A Truly Extreme OG: (Extremely Sleepy, That Is)

Test Results: THC 30.6%  |  Tested by: Peak Analytics

Extreme Cream is a dynamite indica, blending Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream into a truly surprising strain. It looks like a killer, with heavy streaks of purple and thick kief coating making it shine. Upon opening, a sweet OG funk immediately filled the room and left a slightly spicy note clinging to my sinuses. Despite the smell, the smoke has a rich, earthy taste I couldn’t get enough of. The heavy, cerebral high rolled in like a thunderstorm, leaving me in a sleepy daze for hours. Perfect for finding an elusive full night’s rest, or quieting the mind at night.

Extreme CreamAvailable at: Diamond Green 4002 S 12th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 | Cannabis City 2733 4th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134

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Hawaii Says ‘Aloha’ to Legal Medical Marijuana Sales

Hawaii was the first state to pass a medical marijuana law through the legislature — now it’s finally getting dispensaries and legal sales: Registered patients in Hawaii may now purchase up to eight ounces over a 30 consecutive day period.

Seventeen years after the state passed trailblazing medical cannabis laws in the legislature — and not through the ballot box — Hawaiian patients now have access to a regulated market, with the first two dispensaries now open.

After officially passing their final inspection from the Department of Health, Maui Grown Therapies transacted the first sales in the state for preregistered patients — narrowly edging out Aloha Green of Oahu (which opened August 9) for the claim to “first Hawaiian dispensary, even though Maui Grown didn’t officially open until August 14.

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Wish Upon a Tokyo Starfish: A True Farm-to-Table Dispensary

The Oregon DOPE Magazine team recently headed down to Bend to see what one of the biggest, year-round outdoor destinations had to offer the recreational cannabis enthusiast. Founded by a group of friends while on a snowboard trip to Japan, the name ‘Tokyo Starfish’ comes from a famous intersection resembling the five-pointed creatures.

“The location was a dog grooming place and an antique shop,” recalls Sara, General Manager of the new south store location. “We completely opened up the space and remodeled from the ground up.” The lobby, or lack thereof, was a pleasant surprise from the cramped, sometimes jail-like lobbies once required by law. Bright and spacious, several smiling budtenders beckoned us in. I found myself admiring The Original Strong Silicon Water Pipe, an impossible-to-break piece, made right in Bend.

Tokyo Starfish Dispensary BudtendersThe atmosphere is upbeat and engaging, and the energy quite active, with customers coming in to load up before a day of mountain biking or snowboarding. The budtenders are quick to answer my questions without making me feel rushed, and are obviously excited to be in such a spacious location. The neighbors are excited, too. The south end of town and communities such as Sunriver and La Pine finally have closer access to top-shelf goods.

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Benny’s Farm: Restructuring Sustainable Growing

Sustainably-grown cannabis is surprisingly hard to come by. Cultivation methods typically require copious amounts of water waste, resource use and enough electricity to power a major city on a weekly basis. The push for more environmentally-conscious growing methods is becoming a much-discussed topic in the cannabis community; sustainable techniques that have little to no impact on the environment are critical for longevity. Growers like Benny’s Farm in Los Angeles are creating solutions for efficient cultivation, giving the community top-grade product without draining the resources we rely on for survival.

Benny of Benny’s Farm champions growing cannabis using the NASA-developed technology of aeroponics. Aeroponics uses the air in a given environment to grow plants, without the use of soil or rockwool. Benny started growing this way about two years ago, after forming a brotherly bond with an aero-growing legend named Ché. Throughout his mentorship, Benny learned the importance of research and education in growing cannabis, and eventually went on to run his own operation. With honesty, transparency and resiliency at the core of his growing mantra, Benny’s passion came to life and is now thriving, without the typical carbon footprint of most grow operations.

Benny’s FarmAccording to Benny, growing cannabis aeroponically is by no means easy, and attention to detail is critical for a successful crop. The water that is used in the process is never dumped; rather, when it’s ready to flush, the nutrient-dense waste is used to feed Benny’s on-site plants. A successful run using aeroponics cuts down on veg times, creating the opportunity to produce flower more regularly. The system’s lightweight portability makes it ideal for urban growing, a concept that will continue to spread within densely populated areas such as L.A.

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Could Cannabis Tourism Save Puerto Rico’s Economy?

Puerto Rico is drowning in a sea of debt more than $74 billion deep, and many on the Caribbean island see legal cannabis as a potential lifeline.

The sunny Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is facing some dark financial times: Large companies fled the island for friendlier tax laws, creating a deficit that the resource-rich, industry-poor territory has been unable to fill. Puerto Ricans — about 45 percent of whom live at or below the poverty line — are following suit: The island’s population has fallen by 400,000 people, to 3.4 million, in no small part because unemployment here (12 percent) is almost triple what it is back in the full-fledged USA (4.3 percent).

