakfast event attended by lawmakers from several cities in the Jersey Shore area. He “ruefully noted that visitors flying to Colorado can arrange to be picked up directly at the airport for special tours of the state’s bumper crop of marijuana dispensaries.” In case the prospect of tourists didn’t quite shake the Jersey crew, Wong had more.

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Top 10 Fake Weed Stories from Last Year

There was a lot of good news with marijuana this year—namely the widespread legalization efforts that swept our nation—but not everything was true.

With fake news and alternative facts seemingly here to stay, here are 10 of the most amusing fake pot stories from 2016.

1. Colorado Rockies to Sell Weed Brownies at Baseball Games

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