California Looks to Boost Pot, Block Immigration Jails



SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers voted Thursday to set rules for the state’s nascent marijuana industry and to quash the growth of federal immigration detention as lawmakers approved major pieces of a state budget for the next fiscal year.

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Nevada Fails to Legalize Cannabis Lounges

Nevada had a fighting shot at becoming the first state in America to bring to life the inception of the cannabis lounge, but lawmakers dragged their feet on the issue, causing it to die a quiet death last week at the steps of the State Assembly.

A report from the Nevada Appeal indicates that Senate Bill 236, which was introduced by Senator Tick Segerblom, failed to be given any consideration from the lower house before last Friday’s deadline—killing the bill until it can be reintroduced in 2018.

The proposal, which was designed to give tourists “options to legally and responsibility consume marijuana,” would have allowed the existence of pot clubs in certain areas. It also would have provided opportunities for promoters to permit public consumption at festivals and other special events.

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Poll: Which State Has Your Fave Dispensaries?

As more and more states embrace cannabis by enacting medical and recreational marijuana laws, the act of purchasing pot is changing. Once relegated to the black market, where buyers were forced to pay prohibition prices for whatever quality cannabis could be obtained, purchasing pot is becoming a luxury experience thanks to the proliferation of dispensaries.

While some states have been slow to enact dispensary systems, others have taken the “pot shop” to the next level. We want to know which state you think has the very best dispensaries in the country.

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