Book Review: “Idiot’s Guide: Growing Marijuana”

Big Lit makes a move on America’s new botanical sweetheart — cannabis.

It finally happened. One of the “Big Four” publishing firms, Penguin Random House, at last saw an opening and jumped into the cannabis game with the new release “Idiot’s Guide: Marijuana Growing.” Responsible for the launch of hit titles ranging from Ralph Ellison’s classic “The Invisible Man” to a host of Dr. Seuss staples to Ann Coulter’s recent “In Trump We Trust,” Penguin’s worldwide readership is decidedly vast and varied.

Just think, you’ll soon be able to openly read in public about the systematic manufacture of marijuana and attract little more than a “hmm” from the average passerby. Quite a change from the first, popular MJ title – most notably the seminal grow book “Marijuana Growers Guide Deluxe Edition,” written by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank in 1978. Clutching a copy of that title has always felt like an act of defiance throughout the cannabis prohibition years. Not quite on level with “The Anarchist Cookbook,” but close to it if you lived in a state where a loose joint could get you a couple years in a prison labor camp. In fact, “Marijuana Growers Guide” caught fire so swiftly across the nation in the ‘70s that it even garnered a book review by the New York Times.

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The fashion world is a chaotic land full of outlandish Instagram photos and Kanye West shows, but every once in a while something magical happens. A phenomenon unlike any other.

The fashion world (and yes the sports world) were blessed this past month with the RompHim.

What’s the RompHim, you ask? Well, that’s a great question. According to the Kickstarter page—which is currently hovering at just under $360,000—the RompHim is a romper designed for men. It’s described as “your new favorite summer outfit,” which almost certainly isn’t true.

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Starting around 2011, it happened in the nation’s capital—a lot.

Police responding to reports of a crazy person, naked, yelling, running down the street, obviously overdosing on…something.

Most suspected meth. Some suspected LSD. Others thought the crack epidemic was back. And an uninformed few thought it was the result of marijuana addiction—that this was reefer madness.

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Cannabutter is one of the oldest infusion techniques known to stoners worldwide. From the infamous “weed brownie” to today’s fine confectionary treats, cannabutter acts as the primary ingredient in most edible recipes.

Unfortunately, most cannabutters taste like ass. Whether your buddy didn’t know the difference from schwag and quality flower, or someone realized too late they didn’t strain the butter, leaving you to pick nugs from your teeth, most of us have had as many bad experiences with homemade edibles as we have good. Here are a few pointers to put you on the right path to a POSITIVELY memorable evening:

You get out what you put in:

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In a sign of growing acceptance of the cannabis industry, and increased attention by a mainstream regulation industry, the global standards organization American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) announced the launch of a new committee on March 1 that will be focused on creating technical standards and guidance for cannabis and its products and processes.

The ASTM board of directors officially approved the formation of the committee on cannabis on April 25. The organization also announced that the committee will hold its first official meeting June 11-12 in Toronto.

At the March meeting, about 60 industry representatives, associations and others met at the ASTM headquarters near Philadelphia and created the volunteer committee on cannabis, designated D37.

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Just after inauguration, The National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA) created a policy group featuring 14 district attorneys who will issue advisements on possible law or policy changes regarding cannabis.

At their first meeting, the group reportedly wanted to draft a letter to all governors in states where medical and recreational cannabis are legal, instructing them to shut those businesses down within 90 days. Yikes.

That didn’t happen. But the fact that it was considered created a momentary burst of fear that rattled the industry and caught many off-guard. Who are these guys, and what kind of power do they wield?

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NorCal Cannabis Cup Recap: Top-Shelf Titans Battle for Glory

Once again, California cannabis patients and enthusiasts flocked to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in search of the world’s best cannabis — only this time it was grown indoors.

One of the true marquee events of the U.S. Cannabis Cup circuit that have developed over the past decade, the NorCal Cup is a glimpse into the current state of high-grade cannabis: This is the backyard contest for some of the world’s best cultivators, and taking home a cup (or runner-up medal) is a major validation of the effort any grower, edible producer or hash company is putting in.

While a NorCal Cup victory is obviously one of the most prized in the game, the tunes are also a pretty solid draw as well — two nights of music included 311 headlining Saturday night, just a week shy of the group’s 27th anniversary. Sunday evening’s music stage competed against the NBA Finals for the crowd’s attention, which provided a more eclectic setting for The Wailers and the first half of Sublime with Rome’s set.

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DOJ Task Force Gears Up to Talk Pot Policy

The Justice Department’s Task Force on Public Safety and Crime Reduction has a set of initial recommendations due next month that will include a look at the current state of the department’s cannabis policy, with longtime drug warrior among those at the helm.

With the current state of the American criminal justice system, civil rights and the relationship between law enforcement and the public — particularly people of color — it was no surprise that it took a few months for the DOJ’s Public Safety and Crime Reduction task force to get to cannabis.

But as the task force prepares to tackle the issue, one of the folks at its helm — Eastern Tennessee Career Prosecutor, Steven H. Cook — just reminded the Associated Press how much he hates drugs in general.

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5 Questions About ‘Weed DUI’ Answered

Many people assume chemical testing for THC is as simple and reliable as testing for blood alcohol content (BAC), but in reality it is much more complex.

Even in states that decriminalize medical or adult-use of cannabis, police can still arrest you for driving under the influence. That may not come as much of a surprise: most people know driving impaired is illegal, regardless of the substance. But many people don’t realize how difficult it is to chemically test for cannabis intoxication.

Here’s the answer to five big questions you might have about “weed DUI.”

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President Trump Compliments Leader Who Executes His Citizens for Drug Charges

If the latest comments and memos coming out of Attorney General Sessions’ Department of Justice didn’t raise concerns about the Trump Administration’s potential plans to reignite our nation’s failed war on drugs, his recent call with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte should sound alarm bells.

A reminder: President Duterte has extrajudicially executed thousands of his own citizens on drug charges during his tenure leading the country.

The Washington Post received a transcript of the phone call and describes Trump’s comments on Duterte’s drug “policy” as follows:

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