Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

Our picks for leading a life of herbal indulgence.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with tie-dye and paisley, but Woodstock was over 40 years ago — that whole aesthetic is about as revolutionary as pinstripes and plaid.

As cannabis continues its infusion into mainstream culture, the go-to motifs of stoner-chic (mostly stylistic relics of the 1970s counter culture) are receiving a long-overdue post-millennial update.

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Demystifying the Dry Ice Kief Method

Master cultivator, Jorge Cervantes, unlocks the mysteries of CO2 kief separation.

The primary goal of any extraction method is to separate the cannabinoid-rich resin of the cannabis plant from the inert plant matter. In this extraction process, dry CO2 literally freezes the resin glands on the plant, making them easy to shake loose from foliage. These frozen glands fall through a 120- to 220-micron mesh sieve and are collected in a container below.

Done properly, CO2 extraction is exceptionally efficient, and the most common method of small-scale CO2 extraction is dry-ice separation.

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

Gorilla Glue #4 is an undisputed peoples champ in the competitive NorCal cannabis market. Could a new remix on this established favorite be the next big thing?

It’s practically impossible to overstate the popularity of Gorilla Glue #4; its unique pungency and first-class effects have won the strain gold medals at major cannabis cups and the earnest affection of millions of cannabis aficionados. On little more than word of mouth, its reputation has climbed higher than King Kong on the Empire State building, which is roughly how elevated you’ll be from just one or two hits of this much-loved monster.

Apart from Girl Scout Cookies (the undisputed people’s champ of the moment) and OG Kush — the ubiquitous cornerstone of most kush crosses and a timeless classic — no other strain enjoys GG#4’s current national popularity.

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MJ Moguls: A Stroke of Genius

One cannabis extraction technology is ruling them all.

Chances are, if you’ve enjoyed high-grade shatter or prepackaged edibles in the U.S. lately, it was made on a $100,000 Genius Extraction Technologies machine. The devices are already in 190 hash labs, and Genius is on its way to being becoming a standard in the red-hot cannabis extraction industry.

Over 80 percent of the extractors filling electronic cigarettes and cartridges in the U.S. either use Genius equipment exclusively or employ their tech somehow.

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Sculpting Killer Craniums

Annealed Innovations makes a mark with glass skulls.

In the always exciting glass scene of the Pacific Northwest — home to some of the finest glass artists anywhere in the world — it can be a struggle to stand out. But even in a shop full of killers, Nic Asturino of Annealed Innovations is making his mark.

Asturino decided to jump on the the torch after seeing his friends do production pieces in the early ’00s. When he first got to work, he dialed in his craftsmanship on spoons and sherlocks.

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Q-tip Tech

The optimal consumption for cannabis concentrates.

If you’re dabbing with a quartz banger — a glass bucket nail designed to vaporize concentrates at maximum temperature — and you haven’t already heard of “Q-Tip tech,” chances are you’re dabbing with a pretty dirty banger.

When you take dabs at a low temperature, you’re going to end up with at least a few drops of leftover melted material. If you don’t wipe the banger out before reheating it for your next dab, those drops can become unsightly deposits that will actually shorten the lifespan of your glass.

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Shooting Shotgun Willie’s Secret Stash

A through-the-lens look at an outlaw icon’s special suppliers.

Cannabis photographer, Kristen Angelo, has seen many facets of the industry.

“In the cannabis industry, I’ve met retired teachers, people from the insurance industry,” she said. “Everyone across the board, from conservatives to liberals. And I’ve enjoyed telling their stories.”

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Mechoulam’s Message

Cannabis Now checks in with the top doc in cannabinoid science.

The world is beginning to embrace the adult-right to choose cannabis, and as it does, medical professionals are finally being given the tools to discover more about the human endocannabinoid system.

This full-body system of receptors handles specific tasks depending on the organ, tissue or cell in question, but its purpose is always to maintain homeostasis, or organic balance.

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