Above all, Puerto Rico is more than $74 billion in debt to creditors it cannot pay and has $50 billion in pension obligations it cannot fulfill. There are assertions that up to half of the debt is “illegal” — the result of toxic Wall Street tricks of the kind that engineered the Great Recession — but the weight of the financial obligation remains.

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THE UNCLE WE ALL WISH WE HAD: Interview with Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom

Nevada’s Senator Richard Segerblom, or Tick for short (because “Tick is better than Dick” according to him), is a fourth generation public servant for the state of Nevada, and huge advocate for the legalization and normalization of cannabis. Largely due to his efforts, the state of Nevada is now added to the list of states that have legalized recreational marijuana, so we sat down with Tick and talked about everything from his days of smoking in the White House to his love for our DOPEN while streaming live on Facebook. We even had our live viewers jump in for some questions direct from YOU!

DOPE Magazine: You are a fourth generation Nevada public servant, your great grandfather, your grandmother, your mother and now you. Did you always know you wanted to follow in those footsteps?

Senator Tick Segerblom: I think it was assumed that I would eventually run to keep the tradition going but it kinda happened randomly as far as the time of my life. I was hoping to do it later in life but a seat became available where I live and I took the opportunity. It’s one of those things where we’re very smalltime legislature so it’s not like we’re running for governor or something. It’s a neat thing to have in your family and I thought I would carry on the tradition.

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Police Departments Telling K9 Units to ‘Sit and Stay’

What happens to K9 cops when cannabis is decriminalized? For the most part, not much — departments aren’t planning to part with drug dogs any time soon.

Humans of the 21st century think highly of our pets — almost as highly as we think of ourselves. So now that drug-policy reform is swelling government budgets and thinning prisons, some people are asking, “won’t someone think of the drug-sniffing dogs?”

Colorado Public Radio is the latest to examine the question of what to do with K9 units in an era of drug-policy reform. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, CPR points out, so what’s the use of a dog trained to suss out marijuana?

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Video Killed the Sports Star? What Pro Sports Can Learn From Action Sports

After attempting to kill any and everything from napkins to wine corks to sex, Millennials—the oft-criticized generation born between the early 1980s to 2000—have their sights set on a new target: sports. Once known for being impervious to the drop in TV ratings, sports have seen a decline in viewership and attendance while the median age of fans continues to rise. Sports media behemoths such as ESPN, Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated have all recently dealt with massive layoffs and downsizing due to the changing climate of the market.

According to a Magna Global Study, the median age for NFL and MLB fans are 50 and 57, respectively. And while the action sports crowd has gotten older, their median age is still 47—a decade younger than that of baseball’s crowd. In fact, action sports are the fourth most-watched sport by the prized 18-to-35 demographic.

And the future of sports has never been murkier than it is today, thanks—in part—to those blasted millennials who aren’t watching sports at the same rate as their elders. Millennials might not be the only reason that sports are on the decline, but the Big 4—NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL—can learn a lot from their tendencies, and how action sports cater to the ever-important youths.

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ROYAL CHEESE SHATTER: Can I Get Some Extra Cheese?!

Royal Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the UK. Originally bred from Skunk #1 and crossed with a feminized phenotype of itself, this silken extract stays true to its royal bloodline. The sweet smells of a corner bakery fill my nose as I peel back the wax paper to reveal a golden, glistening slice of pure heaven. I portion off a healthy helping of amber Swiss as my rig hits its low-setting and I take an easy pull.

Exhaling, I am carried away to a tropical paradise. A plethora of flavor cascades over my palate like an exquisite waterfall; distinct notes of juicy mango and frosted lychee berry swim alongside exotic grapes dripping with creamy honey. The taste finishes on a pungently earthy note, complementing the initial sweetness.

Moments later I feel a powerful euphoria grip my muscles, the sensation building like lapping waves over cerebral shores. The feeling sinks deep into my body, soaking my mind in relief, banishing all stress and anxiety. Despite inspiring a strong appetite, this noble strain had me feeling regal, even hours later. Recommended for any concentrate connoisseur seeking the royal treatment.

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ANNIE’S INFUSED CHOCOLATE BARS: Smooth High from a Dark Chocolate

Testing Info: 2.5mg THC per square

The taste of real dark chocolate lingers on my tongue. The raw cocoa kick of these Annie’s infused chocolates by Willie’s Reserve stays with me for nearly twenty minutes after I’ve finished my first assortment of the 2.5mg THC squares, which are ideal for micro-dosing.

A peaceful high takes hold of me over the next two hours, the effects coming on so gradually I hardly notice. The tension in my back dissolves and I find myself suddenly inspired to take advantage of the summer weather beginning to grace western Washington. I take a couple chocolates along with me, these ones sprinkled with extra goodies such as espresso beans and rich, chocolate-enrobed almonds.

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