Wellness in a Capsule

A growing number of cannabis users are finding better, more effective ways to titrate their medical treatments.

Among the ways to medicate today, capsules aren’t the flashiest method but they’re one of the most important. Capsules are a convenient way to take cannabis – a mid-sized pill containing oil (like coconut or olive) infused with marijuana, usually hash. They appeal to patients that might not consider it otherwise, people who think all medicine comes in a pill form or those who can fit cannabis into routines more easily if it’s swallowed all at once.

Megan Phillips, a homecare worker in Oregon, now suggests the use of cannabis capsules for patients after working with a patient who refused to try medical marijuana in any other form. Phillips lists numerous reasons one might need capsules to medicate: disease that effects the lungs, throat or the ability to inhale; dietary restrictions on sugar or fat that prevent most edibles from being an option; lack of teeth; smoking and vaping restrictions in nursing homes and subsidized housing and the need to consume large quantities when the dose is a gram or more per day.

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The Joint Off

Which Pre-Roll Will Prevail?

Among cannoisseurs, pre-rolls have earned a bad reputation for being filled with bag shake otherwise unfit for sale. However, as other elements of cannabis continue to elevate and evolve, so do the pre-rolls of the legal era. More and more potent, premium pre-rolled selections are hitting the shelves at dispensaries across the nation, providing ultra-convenient ways to get blazed. In the interest of science, we put four pre-rolled selections to the test.

Ed Rosenthal Select– Sativa blend with hints of indica

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Smoking Seniors

How one retirement community is coming out of the cannabis closet.

They are former biologists, engineers, therapists. They grew up under the influence of Richard Nixon and “Reefer Madness.” Some of them experimented with pot in their 20s. Others came upon cannabis much later, in their 50s. Today they have two things in common: They all live in a gated senior community called Rossmoor. And they all consume cannabis.

Rossmoor, just a few miles outside of Oakland – the capital of California’s legal marijuana market – is situated on 1,800 sprawling acres with meticulously landscaped grounds, pristine gardens, wandering creeks and flowing fountains. Named by U.S. News and World Report as “one of America’s best healthy places to retire,” it has all the trappings of a luxury retirement villa: two golf courses, three swimming pools and over 200 clubs, from ceramics, sewing and lapidary, to bridge, tap dance and cocktail affairs. And five years ago, the Rossmoor 420 Club was added to that list.

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #4

America’s trendiest strain of 2016 is also arguably its most potent.

Millions of medical cannabis patients and aficionados are seeking out the surging strain Gorilla Glue #4. The super-potent Diesel-heavy hybrid is among the most sought-after new strains of 2016 in California and beyond, and has racked up a string of major Cannabis Cup wins.

Gorilla Glue #4 stands on the shoulders of the leading strain Diesel, and is being spotted at finer dispensaries on the West Coast, as well as in clone and seed form.

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