Test Results: THC 21.33% – CBD 0.79%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

Conceived from parent strains Burma and Afghanistan Kush, this 100 percent pure indica strain from Valley Healing Group is a well-rounded child of the ‘90s that absolutely lives up to its name.

F*cking IncredibleI couldn’t believe my eyes, or nose, as I opened the container to reveal big dark green buds bursting with orange hairs, crusted in trichomes. My fingers were all I needed to break up the flower, releasing a distinctly potent, musky aroma that anyone with a neighborhood cat would be familiar with.

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THE MYSTERIOUS, THE UNIQUE: Madrone’s Ingrid Soothes and Inspires

Test Results: THC: 20.86% – CBN: 0.10% – CBG: 0.23%  |  Tested by: CW Analytical Laboratories

In a small village in Austria, Ingrid is slang for all cannabis, as in Ingrid(ients). Ingrid was sourced from Zurich, and her lineage is unknown. A fitting name for the rogue plant. The buds are exceptional, trimmed to impress; springy and firm. They are frosty bright green, with orange pistils and speckles of rose. Her fragrance is sweet cheese, grape, pine and a little spice. While smoking, the sweet, cheesy, spicy and fruity qualities remained, adding a little wood to the flavor.

Calm is almost immediately felt after the first puff. Pain, stress and anxiety are counterproductive, which leads to more stress and anxiety. As effective as a massage, Ingrid helped me regain focus towards my goals for the day, and when I was done, I drifted away into a deep, satisfying and accomplished sleep. Patients can also turn to Ingrid for relief from menstrual pain.

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COOKIES & OJ: Straight out the Jungle


The Jungle Boyz have rightfully earned hegemonic status as one of California’s top growers. With strains that continue to get better and better, there seems to be no ceiling to how far these guys are going.

Orange Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, creating a perfectly balanced hybrid that can be utilized in any situation. The physical makeup of the bud has incredibly dense trichomes, blistering with purple and dark green frost. The taste is robust, with a hint of zest, giving off a beautiful bouquet of California oranges. The cerebral high is incredibly active, while also stimulating as a muscle relaxant and anxiety alleviant. Orange Cookies is an instant top-shelf classic that every cannabis connoisseur should try.

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LOURDES: Delicate and Sweet, Just Like Its Namesake


Test results: THC%: 26.08 | CBD%: .09 | CBG: .14 | CW Analytical

Green and amber, with splashes of lavender—picture-perfect buds. Soft and fuzzy outside, medium, firm inside, with a fragrance of strong pine, grape and lavender. A delightful taste of cream and sweet floral notes. Lourdes had me stationary, released tension, addressed body pain while inspiring creativity, got me to finish administrative tasks and drift off into much-desired sleep.

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THREE QUEENS: Feel Like Royalty

16% THC | 0.2% CBD | Analytical 360

This end-of-day indica is a potent mix of White Fire 43 and Bubba Kush. At first hit, there was a rush to the top of my head that slowly wiggled its way through my extremities, leaving me relaxed. It felt like a full body massage, but the typical indica heaviness didn’t completely knock me out.


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Vapes of Tomorrow: Vaporizing Goes High-Tech

Vaporizers to enjoy cannabis are getting more and more advanced.

It’s all about the demonstration as Neeraj Bhardwaj and Andrew Bleloch of Loto Labs set up what looks like a science experiment on the corner of a cleared off office desk. They came in to introduce a new vaporizer that will revolutionize the industry, but first the demonstration.

In order to truly understand the impact of the technology they’re going to be presenting to vaping enthusiasts everywhere sometime later this year, one must first observe exactly how induction heating works. There’s a small box with little knobs, a thick, gold coil connected to a capacitor and lots of talk about oscillating magnetic fields, energy, circuits and conductors.

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THCBD GOD’S GIFT: Smoke and Dream

Total Cannabinoids: 21.6% THC

With purple and light green undertones, God’s Gift is no subtle indica. A heavy sedating feeling hit right after the vapors exited my lungs causing an immediate relaxing mood to rush over my body.

With the parents being OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple, this strain is a heavy hitter. It had Netflix occupying my time for the next few hours, before sleep beckoned me. Having a sweet smell and taste, I was pleasantly surprised to notice the strain’s flavor profile endured on my palette. THCBD took this strain to the top tier of the indica category and crushed it.

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Test Results: THC: 19.69% | Desert Valley Testing | MMJ Apothecary

Paris OG is a solid Indica-dominant strain that produces plump, fluffy nugs of dark green, crystal laden leaves that will have your mouth watering before you even open the jar. The sweet and sour aroma is pungent, yet subtle at the same time, with hints of fresh pine and fruity grape. A flick of the lighter and I was on my way. The burn was clean and tasted of wet earth and sweet citrus—simply delicious.

A child of Headband and Lemon OG Kush, Paris offers a comfortable, full body high that settles in the muscles, legs and arms, with a long-lasting sense of uplifted relaxation. This strain didn’t stick me to the couch or leave my mind cloudy. Instead, it crept up slowly and left me feeling laid back with a devil-may-care smile across my face.

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